THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, September 27, 2019 ~ Op-Ed ~ Page 13 Is Malden Adding to Global Climate Crisis? By Kathleen Sullivan T he argument about whether there is a global climate crisis is no longer a real argument because science has produced evidence which demonstrates that the Earth is warming at an accelerated rate. One of the reasons for this accelerated temperature rise is something known as heat islands in urban areas. These can be asphalt parking lots, street pavement, buildings and artificial turf fields. All of these increase the surface temperature of the ground which locks in the heat and causes it to rise into the surrounding atmosphere. Urban areas experience 2-7 degree temperature acceleration during hot weather compared to more rural or areas with greater amounts of vegetation. Besides the obvious reasons for urban heat islands: our streets, sidewalks and buildings, Malden continues to remove our grass fields and replace them with plastic grass turf fields. Currently, the City of Malden is home to 5 artificial turf fields. There is yet another plan to remove the grass at the Salemwood School Field, also known as, Roosevelt Field and replace it with a $2.6 million plastic grass field. Instead of removing our grass fields, Malden should be looking to increase our natural green spaces and maintain the ones that we have. Poor drainage is no excuse for removing 3.75 acres of natural grass which is acting as a cooling surface in a highly congested area of our City which is currently home to 4 of the 5 artificial turf fields in Malden. Natural grass actually cools the air through a process called transpiration. Feel the grass versus asphalt on a warm day. Grass also absorbs the carbon dioxide in the air, removes pollutants, and releases oxygen. Malden is the hometown of Senator Ed Markey, who has penned the Green New Deal on a federal level. It seems that Malden should be doing better to support the purpose of this policy which is to increase our efforts to reduce the current situation of our climate warming too rapidly and to be more inclusive of our environmental justice neighborhoods when planning and designing such projects as Roosevelt Park. Malden can do better. We must do better. Our children deserve better. https://climatekids.nasa.gov/ heat-islands/ Housing Advocate Laura Rosi to lead Malden-based Housing Families Organization H ousing Families, Inc. (HFI) today announced that the Board of Directors has selected Attorney Laura Rosi as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Rosi previously served as HFI's Director of Advocacy and Homelessness Prevention where she focused on solving Greater Boston’s housing and homelessness crisis. Rosi joined Housing Families in 2008 and has been acting as Interim CEO since January 2019. “We have no doubt that Laura is dedicated to the Housing Families mission. Laura’s understanding for the families and the communities we support is demonstrated through her passion for advocacy. Her experience in the field combined with her years of working at HFI provides a strong foundation for the CEO role,” said Board Chair, Attorney Laura Rosi New chief executive officer of Housing Families Inc. David Barbato. “As Malden’s representative in the State Senate, I have been lucky to work closely with Laura and Housing Families, Inc. in their vital work to end family homelessness,” said State Senator Jason Lewis. “Laura is a proven and committed advocate for our communities’ most vulnerable individuals and families, and I am confident that she will maintain that reputation and record as she takes the helm at HFI.” Prior to her role as Interim CEO, Rosi’s work with Massachusetts Legislators and Families helped lead policy advocacy in a wide variety of issue areas including fair housing, affordable housing, civil rights, and poverty. Her work on housing and homelessness issues began as a Housing Advocate, directly working with families in shelter to obtain permanent housing. This frontline work enabled her to understand the families’ needs and root causCome and laugh with the Malden Chamber of Commerce at the 8th C harlie Chaplin once said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Don’t waste a day! Come and laugh with the Malden Chamber of Commerce at our 8th Annual Comedy Night on October 10 at Mixx 360, 665 Broadway, Malden. Featuring the comedy of Dave Russo, Paul Gilligan, Ira Proctor, Anthony Scibelli and Julie Nolan, a portion of the evening’s proceeds will benefit Cambridge Health Alliance’s breast health programs. Tickets are $40 and include dinner as well as the comedy show. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and the laughter starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at www.maldenchamber.org or by calling 781-322-4500. Advance ticket purchase is highly recommended. So don’t waste a day. Buy your Comees of homelessness at a deeper level, which in turn prompted her to become active in advocacy and policy. “I am honored to lead Housing Families and excited to have the opportunity to further advance the agency’s mission to end family homelessness. I look forward to working with other community members and partners in our efforts to ensure every family has a home. Over the past ten years, I have seen the transformative impact this agency has had not only on the families we serve, but on the staff and our communities. Housing is an issue that I have dedicated my career to, and it’s an area that is increasingly challenging for families across the Commonwealth,” said Rosi. Rosi is a graduate of The American University of Rome and Suffolk Law School. She is a Board Member at Homes for Families, a member of the Real Estate/Affordable Housing Section of the Boston Bar Association, and a member of the Massachusetts Bar. EDUCATION ROUNDTABLE Annual Comedy Night dy Night Tickets now. We thank our sponsors. Presenting: East Cambridge Savings Bank and L&L Services; Platinum: Home Instead Senior Care and New England Security; Gold: Cambridge Health Alliance, Cataldo Ambulance and Shapiro & Hender; Silver: MATV and StonehamBank. We also thank our host for the evening; Mixx 360. Join Senator Jason Lewis, Co-Chair of the Education Committee, to learn about the recently released Student Opportunity Act. Bring your questions and share your feedback! WHO: Education stakeholders and community members WHEN: Wednesday, October 2nd, 7:00-8:30pm WHERE: Stoneham Central Middle School Library, 101 Central St, Stoneham For more information or to RSVP contact Emily Granoff , emily.granoff@masenate.gov or 617.722.1206

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