RHS Hockey Patriots celebrate Senior Night THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, March 1, 2019 song? Page 11 “Petunia, No. 2”? 1. What spring plant’s leaves have been thought to resemble a lion’s tooth? 2. What “King of Ragtime” wrote Cheering staff: Capt. Melanie Leonard, Sofia Gendreau, Capt. Madeline Stuart and Zoey Legrand get hyped up for the Senior Night game. (Advocate photos by Tara Vocino) “Maple Leaf Rag” and “The Entertainer”? 3. What metal are Olympic gold medals mostly made of? 4. On March 1, 1790, Congress authorized the first U.S. Census; in August which N.E. state reported having no slaves? Laurie Godino brought flowers for her son, Brenden, who is the cheering captain, on Senior Night at the rink on Friday. 5. In the 1950s what were the chemise, empire and sack? 6. The moonwalk became a popular dance after Michael Jackson did it while performing what 7. What is marchpane? 8. What is Sesame Street’s Mr. Snuffleupagus’s first name? 9. Bubble tea has pearls made of what? 10. On March 2, 1809, what U.S. president wrote before retiring “Never did a prisoner, released from his chains, feel such relief as I shall on shaking off the shackles of power”? 11. What 1957 Buddy Holly hit was the first song on “American Bandstand” (Hint: maybe never.) 12. On March 5, 1770, a brawl turned into a massacre by British soldiers in what city? 13. What flower-loving artist painted 14. What humor magazine’s final issue in 1998 was called “The Failure Issue”? 15. On March 6, 2016, what First Lady died who had been an actress? 16. What New Orleans cultural attraction began in 1857? 17. In March 1999 what Carlsbad, Calif., children’s park opened? (Hint: part of a chain.) 18. In the musical comedy “The Producers,” what is the name of the play what is supposed to become a flop? 19. On March 7, 1875, what composer of “Boléro” was born? 20. What countries produce maple syrup? Answers below, please no cheating! FROM PAGE 19 Ann Marie Giordano congratulates her son, Marc, a forward, after he got off the ice at Senior Night at the Cronin Skating Rink on Friday. Cheerleader Alexa Bessler presents a sign for Andres Cardona and a gift basket during Senior Night at the Cronin Skating Rink on Friday. Forward Wayne Cintolo with his mother, Dorothea, and father, Wayne Cintolo, at Friday’s Senior Night at Cronin Skating Rink. Cintolo has played for the Patriots Varsity Hockey Team for two years, and he played two years of hockey for the Malden Catholic Junior Varsity Team. He plans to attend a four-year college to study business. 2.60% APY 2.70% APY 9 MONTH * 1 4 MONTH The RHS cheerleaders congratulated the senior hockey players. Shown, from left to right, are Alexandra Ramirez, Vanessa Cabrera, Melanie Leonard, Capt. Ava Wiswall, Capt. Brenden Godino, Capt. Madeline Stuart, Sofia Gendreau, Bella Correia, Amara Ruzzo, Zoey Legrand, Katherine Uribe, Laura Rezzi, Neveah Taylor, Kaitlin Mendalka, Zachary Chbani, Emily Chiles, Alexa Bessler, Ady Sanchez and Nicole Gonzales. By Tara Vocino dorned with signs, posters and beautiful flowers, the seniors of the Patriots Varsity Hockey Team had the full support of cheerleaders, families and friends during Senior Night at the Cronin Skating A Rink on Friday as they took on the Beverly High School Panthers. After the teams came out on the ice and skated around, family members presented flowers and gifts to their seniors. Although Revere lost the game, 8-0, team spirit remained strong. Tara Vocino may be reached at printjournalist1@gmail.com * INVEST IN PEACE OF MIND . Call or stop by to learn more about our Certificates of Deposit. Right by you. 418 BROADWAY, EVERETT MA 02149 61 7-38 7 - 1 1 10 7 7 1 SALEM ST, LYNNFIELD, MA 01940 7 8 1 - 7 7 6 - 4444 *Annual Percentage Yield {APY) is accurate as of February 14, 2019 and is subject to change without notice. Fixed Rate Certificate of Deposits are guaranteed for the term of the Certificate. Minimum deposit to open the account and to obtain the APY is $500. APY is based on the principal and interest remaining in the account for a period of one year. Substantial penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. The 9 month certificate will automatically rollover to a 6-month certificate unless the customer chooses another product and the 14 month certificate will automatically roll over to a 12 month certificate unless the customer chooses another product. No out of state deposits. Consumer account only and a maximum deposit of $250,000.00. The 9 Month Certificate does not apply to Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs.) Member FDIC Member SIF 1. Dandelion (“dent de lion” in French) 2. Scott Joplin 3. Silver 4. Massachusetts 5. Waistless women’s dresses 6. “Billie Jean” 7. An English name for marzipan meaning March bread 8. Aloysius 9. Tapioca 10. Thomas Jefferson 11. “That’ll Be the Day” 12. Boston 13. Georgia O’Keeffe 14. “National Lampoon” 15. Nancy Reagan 16. The Mardi Gras parade 17. LEGOLAND 18. “Springtime for Hitler” 19. Maurice Ravel 20. Canada and the United States

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