Page 10 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE – Friday, July 5, 2019 Historical reenactment celebrates American independence By Tara Vocino A pproximately 40 people revisited the Founding Era by celebrating Malden Declaration Day on Friday night at the Malden Public Library. Guests viewed original and digital displays of the city’s municipal documents from the Revolutionary Period, some of which were enclosed in glass cases for preservation. Afterward, historical actor Thomas Coots performed the third annual reading of the “Instructions of the Inhabitants of Malden, Massachusetts to their Representatives in Congress.” He was then escorted by the William Diamond Junior Fife & Drums Corps along Salem Street onto the library’s front lawn. Also known as the Malden Instructions, the 1776 document was unanimously voted on by the residents of Malden to be delivered to the Second Continental Congress by their representative Ezra Sargeant, who was portrayed by Joseph Brown. Town Clerk Samuel Merritt wrote the document, according to Coots. In the communication, Malden voters renounced the Colony’s ties to Great Britain and asked to become an independent American republic. The document is credited as a precursor to the Declaration of Independence. The original document will remain on display at the library. Tara Vocino may be reached at printjournalist1@gmail.com. Shown from left to right are Malden Historical Commission Chair Barbara Tolstrup, portraying the wife of Ezra Sargeant, a Congressional representative from Malden; Mary Hampton, portraying Maggie, a servant; and Marilyn Glover, portraying Elizabeth Waite. They stand by the “Malden Instructions” at the Malden Public Library on Friday night. (Advocate Photos by Tara Vocino) Maureen Jones flips through the Book of Town Records, Vol. 2, which covers 1764-1812. She said although she’s lived in Malden for 54 years, she wants to learn more about the city’s history. David Desmond takes a break from cycling to look at the George and Martha Washington plates. Malden Historical Society Vice President Frank Russell and Ward 2 School Committee Member Robert McCarthy, Jr. rummage through “The History of Malden, Massachusetts, 1633-1785,” which is from 1898, and the “History of the Battle at Lexington, on the Morning of the 19th April, 1775” from 1825. The William Diamond Junior Fife & Drum Corps turns onto the front steps of the Malden Public Library. Period actors in colonial dress enter the library from Salem Street. Event organizer Thomas Coots performs the third annual reading of the Malden Instructions. Event organizer Thomas Coots and Joseph Brown (as Ezra Sargeant) declare the United Colonies of North America, where they said that people were willing to die to sign the town declaration. The William Diamond Junior Fife & Drum Corps performs “Yankee Doodle Dandy” and “When the Saints Go Marching In” outside of the Malden Public Library.

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