Page 4 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, July 9, 2021 Councillor Ryan O’Malley Receives Unanimous Endorsement of Laborers’ Local Union No. 22 F or decades, even over a century in some cases, the infrastructure of our nation has been left to waste away into dangerous incidents waiting to happen. Those incidents are happening more and more frequently; often leading to unnecessary death and destruction of property. For too long, we have heard about the dangers of lead water pipes, crumbling roads and sidewalks, bridge collapses, natural gas explosions, and the dangerous deterioration of public and private buildings. It is time to re-build our nation from the ground up. As the Federal government debates the size and scope of major infrastructure funding, we must begin to prepare our local workforce to be professionally trained to rise to the challenge of completely reconstructing the infrastructure of our community. From gas lines and water pipes, to playgrounds and fire stations, we have a golden opportunity to rebuild Malden better than it has ever been before. The key to this challenge is ensuring that local workers from Malden are given the chance to construct the high-quality projects our community deserves. Ryan O’Malley City Councillor Ward 4 Projects built with the utmost care and attention given to safety and the quality of construction. Projects that are built by professional union workers from Malden. As a former union worker and organizer, I have witnessed firsthand the benefits of collective action to fight injustice and improve the quality of life for all people.Good paying union jobs are crucial to the economic health of post-industrial communities like Malden. Unions present a golden opportunity to not only rebuild the infrastructure of our community but also the middle class in Malden. That is why I am happy to announce that Laborers’ Local Union No. 22 has unanimously endorsed my candidacy for the Malden City Council representing Ward 4. In solidarity, Ryan O’Malley City Councillor Ward 4 Tech Tour at City Hall on July 14 at 10 a.m. A scheduled tour of the technology facility that powers Malden and its school system S ervers find a new home: After several moves to temporary offices associated with the Gerry D’Ambrosio Attorney-at-Law Is Your Estate in Order? Do you have an update Will, Health Care Proxy or Power of Attorney? If Not, Please Call for a Free Consultation. 14 Proctor Avenue, Revere (781) 284-5657 behind city operations moved into the new Network Operations Center (NOC) at 215 Pleasant St. The new, state-ofthe-art electrical and environmental control systems provide advanced cooling and emergency power subsystems for the entire operation. This is the infrastructure that is behind Malden’s Police, Fire, DPW and government services across the city. SUPERINTENDENT | FROM PAGE 1 tory in public education, having spent the last 26 years in the Boston Public Schools as a teacher, department leader, principal and assistant superintendent. She prides herself on finding and providing the tools for young people to succeed. Noriega-Murphy was excited about coming to Malden because of its diversity, the opportunity to build on communication and feeling of community, and the chance to strengthen teaching and learning across the district. Malden’s Director of Technology, Anthony Rodriguez, will give a brief tour to some school parents on how the communications infrastructure runs in the schools. The tour of the City Hall facility is being organized for parents on July 14 at 10 a.m. Space is limited. Please message School Committee Member Joe Gray if you have any interest in joining this informative adventure! move out of the old City Hall and into temporary space, the servers and nervous system

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