THE REVERE ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 2024 Page 11 Brazilians Now Feel at Home at the Portuguese Service at Messiah Lutheran in Lynnfield B razilian Lutheran Families in Massachusetts are known to travel up to an hour or more to get to a church service that feels like home. Not anymore. Surprisingly, Brazil is home to more than a million Lutherans, more than any other South American country. Lutherans started coming to Brazil in the 1800s and the populations has expanded through evangelism ever since. For those Brazilians who now live here, being able to experience the service like they did at home is important. Messiah Lutheran recognized the need when a few Brazilian families started attending every week, and, while they enjoyed the service, the pastors wanted the true spark of recognition in their eyes when the liturgy was spoken. There were hurdles to overcome. Messiah Lutheran is blessed with two pastors. Neither pastor spoke Portuguese. Pastor Jeremy Pekari took on that challenge and is improving every month, with friendly coaching from the parishioners. The core parishioners, who all call Peabody, MA home, include the Vorpagel, Morgan, and Borsa families. According to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau (2019), in Peabody, Massachusetts, 4% of the city's total population speak Portuguese. And in the North Shore, which includes the cities of Lynn, Peabody, Salem, Beverly, and Gloucester, 5.4% of the region's total population speak Portuguese. Like many immigrant families, first one branch came to the United States and then other family members joined them. They then started building roots in their new community. One of the young members even found employment by going to Messiah Lutheran and connecting with another parishioner through the pastor. There are other hurdles to overcome, although these might be easier than learning an entirely new language. There is also the music. The fi rst few services didn't feature the familiar songs of home. That was soon rectifi ed by fi nding a source of the beloved familiar music that is currently piped through the speaker system. Messiah Lutheran has some guitarists who are willing to play music live, but the church is on the lookout for Pictured Left to Right: Andre and Monica Vorpagel; Pastor David Brezina; Eric, Karin, and Ivo Borsa; Patricia Morgan; Pastor Jeremy Pekari. Brazilians Now Feel at Home at the Portuguese Service at Messiah Lutheran in Lynnfi eld, MA, every third Sunday at 9 am. There will be a blended Easter Service of both English and Portuguese on Sunday, March 31. Portuguese singers who are willing to share their gifts with this growing service. The service developed quickly but quietly in the beginning, and the pastors and families feel it is now ready to share with a wider audience. The pastors have even successfully completed a wedding in Portuguese and are looking forward to the fi rst Portuguese Baptism. All are welcome. In closing, as the pastors say, "Deus vos abenзoe! (God bless you!)" SABATINO/MASTROCOLA INSURANCE AGENCY 519 BROADWAY EVERETT, MA 02149 Auto * Home * Boat * Renter * Condo * Life * Multi-Policy Discounts * Commercial 10% Discounts * Registry Service Also Available Sabatino Insurance is proud to welo welcome the loyal customers of tino Insur nce is p yal customers of ALWAYS READY TO SERVE YOU: Our Staff are, Emma Davidson, Jeimy Sanchez, Josephine Leone, Marie D’Amore, Rocco Longo, Z’andre Lopez, Anthony DiPierro, Darius Goudreau, Laurette Murphy, Danielle Goudreau and Tina Davidson. PHONE: (617) 387-7466 FAX: (617) 381-9186 Visit us online at: WWW.SABATINO-INS.COM co

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