Page 12 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, July 9, 2021 Malden summer heats up with the first All Sports Clinic of the season By Tara Vocino A pproximately 50 children took advantage of the hot summer weather on Wednesday morning at Macdonald Stadium for the first week of the All Sports Clinic, which runs through August. Run by Malden High School Varsity Boys’ Volleyball Head Coach Daniel Jurkowski, Malden Recreation Department Director Joseph Levine and staff from Malden’s Summer Youth Employment Program, the clinic teaches teamwork, where first- to sixth-graders play multiple sports throughout the day. —Tara Vocino may be reached at printjournalist1@ gmail.com. Ferryway School kindergartner Gerson Denis, 6, shot a basketball during. Wednesday’s All Sports Clinic at Macdonald Stadium. Pictured from left to right are John Dascoll, staff Joevan Jankins, in back, Danyel Vincente, Zafar Egbe, Winsly Larrieux and Zion Egbe playing basketball on the Macdonald Stadium court on Wednesday morning. Malden’s Summer Youth Employment Program staff: top row, pictured from left to right: Jonathan Charalier, Stephen Carter, Victoria Gammon, Riley Strano, Corinne Holness and Aiden Thompson. Bottom row, pictured from left to right: Joevan Jankins, Gabriel Polopp, Jade Mora, Maritza Ramos-Perez, Tivian Ngyuen and Sandra Hernandez. Bottom row, from left to right: Priscilla Mansug, Chamelle Joseph, Gerson Denis, Noah Teixeira, Mia Ngyuen, Ava Graves and Arjun Kumpavat play volleyball. Top row, from left to right: Corinne Holness, Alexanne Mansug, Remisha Kc, staff Jadelini Mora, Elizabeth Deveno, Eli Deveno and staff Riley Strano join in. Bottom row, from left to right: Noah Teixeira, Thiago Vincente and Gerson Denis by the basketball hoop. Top row, from left to right: Preksha Kothari, Suvan Raut, Taylin Humber and staff Victoria Gammon. Ferryway School fourth-grader Jaida Wilichoski, in black, pushes the volleyball to the other side of the net.

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