Page 8 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, October 15, 2021 Malden City Council gets details on Northeast Vocational’s $317M new school project Malden's share of the project would be $36M, spread over 30 years of payments By Steve Freker hey didn’t need any further validation, but they got some when a gas leak required some deeper inspection at Northeast Metropolitan Vocational High School. "We had to open up some walls and we got a real close look at the water pipes, the electrical system and it was really apparent," Northeast Supt. David DiBari said in a presentation to the Malden City Council Tuesday night, on a proposal to build a new school. "It was clear we are at the end. The infrastructure is so outdated it is close to being beyond use. "The building is old, it is dying and coming to an end," Supt. DiBari said of the 50-year-old school building. "The students and families of the future deserve better," DiBari and a team of consultants and planners gave an inside look at a proposal to construct a new, four-story school Representatives of the Northeast Metropolitan Vocational High School talked details of a new school facility plan at the Malden City Council meeting Tuesday. (Courtesy Photo) on the same school footprint, alongside the existing school. Much of the discussion reTo Do: Take a Vacation Replace Windows Pay Tuition volved around fi nances, as the Northeast team is in the midst of a traveling series of meetings ACC BOARDS | FROM PAGE 1 Done: Members Plus Home Equity Line 3.25% APR* No Closing Costs 12-Year Draw Use Your Home for The CASH You Need – Today! Apply FAST at memberspluscu.org MEDFORD NORWOOD DORCHESTER EVERETT PLYMOUTH *APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rate subject to change without notice. Variable rate based on Prime Rate as published by the Wall Street Journal. As of August 15, 2021, the Prime Rate is 3.25%. 12-year draw, 8-year repayment. Best rate requires a new HELOC application, loan-to-value (LTV) of 80% or less and strong creditworthiness. Properties held in trust may require additional fees. Early termination fee of $400 applies for lines of credit closed within first 36 months. Requires property insurance. NMLS #472281 tion Boards (AAC Boards). AAC Boards are in the process of being installed at all Malden school playgrounds. These boards display photos, symbols and/or illustrations to help facilitate communication and improve access to communication for those with diff erent communication needs. This includes autistic students, those with emotional disabilities and those with speech and language processing delays. This tool helps to create communication by aff ording opportunities where a student can point or gesture to the symbol(s) on the AAC Board. The symbols are used in schools and this initiative will now bring this mode of communication to Malden’s school playgrounds. The AAC Boards initiative came about through the work and advocacy of Malden's Disability Commission. The Commission assists the City of Malden and its residents in bringing about full integration and participation of people of all abilities. At one of its monthly meetings, Imene Bouziane Saidi, a Malbefore City Councils and other municipal governing boards which will decide on supporting the project or not. PROJECT | SEE PAGE 14 den Public School parent spoke during Public Comment and described the importance of AAC Boards and how they can assist students. As a mother of three boys, one of which benefi ted from having an AAC device to bolster his language and communication needs, she suggested that the Disability Commission consider advocating for the inclusion of the AAC boards on school playgrounds. “I’m grateful to Imene Bouziane Saidi and the Disability Commission for coming forward and advocating for this positive addition to school playgrounds,” said Mayor Christenson. “This is a great tool for children of diff ering abilities to better communicate and feel supported and included.” With her help and in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office and School Administration, the members of the Disability Commission worked to obtain a license for the boards through Communication Is Key, secure a local printer to produce the boards (Sign Art) and identify the playgrounds where to install them. T

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