THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, May 17, 2024 Page 19 Friends of the Fells advocates for Fells-friendly upgrades to redevelopment proposal at Stoneham Hospital site “T he Residences at Spot Pond,” a proposal by the Gutierrez Company to demolish the former site of the Boston Regional Medical Center and build a 378-unit apartment complex, is nearing approval; the Stoneham Board of Appeals is expected to wrap up hearings and issue a determination soon. As the site is surrounded on three sides by the Middlesex Fells Reservation, redevelopment efforts have faced public scrutiny for many years, with concerns raised mostly about traffic and potential impacts to the adjacent forest. Proposed under the state’s 40B regional planning law, the project enjoys a streamlined planning process. Nevertheless, Friends of the Fells has been a vocal, persistent presence during this latest redevelopment push, sharing recommendations with the developer and the Town and defending the values of the Fells at every opportunity in public hearings over the past four months. “We urge the Board of Appeals and the developer to give serious consideration to our set of conditions for approval that would protect the Middlesex Fells Reservation,” said Friends of the Fells Executive Director Chris Redfern. Friends of the Fells has recommended permit conditions to make the project more Fells-friendly, including requiring the developer to pay for a new trailhead and roadway changes to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety; add a trailhead parking lot to their site plan; prohibit the use of second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides during demolition, construction and operation of the site; and use responsibly-sourced native plants in landscaping. “We support the addition of more affordable housing in Stoneham,” Redfern said. “However, we believe the project should be improved to take into consideration the site as an ‘inholding’ of the Fells, and include modifications to safeguard the adjacent natural resources of the Fells and provide new amenities to allow the public to sustainably enjoy and care for the forest.” Friends of the Fells also asked the developer to make a direct contribution of at least $200,000 to the Middlesex Reservation Fund, which was established by the state legislature to support ongoing maintenance of the Fells. “This housing proposal is anticipated to be the final redevelopment project by the Gutierrez Company at this site,” said Redfern. “Considering the significant nature opportunities the Fells provides to both new and existing residents, we believe the owner should make a meaningful investment in the sustainability of the Fells upon completion of the project.” “As co-chair of the Middlesex Fells Caucus, I strongly support the Friends of the Fells’ permit condition request that the Gutierrez Company make a $200,000 contribution to the Middlesex Fells Reservation Fund,” said State Representative Paul Donato (D-Medford). “The Middlesex Fells Reservation Fund was originally implemented by the legislature to support and provide funds for the general upkeep of the Fells. While the planned development will be crucial in providing affordable housing options for residents, the permit condition request set by the Friends of the Fells will be integral in providing critical funds towards the maintenance and preservation of the Middlesex Fells for years into the future.” Public hearings continue with meetings scheduled for May 21 and May 29 (located at Stoneham Town Hall at 35 Central St.). Details of the project can be found at https://www.stoneham-ma. gov/270/Board-of-Appeals. Friends of the Middlesex Fells is a dynamic and growing nonprofit organization working in partnership with the Department of Conservation & Recreation to promote the conservation, appreciation and sustainable enjoyment of the Middlesex Fells Reservation – www.fells.org Your Hometown News Delivered! 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ADDRESS 621 MAIN ST 27 CRESCENT LN CITY MALDEN MALDEN DATE 04.26.24 04.24.24 PRICE 640000 715000 O Cemeteries – An Urban Oasis By Erin Childs n a beautiful weekend day, the local cemeteries were bustling with people walking their dogs, going for runs, taking photos and enjoying leisurely strolls with friends. Cemeteries have a negative reputation, but Malden is home to several cemeteries that are natural gems among an urban background. They’re a great place to find a bit of quiet and calm amidst the busy city. They’re overflowing with wildlife: squirrels, a variety of birds, chipmunks and even the occasional coyote. The trees are abundant and absolutely gorgeous, particularly when they’re flowering in spring. And the calmness, away from the busy traffic and urban chaos, is almost magical. While Malden is home to several cemeteries, a couple are particularly well-suited to a stroll. The Holy Cross Cemetery, located at 175 Broadway in Malden, has a rich history dating back to its dedication in 1868. This serene and expansive cemetery now spans 180 acres, offering a peaceful retreat with its abundant shady trees, winding pathways and a profusion of wildflowers throughout the grounds. Forestdale Cemetery (150 Forest St. in Malden) was dedicated on Memorial Day in 1885. It features glorious shade trees, a pond that is home to several ducks and geese (keep an eye out for baby goslings!) and a stone pavilion. One can't help but be struck by the beauty of some of the monuments here, particularly in the older sections. The next time you’re looking for a quiet stroll – something about nature, check out your nearest cemetery. You may just be surprised!

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