Page 18 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, November 19, 2021 LEWIS | FROM PAGE 16 the COVID-19 pandemic began. The bill takes multiple steps to address and reduce ED boarding. • Reimbursing mental health 1. On Nov. 19, 1996, the last part of the Confederation Bridge was placed, which is the world’s longest bridge over icecovered water and joins New Brunswick to what? 2. What Italian sculptor reportedly said, “Trifles make perfection and perfection is no trifle”? 3. How is a tortoise different from a turtle? 4. How are Britannia, Caledonia and Hibernia similar? 5. On Nov. 20, 1979, the first transfusion of artificial blood to a patient was performed; why did the patient refuse real blood? 6. Due to an incident of hitting, what sport was recently eliminated from the Olympic pentathlon? 7. November 21 is National Stuffing Day; in the South, what kind of bread is popular in stuffing? 8. What trio of comedy movies had a pie fight in the 1942 short film “In the Sweet Pie and Pie”? 9. On Nov. 22, 1869, the Scottish clipper ship Cutty Sark was launched; her name came from “cutty-sark” (short skirt) in the 1790 poem “Tam O’ Shanter by what poet? 10. Which U.S. president pardoned the smallest number of turkeys: Obama, Reagan or Trump? 11. How are shepherd’s, houndstooth and buffalo similar? 12. How are the writers about Thanksgiving William Bradford and Edward Winslow similar? 13. On Nov. 23, 1902, Walter Reed died, a doctor who led experiments where in the Caribbean to prove yellow fever to be transmitted by mosquito bites? 14. What popular Yuletide song is believed to have been sung first at a Thanksgiving service in Massachusetts? 15. What utensil did the attendees at the first Thanksgiving not have? 16. November 24 is National Jukebox Day; how much did it cost to play the first jukebox (in 1889 at San Francisco’s Palais Royale Saloon): a penny, a nickel or a dime? 17. Are yams and sweet potatoes the same? 18. Which country produces the most turkey meat: Brazil, Germany or USA? 19. How many days was the first Thanksgiving: one, three or seven? 20. On Nov. 25, 1992, the Federal Assembly of Czechoslovakia voted to reconfigure the country into what? ANSWERS providers equitably: Mental health and primary care providers are reimbursed at different rates for the same service. The bill seeks to level the playing field for reimbursement to mental health providers by requiring an equitable rate floor for evaluation and management services that is consistent with primary care. • Reforming medical necessity and prior authorization requirements: When an adult or child arrives in an ED in the throes of acute mental health crises requiring immediate treatment in an appropriate setting, clinical determinations should be made by the treating clinician. However, in practice, insurance carriers impose too many restrictions on providers’ clinical judgement in terms of prior approval and concurrent review requirements for mental health ~ LEGAL NOTICE ~ COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS THE TRIAL COURT PROBATE AND FAMILY COURT Middlesex Probate and Family Court 10-U Commerce Way Woburn, MA 01801 (781) 865-4000 Docket No. MI21C0801CA In the matter of: Pimolmas Khamlue CITATION ON PETITION TO CHANGE NAME A Petition to Change Name of Adult has been filed by Pimolmas Khamlue of Malden, MA requesting that the court enter a Decree changing their name to: Passcha Wongthanapol IMPORTANT NOTICE Any person may appear for purposes of objecting to the petition by filing an appearance at: Middlesex Probate and Family Court before 10:00 a.m. on the return day of 12/03/2021. This is NOT a hearing date, but a deadline by which you must file a written appearance if you object to this proceeding. WITNESS, Hon. Maureen H. Monks, First Justice of this Court. Date: November 05, 2021 TARA E. DeCRISTOFARO Register of Probate November 19, 2021 Your Hometown News Delivered! EVERETT ADVOCATE MALDEN ADVOCATE REVERE ADVOCATE SAUGUS ADVOCATE One year subscription to The Advocate of your choice: $100 per paper in-town per year or $120 per paper out-of-town per year. Name_________________________________________ Address_______________________________________ City_______________ State_______ Zip ____________ CC# _______________________________ Exp. _____ Sec. code____ Advocate (City):___________________ Clip & Mail Coupon with Credit Card, Check or Money Order to: Advocate Newspapers Inc. PO Box 490407, Everett, MA 02149 services. The bill mandates coverage and eliminates prior authorization for mental health acute treatment and stabilization services for adults and children, and it takes other steps to streamline access to care. • Removing barriers to care by supporting the behavioral health workforce: Lack of adequate mental health providers constrains access to care, so the bill includes multiple initiatives to better support and grow the behavioral health workforce, such as allowing for interim licensure for licensed mental health counselors. • Establishing an Office of Behavioral Health Promotion: Current behavioral health services are spread across state agencies. This dilutes the responsibility for mental health promotion and focus on the issues and undermines the important work being done. This bill would establish an Office of Behavioral Health Promotion within the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) to coordinate all state initiatives that promote mental, emotional and behavioral health and wellness for residents. Having passed the State Senate, this legislation goes to the Massachusetts House of Representatives for consideration. OBITUARY Edward F. Kalenoski Of Malden, passed away peacefully on Thursday, November 11, 2021 at Lahey Hospital in Burlington. He was 79. Born in Cambridge on August 10, 1942, Eddie is a son of the late Peter and Catherine (Flanagan) Kalenoski. He grew up in Cambridge and attended Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. He worked at different jobs in the area when he decided to strike out on his own. He owned and operated a Canteen Truck for many years before starting an over the road truck driving business. He loved being behind the wheel and has driven through most of United States. His strong work ethic was instrumental in growing his trucking business, Kalco Trucking. In his later years, he drove local routes so he could be home more often. Eddie loved his family, and enjoyed time spent together, and was loyal to his friends. He enjoyed vacationing to numerous places with Merle. Some favorites were Europe, Las Vegas, Bermuda, and Mexico. Most of all though, Eddie loved being home with the people and pets that he loved. He will be dearly missed by all who loved him. Eddie was the beloved husband of Merle A. (Rideout) Kalenoski with whom he shared 53 years of marriage. Devoted father of David Kalenoski and his wife Dawn of Worcester, Jennifer Fitzpatrick and her husband Michael of Pepperell, Robin Kalenoski, and the late Claire Peterson. Loving brother of Paula Whalen, and the late Joseph, Elizabeth, and Dianne. Proud grandfather of Catherine Kalenoski, Olivia Ercolini, Tyler Ercolini, Benjamin Fitzpatrick, Kelli-Anne Pace, and Wayne Peterson. Also survived by his great-grandchildren, Dorothy, Alana, and Judy Pace. 1. Prince Edward Island 2. Michelangelo 3. A tortoise only lives on land and has tiny, elephant-like feet. 4. They are the Latin names for Britain, Scotland and Ireland. 5. Due to religious beliefs (a Jehovah’s Witness) 6. Horseback riding 7. Cornbread 8. The Three Stooges (“The Sweet By-and-By” is an 1868 hymn.) 9. Robert Burns 10. Reagan (two – Charlie and Woody) 11. They are types of fabric checks. 12. They wrote the only two eyewitness accounts of the first Thanksgiving. 13. Cuba 14. “Jingle Bells” (The song does not mention any holiday.) 15. Forks 16. A nickel 17. No; they belong to different plant families. 18. USA (Brazil is second and Germany is third.) 19. Three 20. Slovakia and the Czech Republic

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