State Representative Donato Democrat Leadership with Results! Maldden alld a Vol. 29, No. 19 den AADD -FREEwww.advocatenews.net Summer Fun OCAT AT 617-387-2200 Published Every Friday By Barbara Taormina C ommunity groups are asking city leaders and residents to take another look at the plan for an artificial turf fi eld at Roosevelt Park through the lens of the city’s commitment to eliminate racial inequity. The Friends of Roosevelt Park and the Salemwood Community have published an open letter to Mayor Gary Christenson, Malden Redevelopment Authority Director Debbie Burke and the Board of the Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation, which has off ered to pay for the turf, asking for a review of options for rehabbing the athletic fi eld at the park. The Friends and the SalemCOOL TREAT: Matthew Lugo is all smiles as he gets ready to enjoy his ice cream at Dairy Delight in Malden on Wednesday. See page 9 for photo highlights. (Advocate photo by Josh London) Phase 3 brings organized sports back to the city By Barbara Taormina T ennis, golf, baseball, softball, volleyball, fi eld hockey and no-contact lacrosse are back. This week marked the beginning of Phase 3, Step 1 of Governor Charlie Baker’s fourphase multistep plan to reopen Massachusetts. For Malwood Community stress that now is the time to take a second look at the plan for Roosevelt Park. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has issued a stop work order on renovations at the park while the agency reviews an appeal concerning the bordering wetlands at the site. Last month, Christenson announced “UniteMalden 2020,” an initiative with specifi c steps developed to immediately begin addressing systemic racism. UniteMalden calls for declaring racism a public health crisis, establishing a police department community review board, hiring a director of equity, inclusion and community engagement, establishing diversity in hiring practices and recognizing Juneteenth as an offi cial city holiday. “The term UniteMalden is intended to convey our goal to begin to eliminate barriers and ob(Pol. Adv.) MASK UP & STAY SAFE THIS SUMMER! CTE E Friday, July 10, 2020 Park advocates say Roosevelt renovations fall short of UniteMalden goals stacles, address prejudices and discrimination head on, and embrace our role as a city where every resident is respected, treated fairly, and welcomed in all aspects of our government and community,” said Christenson in his announcement of the new initiative. But members of the Friends and Salemwood Community say that is exactly what didn’t happen as the city planned the renovations for Roosevelt Park. “The planning was done ROOSEVELT | SEE PAGE 4 den, which loves organized sports, competitive games, tournaments and titles, the big news is the city can, once again, play ball – sort of. The city has released a list of guidelines that divide sports and recreational activities into three categories: SPORTS | SEE PAGE 10 $1.55 GALLON We accept: MasterCard * Visa * & Discover Price Subject to Change without notice 100 Gal. Min. 24 Hr. Service 781-286-2602 * Mulching * Spring Clean-ups * Trimming & Maintenance NOW BOOKING NEW CUSTOMERS! Call 781-321-2074

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