THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, October 16, 2020 Page 9 MVES introduces new, innovative and interactive website A fter months of hard work and dedication, Mystic Valley Elder Services (MVES) is excited to offi cially announce the launch of its new website: www.mves.org. MVES wanted to make the new website faster, easier to navigate and more user-friendly. With an innovative redesign, updated content, inviting and warm colors, and interactive forms, the new site is clean and modern and presents information in fresh and RED | FROM PAGE 1 son noted that the positivity rate of Malden COVID-19 tests remained very low, just 1.89 percent, which was a slight rise from 1.29 percent in the previous two-week period. Webb discussed where the slight spike in COVID-19 cases which triggered the Red designation in Malden may have originated, when asked by Mayor Christenson. “Is it a cluster? No. We have been fortunate not to have any clusters here,” Webb said. “But we are seeing college kids who come home every weekend or may have been sent home if their college switched to remote learning.” Health director: no “clusters”; residents must stay vigilant “We are also seeing more people – parents – now returning to work,” Webb added. “It’s people living their lives. We just have to stay vigilant. If people are not wearing masks or washing their hands, they are putting themselves and their loved ones at risk. People really have to focus on it.” Both Lanphere and Weldai pointed to an increase in the rise of COVID-19 cases in younger people, particularly those in the late teens to late 20s, those who are out of high school. “We’ve seen an uptick in hospitalizations and also cases among younger people,” CHA’s Lanphere said. “Gatherings seem to be causing this rise.” Weldai encouraged this age group to recommit to proper health and safety protocols. “We really need to look out for those who need us to look for them,” said Weldai. “We’re hoping that [this younger age group] will take that responsibility. We need to protect those who are medically fragile. Please, please, please wear your mask and avoid gathering in large or small groups.” On the subject of schools and a potential return of in-person learning in the Malden Pubeasily accessible ways. With a fresher and more inviting look, MVES puts the focus on the individuals we serve and their families/caregivers. “As a leader in healthy aging for older adults, it’s important for us to make information regarding its programs and services easily accessible for current and prospective consumers,” said MVES CEO Daniel O’Leary. Partnering with Agency lic Schools, Weldai noted that some students were scheduled to return to classes in the school buildings on Tuesday, Oct. 13. Highest needs students returning to classrooms “We are in the process of bringing back to the classroom our highest needs students, and everyone in the Malden Public Schools has been working very hard to make that happen,” Weldai said. Weldai noted that about 200 students were returning to the buildings Oct. 13, representing just 3% of the approximately 6,400 students enrolled in the Malden Public Schools overall this school year. “From Supt. Oteri and the central administration on down, they’ve done a tremendous job preparing for these students to return,” Weldai said. “Students will be wearing PPE [personal protective equipment]; teachers are wearing PPE and the buildings are cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis.” Weldai also told the panel that parents or caregivers of the highest needs students were asked if they wanted their children back in the buildings for in-person learning, and they were able to make their own choice. As for the rest of the school staff and the other 6,000-plus Malden students, the Malden School Committeeman, himself an educator as an assistant principal in the Chelsea Public Schools, said that Malden teachers were given the option to either continue to teach remotely from their own homes, or teach their classes from their original classrooms in the school buildings. There is no set date for the remainder of the Malden Public School students to return to the classroom as city and school officials continue to monitor data and trends while following continual state and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) guidance. Register Online at: www.phunkphenomenon.com 3, a website designer and developer, MVES endeavored to provide visitors with the most accurate, up-todate information and share knowledge and expertise in the fi eld of supporting older adults to stay in their homes as they age. MVES’s goal with this new website is to provide its visitors an easier way to learn about the many services and programs it off ers, and to browse information based on their own choice. The new website gives better access to About Us, Programs and Services, how you can Support Our Mission and comprehensive information on volunteering and working for MVES. Amongst the new features, the site contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook and LinkedIn to foster improved communication with readers. The new site also has features that let you can pay your bill online, fi ll out and submit a referral form online, read about the positive happenings with our consumers who use our services, donate online and sign up for our monthly e-newsletter, The Beacon. MVES would like to thank Eagle Bank for its years of continued support to MVES – including upkeep of the website – and for making this new website a reality. CLASSES OFFERED FOR FALL SEASON HIP HOP | BREAKDANCING MUSIC & DANCE APPRECIATION | SALSA CONTEMPORARY | BALLET ADVANCED COMBO CLASSES TAP | PHUNK SNAP SASSY VOGUE 1886 Revere Beach Parkway (above Popeyes & Dunkin Donuts) in Everett 617-389-9111 / For more information, email LILPHUNK2@AOL.COM FROM MTVʼS AMERICAʼS BEST DANCE CREW

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