Page 10 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, October 15, 2021 Public Safety Day MALDEN: TODAY | FROM PAGE 6 ter Michelle (Valente) McCarthy a sweetheart to this very day. “Today Malden! Tomorrow the World” by Neil Spadafora – rest in peace to one of the more “colorful” Spadaforas (insert great big smiley face here). “Two Heads Are Worse Than One” by Freddie “Moocow” McCarthy & Bobby “Harry” Harrison – Harry Harrison! One of the coolest cats Malden has ever produced! If you never saw Harry throw ropes from the deepest part of every park in the city, then you missed some amazing feats of athletic ability. “This is the end, beautiful Councillor-at-Large candidate Karen Colón Hayes is pictured with Maldonians Kathi Sheridan, her daughter Keryn and granddaughter Hailey at the recent Public Safety Day at the Linden School. (Courtesy photo) ~ Political Endorsement ~ Carey McDonald endorsed by Dee Campbell-Tompkins will cast one of my three votes for Carey. Here’s why I am and I hope you will too. Considering Carey’s individual I talents and accomplishments, as well as my belief that he would be a valuable asset to the City Council. I am confident that, as Councillor-at-Large he will serve each of Malden’s eight Wards with great skill and integrity. Malden is so fortunate that the McDonalds chose Malden. Having family roots in the area, but growing up in the Midwest, Carey brings a fresh perspective, as well as his education, skills and experience to the city he loves! With education in non-profit management, volunteer work in the community, experience in the state Legislative process, leadership in his role as an executive for a national non-profit organization, I believe Malden is the winner with Carey. When casting your vote, it is also important to know of Carey’s firm commitment to equity, inclusion, vision and impact. Take it from an almost lifelong Maldonian and very concerned citizen, Carey McDonald will be a key player in helping to bring Malden forward. Vote Carey McDonald for Councillor-at-Large. Sincerely, Dee Campbell-Tompkins Ward 2 friend, this is the end, my only friend, the end” – “Malden Police Officer Mike Hardiman, now retired, offered up this wonderful Malden slice of life via Facebook: “After the Malden High School football game I stopped in to see my old buddy and my favorite pharmacist, Lenny Heitin. Wanted to make plans to hook up and go out and grab a bite to eat, but he was leaving to go back to Florida Saturday. When I was on the police force, I used to stop in, when I worked days especially, for my morning coffee because there were a cast of characters there, and it was a laugh a minute. One of the characters was ‘Nomma the Bomber.’ A number of years ago they were filming the movie Cheers in Boston, and a lot of the movie crew were staying at an apartment building at the corner Pleasant and Summer. One of the directors and a producer for the movie, was staying in that apartment building, and came into the Elmwood every morning for coffee, before he took the train in town to film. He loved the place, he said we have nothing like this out in LA, and he was talking about doing a sitcom on the Elmwood PharFOR LEASE - COMMERCIAL PROPERTY macy. Couldn’t get over the characters that came in. He included Lenny and me on that list of characters, because he said, out in LA, the police don’t even get out of their cruisers, you would never find a police officer sitting in a pharmacy, shooting the breeze, and laughing with the customers. The Elmwood had some real interesting customers. Lenny was my old skiing buddy, from my Killington days. He asked me if I wanted to ski in January, because he’s coming up for two weeks to ski, and I told him I haven’t skied since I was 60. But at 82 he is still skiing, and when he’s in Florida, he says he gets up every morning, and because his place is on the beach, he walks three miles in the morning and three at night, so when I come down this winter, he said you’re gonna have to keep up me! We both also use the VA for part of our health insurance needs. He told me he was stationed in New York and Japan while in the military, and one day in 1961 they flew him into South Vietnam, above Da Nang. He said he was there for eight days treating and taking blood samples from a bunch of C.I.A. agents, and American “advisers” that came down with hepatitis. I knew he was a pharmacist in the service, but I never knew he left the states. So, the moral of the story is, I’m going to have to go to Florida to take him out to dinner.” Postscript: And with the blink of an eye, the latest chapter in the long history of the Saint Rocco Feast has closed; 91 years and still going strong. We who grew up in Edgeworth all have our favorite or memorable San Rocco stories of the past. It is hard to believe that for me this will have been my 54th year on the black hardtop of Pearl Street. On a long-ago Monday night in the year of the “Impossible Dream,” 1967, big brother Joe took me to the Saint Rocco fireworks display at Devir Park. I have been a Saint Rocco regular ever since. Growing up, the Feast was considered the highlight of our summer. We knew that the school year was rapidly approaching, that the summer was on its way out and that we would have one last weekend to let loose before schoolwork came crashing down on us. I think, for me and a lot of others, it is the continuity of the event that we take to heart. The way you can set your inner clock to the “Feast.” That second weekend in August, every year. That PRIME LOCATION: Located on Revere Beach Parkway, Everett 6,500 Sq. Ft. Building, Showroom and Garage with 4 Overhead Doors. Call 617-389-4527 “organic connection to the heart and mind” that those of us who grew up in Edgeworth all feel. So, whether you’re full Italian, half Italian, married to an Italian, Italian for one weekend a year, or anything else in between, Viva Saint Rocco and see you next summer on Pearl Street.

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