Page 2 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, May 19, 2023 Annual Haitian Flag Raising Ceremony held at Malden High School By Steve Freker I Over 300 students, Malden Public Schools staff participate in event; One of only ones held in Mass. After an introduction by Supt. t is an event built on joy, one that is awaited all year long by Malden High School students and the local community. On Thursday, yesterday, the students of MHS, Superintendent Dr. Ligia Noriega-Murphy, Principal Chris Mastrangelo, Malden Police Chief Glenn Cronin, MHS Haitian Club Advisor Paul Degenkolb and over 300 students joined in a celebration of joy and love in front of the high school. It was the Annual Haitian Flag Raising Ceremony where the National Flag of Haiti is raised in front of the school, signifying the declaration of Haitian Independence from France in 1804. Noriega-Murphy and the MHS principal, speakers from the very active MHS Haitian Club detailed the history of the Flag and of Haitian independence. Another member sang the Haitian National Anthem, "La Dessalinienne" to the delight of the crowd, who joined in. The students then listened to the story of MHS House Principal Ewald Charles, a native of Haiti who emigrated to the United States from Haiti at the age of 18. He now has two daughters entering Columbia University this year, an Ivy League institution. Music followed and lots of dancing and the morning event was a big success. "Everyone had a tremendous time and Malden Supt. of Schools Dr. Ligia Noriega-Murphy, Malden High Principal Chris Mastrangelo, Malden Police Chief Glenn Cronin, MHS Haitian Club Advisor Paul Degenkolb and members of the Haitian Club are shown at yesterday's Annual Haitian Flag Raising Ceremony.(Courtesy Photo/Malden Public Schools) most importantly, we were able to honor the nation of Haiti and 9 the many Malden High students of Haitian descent," Mastrangelo said. "It is always a highlight of our school year." 5.0 %APY* INSURED 9 Month CD Your nest egg just got an upgrade. A GREAT RATE AND INSURANCE? NO WAY. YES WAY! Here’s your chance to reach your savings goal faster than ever. Everett Bank’s 9 Month CD with an amazing 5.0% APY* gets you closer to those financial goals much faster. Easily calculate better earnings with Everett Bank’s 9 Month CD. Go to everettbank.com to easily open your account on-line in just minutes. Seniors’ friendship boosts morale at Holiday Maplewood Place National Best Friend Day is June 8 “I miss my wife, my dog, my family, and having Paul as a friend is like having a brother under the same roof,” says David Dunn, senior resident of Holiday Maplewood Place. David met Paul Silva fi ve years ago, when he thought making new friends was no longer possible. New friendships are prov*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of the date posted and is subject to change without notice. APY assumes that interest remains on deposit until maturity. A withdrawal will reduce earnings. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Minimum of $500 is required to open a Certificate of Deposit and earn the advertised APY. Member FDIC | Member DIF All Deposits Are Insured In Full. en to be one of the most effective ways for seniors to improve their mental health. David and Paul have taken it upon themselves to befriend dozens of older adults and encourage companionship. According to the American Public Health Association, socialization improves mood, cognition, memory recall and physical activity. “Friendships are about being open and honest with each other and putting each other at ease,” says Paul. “Life should be about helping others, and Paul and I love helping everyone we can,” says David about their weekly shopping trips for the other residents. Paul passed the Paul Silva and his best friend David Dunn Resident Council President baton to David several weeks ago – which allows them to know all the residents’ needs. When they aren’t doing things for others, David and Paul can be found fooling around on the beach, enjoying meals together, and singing hymns at mass. David also calls Bingo, and Paul never misses happy hour.

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