THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, May 6, 2022 Page 7 Mayor honored at St. Rocco’s Anniversary Banquet Police Commissioner Salvatore “Butch” Gennetti honored Special to Th e Advocate M ayor Gary Christenson was taken by surprise during the 92nd Anniversary Banquet of the St. Rocco Fraternal Association of Malden. The annual event commemorated 92 years of St. Rocco’s Feast. Although the mayor was aware that the event would honor Malden Police Commissioner Salvatore “Butch” Gennetti, he was completely surprised when event host/St. Rocco’s Feast Association of Malden President Joyce Mover announced that he was the second honoree for all of his support over the years of the banquet as well as St. Rocco’s Feast. Christenson was presented with citations as well as a statue of St. Rocco that came from Italy. The Gennetti family was in attendance as were Christenson’s family and friends. The banquet raised funds for this year’s annual St. Rocco’s Feast, which brings rich Italian traditions to Malden. This year’s event will take place from August 12-14 in the Edgeworth neighborhood of Malden. For more information, please visit www.saintroccosfeast.org. The Gennetti Family, from left to right: David, Kerri and John Cagno, Darren Svenson, Michael and Lisa Cagno, Lois Reilly, Carla Svenson, Robby, Sal (behind Robby), Salvatore “Butch” and Maria Gennetti, Dina Robinson, Louie, Maryann and Rob DiMarco and MT Dávila. Shown, from left to right, are Salvatore “Butch” Gennetti, St. Rocco’s Feast Association of Malden President Joyce Mover and Mayor Gary Christenson. (Photos Courtesy of the City of Malden) Mayor Gary Christenson read a Citation from the City of Malden presented to Malden Police Commissioner “Butch” Gennetti as Joyce Mover looked on. Refinance NOW and SAVE! Home Values are Up Erika Israelson, Mayor Gary Christenson and Jeff Christenson State Representative Steve Ultrino presented a Citation from the Massachusetts Senate to Mayor Gary Christenson as Joyce Mover looked on. Don’t Miss Your Chance To: Lower Your Payments! Lower Your Interest! Get Cash For Projects! Pay Your Home Off Sooner! Rates are Still LOW... It’s FASTER & EASIER than you think! Just visit us online, call or scan the QR Code below! memberspluscu.org 781-905-1500 MEDFORD NORWOOD DORCHESTER EVERETT PLYMOUTH Malden Police Commissioner Salvatore “Butch” Gennetti and family: Sal, Robby, Butch and Maria Gennetti, Dina Robinson and Carla and Darren Svendsen. NMLS #472281

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