THE REVERE ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 2024 Page 21 OBITUARIES Margaret H. Corso deep connection and shared joy, a testament to their enduring bond. Margaret’s career, spanning 40 O f Revere. A loving and compassionate woman, lifelong resident of Revere, passed away on March 22, 2024, at the age of 98. Born on March 18, 1926, to the late Antranig and Aida Kapamagian in the same town she would call home her entire life. She was the beloved wife of the late Vincent Corso for 67 years, and their love story was one of HOTEL | FROM Page 1 to both Revere and Malden, City Councillors were enthusiastically in support of giving Veris the requested relief. “I agree it’s not a good location for a hotel,” said Councillor-at-Large Marc Silvestri, who also praised Veris for the commitment to aff ordable housing. Silvestri did have one request: He asked if Veris would be willing to raise an American fl ag on the rocks in the back parking lot. Silvestri said that every spring, residents across from Overlook fl y a gigantic American fl ag and they asked if Overlook could install a fl agpole. BUILDING | FROM Page 1 thony Cogliandro. “It’s exactly what we need in this community, it’s exactly what we want. This is my ward and I’m 1,000 percent on board with this. I’ve spoken with residents and it is a resounding ‘yes’ from them – they are thrilled it’s not apartments.” Councillor-at-Large Marc Silvestri said he fi gured the Sons of Italy would eventually be turned into apartments. “But the owners and developers were adamant not to do that to the ECLIPSE | FROM Page 10 cation rental companies and be sure you’re visiting a legitimate website. For more travel tips, visit BBB.org/travel. Viewing party/event tips: Celebrating a unique event like this with a crowd can be fun. If you are looking for an event years, was with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in a clerical role. Her dedication and hard work were evident to all who worked with her. But it was her passions outside of work that truly defi ned her. Margaret had a unique love for gardening, a hobby that allowed her to cultivate beauty and life around her. Her garden was a testament to her nurturing spirit, a place where she could express her creativity and share the bounty of nature with others. Another passion was baking cookies for all of the holidays and family events. In the winter months, she enjoyed traveling to Del Ray Beach, Florida, a place she held dear and considered her second home. Margaret was a dear sister to the late Mario Kapamagian and The rep from Veris quickly agreed. “It’s hard to say no to the fl ag,” he said. Councillor-at-Large Anthony Zambuto said that when he fi rst heard the plan to eliminate the hotel he was freaking out, but that was a long time ago, he said. “We’ve put up six hotels since then; we don’t need a hotel up there,” said Zambuto, who added that retail is desperately needed in the neighborhood. And you set a new mark with aff ordable housing,” he said. Ward 6 Councillor Chris Giannino thanked Veris for its commitment to address the infrastructure improvements needed at the Overlook Drive neighborhood,” said Silvestri. “I hope this is a start to more projects like this in the city.” Ward 4 Councillor Paul Argenzio called the plan “a great project and a breath of fresh air from what we’ve been seeing.” Argenzio said he was in full support of it. “Generally, I’m not in favor of special permits, but I would love to see more projects like this,” said Councillor-at-Large Michelle Kelly. “This allows for a path to home ownership, which is exactly what we want to see.” Councillor-at-Large Juan Pabor a viewing party, BBB recommends doing some research fi rst: • Know the time the eclipse is happening in your area. • Check venues for any special instructions, admission fees and parking options. • If you are unsure about an event or venue, reach out to his late wife Hilda, the late Louise Barthelmess and her late husband Lester, and the late Alexander Kapamagian, whose wife Camille survives. She is also survived by many loving nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews, and great-great nieces and nephews. Private services were held for the immediate family, and Margaret’s fi nal resting place is in the Woodlawn Cemetery. We encourage all who knew Margaret to celebrate her life and the love she shared. Please visit the memorial page to leave memories, share stories, and upload photos of Margaret. Her spirit lives on in the hearts of those she knew and loved, and in the beautiful gardens she cultivated during her lifetime. In lieu of fl owers donations can be made to Care Dimensions (Kaplan Hospice), Ste. B-102, 75 Sylvan St, Danvers, MA 01923. Services will be private. fi re station. The road and a sewer line need to be moved from the back of the station to the front. That change will yield the necessary space for planned retail businesses. Ward 5 Councillor Angela Guarino-Sawaya commended Veris for the agreement on aff ordable housing and asked what type of retail Veris is considering. The development company envisions a small green grocer, or Bodega, where residents can pick up milk and bread – not a big box grocery store. The council’s Zoning Subcommittee will review the request from Veris at their meeting on April 8. lo Jaramillo was pleased to see the dramatic increase in green space and said it will, hopefully, help ease the fl ooding on Rosetti Street. He encouraged the developers to consider other available options to boost climate change resiliency. “The green space will really help the fl ooding in back,” said Councillor-at-Large Anthony Zambuto, who called the townhouses a well-designed project. The council’s Zoning Subcommittee will continue to review the project at their meeting on April 8. your local BBB for information. • Be sure to bring your eclipse glasses or other viewing props. • Call the venue if you have any questions. Glasses: You will need special glasses to view the eclipse. Experts warn that looking at it without protection could cause eye damage, so read up and be sure your glasses are safe. When buying glasses, look for businesses you can trust, like those displaying the BBB Seal of Accreditation. When purchasing anything online, use the tips on BBB’s online shopping hub to keep your purchase safe and secure. For more information: Can you recognize a fake website if you see one? Check out https:// www.bbb.org/all/spot-a-scam to be alert for any potential scams. For more information about the eclipse, read NASA’s and USA Today’s articles. To report any scams, visit BBB’s Scam Tracker (https://www.bbb. org/scamtracker). 1. March 29 is Good Friday; in what community was Sarah Good hanged in 1692? 2. What cartoon character was born at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm? 3. In what Asian city with one of the world’s largest Chinatowns are the kite fi ghting championships held every spring? 4. The International Tennis Hall of Fame is in what New England city? 5. On March 30, 1964, what TV show premiered that gave people the answers fi rst? 6. What state has coastal towns called Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and Venus? 7. The Great Atlantic & Pacifi c Tea Company grocery store chain was known by what two letters? 8. On March 31, 1940, what Rodgers & Hammerstein musical with an exclamation point opened on Broadway? 9. What composer and choreographer created “Appalachian Spring”? 10. What are Jeremiah Dixon and Charles Mason known Answers for? 11. Who said that “along about April 1, 1913,” he created his 1st moving assembly line? 12. Napoleon’s horse had the same name as a battle, a village and what ItalianFrench chicken dish? 13. In March 2010 what movie about a Viking youngster and his dragon was released? 14. On April 2, 1902, the USA’s 1st movie theater opened in what city? 15. In what 1978 TV series would you fi nd a bionic dog named Max? 16. What city has a capitol inspired by a Native American kiva? 17. On April 3, 1968, who gave the “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech? 18. In what children’s book would you fi nd J. Thaddeus Toad? 19. What president founded the March of Dimes? 20. On April 4, 1775, The Pennsylvania Mercury became the first newspaper using what American-made product? 1. Salem, Mass. (after being accused and tried for witchcraft) 2. Snoopy 3. Bangkok 4. Newport, R.I. 5. “Jeopardy!” 6. Florida 7. A&P 8. “Oklahoma!” 9. Aaron Copland and Martha Graham 10. Surveying the boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland, which became known as the Mason-Dixon Line – between North and South 11. Henry Ford 12. Chicken Marengo 13. “How to Train Your Dragon” 14. Los Angeles 15. “The Bionic Woman” 16. Santa Fe, N.M. 17. Martin Luther King, Jr. 18. “The Wind in the Willows” 19. Franklin D. Roosevelt 20. Type

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