Page 22 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, May 5, 2023 INTERN | FROM PAGE 15 tions from the Fifth Middlesex District are strongly encouraged. Hours and duration of internship are fl exible, though ideal appli- LEGAL NOTICE - City of Malden Massachusetts 1. 1. Recently a town in what country organized the third annual European seagull screeching championship (where people imitated seagulls): Belgium, England or Portugal? 2. 2. What part of the body has the most bones? 3. 3. On May 5, 1862, Mexican troops defended Puebla from what country’s soldiers? 4. 4. How many double stiches are on an MLB baseball: 50, 26 or 108? 5. 5. May 6, 2023, is the Kentucky Derby: in what year was the fi rst Kentucky Derby: 1822, 1875 or 1911? 6. 6. What is a bibliophile? 7. 7. May 7 is World Laughter Day; the fi rst celebration of this day, in 1998, was organized by the founder of what yoga-related movement? 8. 8. How many years did Sleeping Beauty sleep? 9. 9. The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 will be held where? 10. 10. What is the name of the science concerning motion of projectiles? 11. 11. On May 8, 2012, what author/illustrator of “Where the Wild Things Are” died? 12. 12. What are the fastest growing hairs on the body? 13. 13. What is considered the smartest reptile: chameleon, crocodile or monitor lizard? 14. 14. On May 9, 1914, what U.S. president proclaimed the celebration of Mother’s Day? 15. 15. What are gneiss, schist and marble? 16. 16. How can spiders climb walls? 17. 17. On May 10, 1717, Judge John Hathorne died; he is primarily known for helping lead what trials? 18. 18. How are “A very good restaurant in its category,” Excellent cooking, worth a detour” and “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey” similar? 19. 19. Why is the American quarter horse called that? 20. 20. On May 11, 1997, IBM computer Deep Blue won what kind of match? ANSWERS Sandy Juliano Broker/President Board of Appeal 215 Pleasant Street Malden, Massachusetts 02148 Telephone 781-397-7000 x2103 MALDEN BOARD OF APPEAL PUBLIC HEARING The Malden Board of Appeal will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, May 17, 2023 at 6:30 pm at Malden City Hall, 215 Pleasant St, Room #106 Herbert L Jackson Council Chambers, Malden, MA on Petition 23-003 by DiPrete Engineering acting as agent for The Parikh Network to submit application for the potential development of property seeking variances under Code of the City of Malden as amended – Title 12 Section 12.12.06D Fast Food Service off street parking in the required set back of lot and Title 12 Section 12.20.010 Table of Off-street parking and loading regulations– Restaurant Fast Food – required number of parking spaces as per Plans CMID-050466-2022 at the property known as and numbered 1100 Main Street, Malden, MA and also known by City Assessor’s Parcel ID #044-855-507 Additional information, Petition and plans available for public review in the Office of Inspectional Services, 215 Pleasant St., 3rd floor, Malden, MA or online at www.cityofmalden.org or https://maldenma-energovweb. tylerhost.net/apps/SelfService#/home Nathaniel Cramer, Chair April 28, 2023 May 5, 2023 cants will be available 8-10 hours per week. This position will be in-person, hybrid, or fully remote. Our offi ce does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, gender identity, national origin, political affi liation, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, genetic information, or age. Applicants of color are strongly encouraged to apply. Candidates should send a resume and a brief letter of interest to Jason.Lewis@masenate.gov by Thursday, May 4, 2023. References should be available upon request. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so interested parties are encouraged to apply promptly. With questions, please call (617) 722-1206. OBITUARIES | FROM PAGE19 years old. Jo Ann was the wife of the late Robert DeSimone and the longtime companion of the late Carmine Sorrentino. She was the loving mother of Christina LaConte and her husband Peter of Lynnfield and Robbie DeSimone of Malden. Jo Ann was the dear sister of Richard Cipriano and his wife Marilyn and George Cipriano and his late wife Tammy. She is also survived by loving grandchildren, great grandchildren, and nieces and nephews. Visiting hours were held at the A. J. Spadafora Funeral Home, Malden on Friday April 28th followed by a graveside service at Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden. COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY SALES & RENTALS Happy Spring Follow Us On: THIS WEEKEND! EVERETT - 26-26A Victoria Street. 2 family, 5 & 6 room, $850,000. Call Sandy at 617-448-0854 OPEN HOUSE - SUN., MAY 7 Norma Capuano Parziale 617-590-9143 LISTED BY SANDY! UNDER AGREEMENT FROM 12 - 2:00 PM 3 Bedroom, 1 1/2 Bath Ranch, 6 Bridge Street, Tewksbury - $499,900. Open House Sunday, April 30 from 12-2. Call Sandy with questions, 617-448-0854. List Your Home or Apartment With Us! Open Daily From 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. 433 Broadway, Suite B, Everett, MA 02149 www.jrs-properties.com Joe DiNuzzo 617-680-7610 Rosemarie Ciampi 617-957-9222 Denise Matarazzo 617-953-3023 617-294-1041 1. Belgium (the coastal town of De Panne) 2. Feet 3. France 4. 108 5. 1875 6. A person who collects rare books 7. Laughter Yoga 8. 100 9. Australia and New Zealand 10. Ballistics 11. Maurice Sendak 12. Beard 13. Monitor lizard 14. Woodrow Wilson 15. Metamorphic rocks 16. They have hairy feet that create a “force of attraction,” and tarantulas’ feet spin silk to help stick. 17. Salem witchcraft trials 18. They are the definitions of one, two and three stars, respectively, in the 1936 Michelin Guide. 19. Because it could outrun other horses in quarter mile or less races. 20. Chess

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