Page 10 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, November 19, 2021 NORDQUIST| FROM PAGE 1 al Baseball League, the Kenosha (Wisconsin) Comets, at the age of 19. But before her extensive professional baseball career, Helen “Nordie” Nordquist was a Golden Tornado from Malden High School. From an early age, Nordquist was a trailblazer with her distinctive athleticism. As a child, she played with the neighborhood boys. The adults who watched them noted that she was already better than her peers. For junior high, she attended the Beebe School. Almost immediately, Nordquist seen as a standout Crafting her legacy already, she stood out in her grade almost immediately, as she impressed her gym teacher by being the only girl to climb to the top of the rope during class. From then on, she made MHS history by being the first female to ever be recognized for her athleticism, earning two Varsity letters and various certificates for her achievements. Nordquist’s streak of athletic excellence reigned during her years at Malden High School. She was a triple-team competitor from her first year, playing field hockey, basketball and softball, eventually obtaining the role of co-captain for both field hockey and softball. She stunned fellow classmates and teachers with her sheer talent. Her gym teacher and coach, Virginia Gardner, called her one of the “best and finest athletes” she had encountered. For the Class of 1950, she was voted as the most athletic female student. In the same year, she won the Kappa Phi award for best female athlete, taking home a gold cup. Gardner came up with “Nordie” Malden High helped her earn several accolades, but it was also the place that gave her the nickname “Nordie.” Gardner was the creator; she was known for calling her students by their last names. For Nordquist, Gardner shortened her last name down to “Nordie” – becoming a name all of Malden knew her by. Nordquist graduated from Malden High in 1950, but her sports journey did not end there. By either fate or chance, she found an advertisement in a newspaper for tryouts hosted by the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL). She trekked all the way to Virginia with her mother on a Greyhound bus. The grueling tryouts paid off immensely as Nordquist was accepted into the League. However, her acceptance 100 years of cigar experience meant that at the young age of 19 she would have to move from her home of Malden to Kenosha, Wisconsin, as the AAGPBL only operated in the Midwestern states. Despite the drastic change in location, Nordquist hustled on the baseball field, establishing one of her strongest assets: her adaptability. She played for the Kenosha Comets during their 1951 season. Even though she was an outfielder, she was noted for versatility, with her baseball stats describing her as a “versatile player” who “led the league in assists” in her first-ever year in the AAGPBL. The Kenosha Comets, unfortunately, disbanded in 1951, but Nordquist recuperated, finding a place with the Rockford (Illinois) Peaches. Played for “A League of Their Own”–inspired Rockford Peaches in 1952 and 1953 Taking on both roles as an outfielder and pitcher, Nordquist competed with the Rockford Peaches for their 1952 and 1953 seasons. In a remarkable feat, the Peaches made the playoffs in those same two years. For the 1952 season, the team had a record of 55-54; in 1953 the record was 51-55. The Rockford Peaches grew to have a substantial legacy after the 1992 film “A League of Their Open Thanksgiving Day 8 am to 2 pm Happy T-Day to All! 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During this time, Nordquist joined another league, the International Girls Baseball League, playing for them simultaneously. The IGBL was created by the same founders of the AAGPBL, and it focused on playing in areas such as Cuba and South America. She played for the Miami Beach (Florida) Belles. Nordquist switched to the AAGPBL’s South Bend Blue Sox in 1954, which would be her last year with the league, as the league dissipated due to the increasing popularity of television, which allowed the public to view men’s baseball games, thus decreasing the need to attend the women’s baseball games. The team finished their season with a record of 48-44. Returned to Malden in the late 1950s After her time with the AAGPL, Nordquist returned to Malden, reuniting with her family. She worked as a switchboard operator while also using her penchant for engineering for her personal projects, such as adding a three-way switch on her stairs and installing a rail for her mother. Another sports opportunity came to her in 1959, when Gardner informed her about a softGURGONE | FROM PAGE 2 cess, it was immediately clear that Lisa was the right fit,” said MVES Board of Directors President Janice Houghton. “We’ve been aware of her work for years and we know she will lead us into a new era. Lisa possesses the qualifications and expertise to grow Mystic Valley Elder Services into an even greater, more successful organization to create a lasting impact in our communities. I’m confident that Lisa will carry on the long legacy of providing the highest level of service and support to Mystic Valley Elder Services’ consumers, staff, donors and volunteers. The Board of Directors and I are excited for the energy and vision she will bring to help the organization work towards meeting our mission.” “I could not be more grateful to accept the position as CEO to this well-established and mission-driven agency that consists of an extremely talented team of professionals,” said Gurgone. “For more than 45 years, Mystic Valley Elder Services has led the way in designing and ball team in Malden, the Malden Collegiates. Nordquist joined the team, achieving great success in the process. She was even featured numerous times in the local news, such as when she attained nine hits and a walk. In the meantime, she also competed in various bowling leagues, earning several trophies for her advanced bowling skills. Nordquist eventually moved to New Hampshire, but she made a triumphant return to Malden on November 23, 2019. Nordquist was one of the Malden athletes chosen to be inducted into the Golden Tornado Hall of Fame. Currently 87 years old, she attended the ceremony to receive the honor. Prior to that, she also attended a reunion hosted by the AAGPBL in which 22 original players were present. This incredibly talented athlete was able to cultivate her skills and her work ethic to create a legacy for herself and for Malden. Nordquist paved the way female sports are viewed at Malden High, especially at a time when the country and the world, did not fully take women’s athletics seriously. There is still a long way to go in today’s world for full equality between women’s and men’s sports. However, Malden provides a bounty of hope as Malden High women are encouraged to participate in athletics, from gym class to actual teams, and there is no doubt that the Golden Tornado superstar, Helen “Nordie” Nordquist, helped shape that reality today. managing home and community-based services available to older adults throughout its 11 communities. I look forward to continuing its mission and expanding the organization’s role in developing and growing programs and services for the older people and adults living with disabilities.” Gurgone currently serves as an appointee to the Health Policy Commission Advisory Council, the Massachusetts Healthcare Collaborative and the Massachusetts LGBT Aging Commission. Prior to her position at Mass Home Care, Gurgone was Executive Director at the Home Care Aide Council, where she directed and managed all operations and initiatives of the organization, including events, educational programs, advocacy, policy formulation and curriculum development. Lisa worked as a legislative aide within the Massachusetts Legislature, served as a health research assistant for the Massachusetts Center for Health Information and Analysis GURGONE | SEE PAGE 11

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