Page 12 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, June 10, 2022 GRADUATES | FROM PAGE 11 Tivian Quyen Nguyen Sammi Nie Guy Nommi Brendon Ryan Nordstrom Ryan Rafael O’Connell Reule Obdeus Possible Iwinnosa Ojo Caroline Rose Mainte Oliveira Sarah Cota Ferreira DeOliveira Bruna Suelen Oliveira Paiva Melanie Cristal Olmeda Jason Ong Samuel Antonio Ortega Liam Joseph O’Toole Sebastien Michael Pack Sharon Pan Jiale Pang Natalie Patterson Kidus Paulos Laci Coral Paul-Williams Ariana Annabella Peguero Amanda Muniz Pereira Rosario Kevin Pham Tran Nhut Num Pham Jennnifer Kim Phan Phu Hoang Phan Van Ron Phan Vanessa Philistin Brianna Kellsy Philius Tumara Philius Maria Tatyana Phillips Ketshaly Ariane Philome Wendy Michael Pierre Emmanuel Willismith PierreRene Ciara Marina Amelia Pina Melanie Brandao Pinheiro Bruno Vasconcelos Coelho Pires Neilianis Omeyris Pizarro Rodriguez James Michael Pizzuto Jules Wisel Pouokan Nana Kambou Rode-Nadine Prophete Ramy Jaber Qranfai Mohammed Amine Quachryni Kenton Quang Steven Alexander Quezada Quijano Santiago Vladimir Quintanilla Lopez Rosemary Rai Carlos Roberta Ramos Nicolas De Oliveira Ramos Irina Ramos Malena Worldy Raphael Elbert Aister Reis Martins Andrade Jing Ren Joshua Messiah Fredly Rene Daniel De Lima Ribeiro Alex Ribeiro Da Silva Junior Aidan Eric Ricker Matthew Yves Rigaud Angeleve Auliyah Rivera Karen Jeannette Rivera Darrens Roc Jennifer Marie Silva Rodrigues Jordan Louis Rodriguez Keimely Jsrissa Rodriguez Leslie Alexandra Rodriguez Oswaldo Yarie Rodriguez Erick Aaron Rodriguez-Portillo Lucas Rogerio De Araujo Moscoso Eliane Miguelina Rua Geronimo Andrew Rafael Ruiz Marcos Adrian Ruiz Ramos Tianna Marie Rumney Jada Davis Sadler Jaansher Fitzgerald Saeed Marly Saint Fleur Maria Luize Santos Kayla Leigh Saunders Maria Angelica Savoca Sarah Cristina Marinho Schneider Matthew Scott Anise Senoya Molly Marie Sewell Daria Rivanne Shaw Luis Silva Rayane Ashlynn Silva Santos Joao Guilherme Simoes Pires Gouvea MAckenzie Jill Smith Amanda Santos Soares Samuel Ricardo Solorzano Lucas Souza Costa Riley Elizabeth Strano Yousef Mohammad Youse Sulieman Sebastian Jimmy Suplice Kenna Joy Swanson Yusra Tafraoui Abby Ly Tang Ivan Tao Giovanna Tavares De Almeida Jayla Marie Texeira Trae Steve Texeira Tenzin Ingsel Tekhang Dashawn Curtis Teleau Aiden Rusty Thompson Idriss Touati Oumaina Touirtou Jin Lee Tran Ryan Tsang Becky Tse Matilda Cady Turck Mariana Gabriela Ugarte Vasquez Andres Valdes Gallego Vanessa Soriya Van Calebe Duarte Vargas Louis Fernando Vasquez Juan Esteban Ventura Matheus Henrique Venturi Cardoso John Thomas Verdone Vicente Villarroel Dianne Hill Vincent Joey Dang Vo Kimberly Nguyen Vo Lovelyne Rachelle Voltaire Zekarias Bezuayehu Walle Crystal Pei Shang Wang Emily Wang Jessica Wsng J’nye Laree Ward Sheldon Kristopher Wasajja Nathan Weng Gavin Thomas West Arianna Seymone White Luke Anthony Wightman Jacob Williams Lucas John Williams Renitsa Shanai Williams Lenisa Raphaela Princess Wilson Brandon Eliot Wong Ho Yin Wong Jennifer Shu Wong Nicholas Chi-Hong Wong Sabrina Yang Stanley Yang Maggie Yick Wilson Yip Yoji Yonetani Joyce Yu Ravanola Melgie Virginia Zamor Melister Victoria Zegri Padilla Brian Zeng Carina Zhao En Ze Zhao Xiaolin Zhou Kellie Crystal Zhu Luke Michael Zubrzycki Class Orator Tony Geich delivers speech at MHS Graduation By Tony Giech Class of 2022 Orator H ello everyone, My name is Jason Ong- I mean Tony Giech. Y’all confuse us together so much I’m starting to get confused. Anyways, I want to say thank you on behalf of the graduating class of 2022 to all the admin, faculty, honored guests, family, and friends. None of us would be here without you. Shout out to Mr. Valente in particular for coming to my meets and letting me use his room as my second living room these past four years. Shout out Linda and to all of my friends! Y’all know who you are. To the class of 2022, I know everyone’s said it about a million times already, but we really made it. We are really here at OUR graduation, about to close this chapter of our lives. We’ve survived a global pandemic, quarantine, and online school. Some of us may have gotten lost on the way and stumbled into New York Pizza or Dunks, but regardless, we’re finally all here. We are all standing at the conclusion of a 4 year long chapter of our lives. Throughout these past 4 years, we’ve gone through a lot. From having to cram for midterms and finals till 4 AM to dealing with isolation during quarantine, to having cake thrown at us after JV’s ahem Dan. However, we’ve also had some of the best moments of our lives, whether it be getting into our dream school, making it to the state championship, or just seeing mayor Gary Christenson’s snow day announcements on Instagram. But with those accomplishments must come sacrifices. I’m sure everyone here has had to sacrifice something in pursuit of their goals. Some of those sacrifices supported us every step of the way. After all, without these reTony Geich Class Orator have come at the detriment of grades, some at the detriment of sports, some at the detriment of sleep and personal health, and some have come at the detriment of your personal relationships. It is this last sacrifice that one should pay attention to however. We have so many words for personal relationships that if you google the phrase “friend synonyms” right now you will see more than 50 different words and phrases come up. This is because personal relationships are what brings meaning to our lives and makes them special. Not only that, but if you think about it, a lot of the events we cherish are special because of the relationships we have. Take birthdays for example, our birthdays are special because we are able to celebrate our lives with people we care about and who care about us. Prom is special because we get to let loose and have fun with some of our closest friends. Even this graduation is special because we are celebrating all our hard work with people who’ve helped us and lationships, we just wouldn’t be who we are today. I mean, I know for a fact I never would’ve become the “fishboi” y’all know me as without the help of my parents, teammates, and coaches nor would I be standing here, speaking to all of you without the help of my friends and teachers. I’m sure many of you have similar stories as well of people who’ve helped you on your journey to this moment. As much as others have influenced us, our connections also give us the power to influence others too. Raise your hands how many of you have had a bad day turn into a good day simply because someone complimented you? Or got you your favorite snack? Or just did something nice for you? I know I have. That power to shape someone is a gift and it is one of the most beautiful things life has to offer. I can see some of you starting to zone out so I’ll try and wrap this up. Yeah, y’all thought you were slick didn’t you. Anyways, after this day, all of us will be heading in different directions. Some of us may cross paths in the future but this is when our journeys diverge. I know that every one of you has big plans, goals, and dreams for the future and I wholeheartedly support all of you in your every endeavor. But if there is one thing you remember from your time here, it is to never forget to take care of the relationships you have with your friends, teachers, mentors, and whoever else you value in your life. They are the people who’ve helped you get here, and they will continue to help you get to your next destination. Fishboi out! MBTA Proposes Changing Bus Routes in Malden T he City would like to know what Malden residents think of the MBTA’s proposed bus route changes and what these changes may mean to them. Residents are invited to make their voices heard on Thursday, June 23rd from 6-8 PM at City Hall, Council Chambers, 200 Pleasant Street or remotely via Zoom. Virtual meeting details will be posted on the City’s website soon. The purpose of this meeting is to present the MBTA’s proposed changes, discuss the tradeoffs, and solicit feedback from the community. A panel consisting of members from the City’s Sustainable & Equitable Transportation Committee will moderate the discussion. Residents may also provide feedback directly to the MBTA by taking their online survey, joining a virtual public meeting for the region on Wednesday, June 8th at 6 PM and/or by visiting an Open House at Malden Center MBTA Station on Thursday, June 30th from 4:30-6:30 PM. All these meeting details are available on the MBTA’s Bus Network Redesign Website: https://www.mbta. com/projects/bus-network-redesign For further information or to speak with someone from the City regarding this meeting, please contact John Alessi at jalessi@cityofmalden.org

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