Page 14 THE REVERE ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 2024 Iftar Community Dinner raises nearly $3K for Susan B. Anthony Middle School By Tara Vocino A n iftar community dinner raised approximately $2,800 for the Susan B. Anthony Middle School last Thursday night. Iftar, also known as futoor (the Arabic word for breakfast), is a meal held daily during the Muslim holiday Ramadan at sunset. Fasting is one of the main pillars of Ramadan, and those observing the holiday do not consume any food or drink between sunrise and sunset. Zineb Waraki and her daughter, A.C. Whelan second-grader Aisha Zouine, wore traditional Moroccan dress. Mayor Patrick Keefe said Revere is a welcoming, diverse community of all faiths and backgrounds. Shown from left to right: School Committee member Aisha Millbury-Ellis, Hind Ouicheddane, Mayor Patrick Keefe, Shaykh Tarek Abdullah, Shaykh Akif Honca, Language Access Specialist Asmaa Abou-Fouda and former candidate for mayor/former Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito. Emcee Nabila Ezzaouy off ered remarks. At the podium, A.C. Whelan seventh grade science teacher Khadijah Rhourida explained the meaning of an iftar dinner. Shown from left to right: event organizers Hadiba Addrissi, Souad Belcaid, Laila Lamane, Salma Zahraoui, Khadijah Rhourida, Nabila Ezzaouy, Zines Waraki and Marwa Zahraoui. Shakyh Akif Honca and Shaykh Tarek Abdullah led the prayer to break the fast at sunset. (Advocate photos by Tara Vocino) Youth, shown from left to right: In the back row: Sara Flury, Ranya Ghouta, Etienne Ellis, Layla Portillo, Ferdaws Sahrour and Khadija Rhourida; front row: Noor Ghouta, Ryan Oumina, Mohammed Abou Hadiba, Mahmoud Abou Hadiba, Aya Lharz and Yasser Hamioukatou.

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