THE REVERE ADVOCATE - Friday, February 8, 2019 Page 5 Mayor voices support for Red Line/Blue Line Connector Project will support expanded employment opportunities for residents SNOW BLOWER SALES, SERVICE & REPAIRS Pickup/Delivery Available 781-289-6466 dine drink gather enjoy THE NORTH SHORE'S HOTTEST NIGHTCLUB! Saturday, February 9 ayor Brian Arrigo joined a coalition of elected offi - cials and transportation advocates at the MBTA’s Fiscal and Management Control Board meeting to voice his support for the inclusion of the Red Line/ Blue Line Connector as part of the MBTA’s 25-year investment plan. By connecting Blue Line communities directly to the Red M Line, this important project will provide Revere residents with increased access to jobs beyond the North Shore. “New residents and businesses are moving to our city every day, and those that have called Revere home for generations are staying and growing their families. We want the next generation to feel that same connection to our community, but we must give them access to the jobs of the future,” Mayor Arrigo told the Board. “We can see Cambridge from atop the Wonderland T stop, but today we just can’t get there. When we can, we will unlock opportunity that has been out of reach for our communities for far too long.” Mayor joins heart recipient, proclaims Valentine’s Day “Organ Donor Day” – get the “Heart” on your driver’s license/ID In 2018 1,120 lives saved thanks to organ donation n Tuesday, February 12, at 12:30 p.m. Mayor Brian Arrigo will join heart recipient and Revere resident Bob Sawyer and others touched by organ donation to celebrate Valentine’s Day and national Organ Donor Day in the City Council Chambers at Revere City Hall. Valentine’s Day is a day of caring and sharing your heart with others. What better way to share a heart than to register as an organ and tissue donor and getting a heart on your driver’s license/ID? The celebration of Valentine’s Day and national Organ Donor Day commemorates those who have received or continue to wait for lifesaving transplants as well as the families of individuals who chose to be donors. In 2018 over 1,120 lives were saved here in New England because of the generosity of individuals who became organ donors. Thousands more lives were enhanced through the gift of tissue donation. With the need for life-saving transplants growing every day – over 113,500 patients are now on the U.S. transplant wait list – it is crucial to edO ucate communities about taking action to register as donors. There are now 110 million registered donors in the United States; still, the number of people in need of transplants continues to rise. The solution to this problem is to continue educating the public about the lifesaving eff ects of donation and transplantation and to encourage the public to sign up through a state donor registry. The vast majority of individuals in Massachusetts (99.7%) register to be an organ and tissue donors at the state Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV). To register to be a donor outside the RMV offi ce or for more information, visit www. RegisterMe.org/MA. FUNBUCKET IN THE MUSIC HALL Friday, February 8 THE BLACKOUTS IN THE MUSIC HALL PUNCHY & IN THE LIGHT IN THE MUSIC HALL Friday, February 15 IN THE MUSIC HALL Saturday, February 16 VALENTINE'S PARTY WITH WILDFIRE Free Roses for the Ladies! Free Roses for the Ladies! Led Zeppelin Tribute 221 Newbury Street, Danvers For Tickets call (978) 774-7270 or www.breakawaydanvers.com * A Delta Dental Premier Provider Dr. Mario Abdennour, Dr. Bhavisha Patel, Dr. Priti Amlani, Dr. Bruce Goldman and team.

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