THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, February 8, 2019 Page 7 Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center’s Pats Party The Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center Patriots party took place on Friday, February 1. Seniors enjoyed watching the Pats vs. Chiefs AFC Championship Game, an assortment of snacks, cake and soda, and being interviewed for Revere TV. (Photos-Stephen W. Fielding) RevereTV Spotlight R evereTV held its annual membership meeting last week; community members were invited to attend along with our staff and board members. We had the pleasure of handing out three appreciation awards to outstanding members who volunteered at RTV throughout 2018. Of course, we appreciate all of our community members and any time and programming they contribute to our access center, but the three members recognized are a few stand-outs. Sami Amri is a member who joined last year and was quick to learn by taking many classes taught by our Director of Community Media, Andrew Love. Sami often volunteers to help out with all kinds of productions in the fi eld and has been extremely reliable. He did not hesitate to jump right in for his fi rst shoot that just so happened to be by himself, to cover the Moroccan Cultural Day Festival. The footage came out great and you can Revere School Committee see fi nished program on our YouTube channel. Kim Luiso and her crew for “Kim’s Got Crafts” made it their mission to create programming for the kids of Revere. She is right when she says, “Kim’s got a craft for everything.” She has been successful in producing a show that is entertaining and educational, and we appreciate her eff ort to be original while sharing her passion for crafting. Alexandra Coppola has helped out RevereTV in pretty much every way possible this past year. She has been a host, a director, an audio engineer and a camera operator, and she also produces her own show. Her experimental art show, “Static Guise,” not only requires complex camera work but also a tremendous amount of high-level editing. You might see Alexandra around the studio or assisting at a community event, but you can also watch her program on our channel. Revere Students Earn Boston College High School Honors Robert Graf, 2019 Honors Leandro Depinho, 2020 Honors Jason Bbosa, 2022 High Honors Eyan Palencia, 2022 Honors Sebastian Zapata-Ochoa, 2022 High Honors of Revere achieved Honors for the First Quarter at Boston College High School. For High Honors an upperclassman needs a 3.8 QPA and all grades C-+ or higher. A Freshman needs a 3.6 QPA and all grades C+ or higher. For Honors an upperclassman needs a 3.2 QPA and all grades C- or higher. A Freshman needs a 3.16 QPA and all grades C- or higher. Boston College High School is a Jesuit, Catholic, collegepreparatory school for young men founded in 1863. The school enrolls approximately 1600 students from more than 100 communities in eastern Massachusetts. names new leadership for 2019 By Th e Advocate he Revere School Committee announced its leadership team for 2019 at a recent meeting, naming Michael Ferrante as vice chair and Gerry Visconti as T secretary. The other members are Carol Tye, Stacey Rizzo, Susan Gravellese and Fred Sannella; under Revere’s city charter, Mayor Brian Arrigo assumes the role of chairman. The school committee elects a vice chairman and secretary annually. School Committee leadership, pictured from left to right: Vice Chair Michael Ferrante, Chairman Mayor Brian Arrigo and Secretary Gerry Visconti.

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