THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, October 16, 2020 Page 7 Malden Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday... lamenting Malden, Washington By Peter F. Levine M alden, Washington: Malden, Massachusetts, has you in our thoughts and prayers. If you haven’t heard by now – our sister city in the northwest corner of Whitman County, alongside Pine Creek, hidden amongst the surging hills of Palouse Wheat Farming Country has experienced a devastating catastrophe – 80 percent of Malden, Wash., recently destroyed by a terrible wildfire. Think about losing 80 percent of Malden, Mass.?! Unimaginable, right? A little history – officially incorporated as a town in 1909, Malden, Wash., is approximately .66 square miles with a population of 203. Its history is a bit sad: from boom to bust as headquarters for the Columbia Division of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway, who set up shop there in 1909 (boom) then abruptly pulled up stakes in the 1920s (bust). Malden, Wash., was named after Malden, Mass., but I have yet to find out why. Stay tuned. Isn’t it just like Maldonians to lend a hand to somebody in need?! Of course, the powers that be in Malden, Mass., are stepping up! City officials announced a partnership on Facebook with our fire department to offer support to our sister city in Washington. “A number of fundraising efforts are underway, and Malden will be working to assist the many victims of our namesake city,” officials said. That’s what Malden is all about!! The “Wicked Local 2020 Reader’s Choice Awards” were, once again, a glorious mess. As far as Malden goes, I am clueless how they determine winners and runners-up. But I am positive that it is far from scientific. I am thinking they just throw a bunch of names into a Dave Russo–type scally cap and pull them out. With that said, let the snark fest begin. So much low hanging fruit, so little column space. Congrats to Maplewood Fish Market on their 125th straight year as the number one fish market in Malden. As the only fish market in Malden, they feel confident of their continued domination. Yes, Dairy Delight and Jay’s Pizza & Ice Cream are wicked good but what the heck happened to the best ice cream palace in Malden, Spadafora’s Slush & Ice Cream Emporium!? Hello!? Gotta admit though they got this one right. Anthony’s on Canal Street was top dog in Malden as caterers. AlMalden, Washington, circa 1909. (Courtesy Photo) bert, Mary, Craig, Scotty, Lil Albert and the rest of the crew at the old whistle-stop never fail to impress with some of the best chow on the North Shore! Congrats to Idle Hands Craft Ales on Commercial Street for taking the Gold home for local brewery north of Boston – some heavy hitters in the home brew field locally – Faces on Pleasant may give them a run for their money next year. Number One Choice “Chinese Restaurant” surprisingly went to old favorite Panda Castle in Maplewood Square. Number Two Choice went to Ming’s in the Square, which is no surprise, but haven’t the readers of Wicked Local ever heard of a local treasure on Middlesex Avenue called Tiki Island? Wait, Tiki is in Medford!? That ain’t right! I hereby proclaim Tiki one of us! “Gabba, gabba – one of us!” Love that place! Reminds me of the old South Pacific and Gold Coin. Number One Choice for bakery was Hoff’s. Thank goodness! Total insanity that Super Duper Splurge & Shop took home that award in the past. Said with all due respect of course to S&S. But, can somebody please coerce a traditional bakery to call Malden home!? Fresh spuckies! Hot out of the oven! Black Forest cake made to order, from scratch. Lobster tails! Forgetaboutit! Mr. Duffy, I task you with this urgent request. Two of my fave coffee shops topped the Bestest Coffee Shop list: Dawn’s Villa Diner – shoot, I meant Donut Villa Diner – and Honey Dew on Eastern Avenue came in one/two. I am good with that. No disrespect meant to Craig Medeiros and his Dunkin’ locations in Malden who do a great job also. Kappy’s has been a Malden institution for many decades – beer always cold, reasonably priced and ready to serve one and all – especially back in the old days. Wink, wink. They took Number One Choice in Malden, but (again) with all due respect I feel M& M Liquors on Broadway is the new boss in town. Colder beer – even more reasonably priced – and they continue to carry Ballantine Ale long after Kappy’s decided they’d rather stock additional Bud Light Apple. Best pie went to the “King of Pizza Pies,” Pisa Pizza. Joe (Crowley) works hard. He deserves it. Hope you are feeling better my friend. Oops, Jamie, Mary and the rest of the gals (and guys) at Pisa also work hard. Honorable Mention went to the folks nipping at the heels of Pisa Pizza, 621 Tavern & Grille. Love my 621 pie! Maria’s Pizzeria also placed high. I can attest firsthand that they also serve great pie! Really good people, too. El Potro Mexican Bar & Grill (the former Highland Café) swept the best Mexican Restaurant award, taking the Number One Choice and receiving Honorable Mention. Yeah, go figure! Next up is Malden’s version of “Murderer’s Row” – “Family Friendly Restaurant” (basically, aren’t all restaurants family friendly?) – all “Number One Choices” (that has lost all meaning at this point, but I digress): All Season’s Table, Ming’s Seafood Restaurant, 621 Tavern & Grille, Dockside, and Jack’s Ristorante. Good stuff! Let’s all take a moment to remember Jackie Colangeli’s “Jack’s Ristorante” on Eastern Ave., an unfortunate victim of the plague. Jack’s place was special. He took his unique personality and flare and created a nice little Italian restaurant in a city that could certainly support more Italian restaurants. Thank you, Jack. We hope you have plans to reopen another in the future. With that said I believe that my love for Jack, his family and his restaurant are sincere. Again, with that said, for Italian Restaurant in Malden Jack’s came in Number One while Ristorante Serena placed second. I’ll just let that sit out there and marinate. Just as an aside and not apropos of Malden – but I gotta applaud the Regional Favorite Chinese Restaurant Top Two Choices. Topping the ticket was my happy place, Kowloon on Route 1; from the parking lot for 12,000 vehicles to the best neon sign on the North Shore to the best chicken fingers I have ever consumed (although Golden Gate in China Town – at 3 in the morning – comes in a very close second). May’s Café in Meffa placed second. Billy Settemio turned me on to May’s a couple years back, and for that I am eternally grateful. My plot of Mother Earth in Malden is rough terrain. Seaview & Baker Streets are built on some of the highest points in Malden on top of what looks like a mountain. My yard consists of quirky nooks and crannies with sloping patches of a mix of weeds and grass. It was an easy call when I needed landscapers to ride herd on this countryside. Troy Ingemi and his talented crew at Simple Green Landscaping were the obvious choice. Guess who took Number One Choice for Landscaper in Malden? Step right up, Troy, and accept your award! Fabulous job with my yard this whole summer, by the way! Thank you to you and your guys. Fine Dining Restaurant Numero Uno Choice was Exchange Street Bistro. Maldonians rave about this place. I rave also! It may not be “fine dining” but I had their Classic Turkey Club one afternoon and I was gobsmacked! Delicious! Funny because Serena’s was also Fine Dining Restaurant Numero Uno Choice. Not tied. Both were number one. No complaints here. But I do have a complaint here. This stuff drives me nuts! I’ll cut MALDEN: TODAY | SEE PAGE 14 CASH FOR GOLD WE’RE BUYING GOLD SILVER PLATINUM DIAMONDS Class rings, wedding sets, pendants, earrings,pins, broaches, watches, dental, coins Redeem this coupon for up to an extra $50 in CASH toward your transaction You will receive $25 CASH on any $100 transaction $50 CASH on any $500 transaction Veterans receive an additional 10% back Exclude coin and better. Not to be combined with any other offer. One per customer UNIVERSAL DENTAL LAB 7 BROADWAY * MALDEN 781-324-2770 Rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants Rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, loose Broken, Mismatched, Fine, Jewelry We Buy Any And All Conditions! Not sure what you have??

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