Page 22 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, May 6, 2022 ENERGY | FROM PAGE 1 ing our carbon footprint and combating climate change,” said Mayor Gary Christenson. “With this new initiative, we will significantly increase the number of Malden residents and 1. On May 6, 1915, against the Yankees, what Red Sox player (the Sultan of Swat) hit his first home run? 2. Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony was adapted for what Walt Disney film? 3. What river has the largest volume of fresh water? 4. May is National Salad Month; how did iceberg lettuce get its name? 5. On May 7, 2005, what Massachusetts university held a Time Traveler Convention? 6. Which national constitution is the oldest still in use? 7. According to Sports Illustrated, in 1972, who “became the first female player to win more than $100,000 in a year”? 8. What is a black hole thought to be created from? 9. May 8 is Mother’s Day; after what war was “Mother’s Friendship Day” established by Ann Jarvis, whose daughter, Anna, was instrumental in the official founding of Mother’s Day? 10. The twins Castor and Pollux are in what constellation? 11. “The African Queen” was set during what war? 12. How are Coors, Paramount and Toblerone similar? 13. On May 9, 1657, what governor of the Plymouth Colony died? 14. What color is matcha tea? 15. In 1975 Pet Rocks became a fad; the rocks came from a city where: Florida, Hawaii or Mexico? 16. On May 10, 1818, what son of Apollos Rivoire and Deborah Hitchbourne died in Boston? 17. A griffin is mythical animal that is a combination of what two animals? 18. On May 11, 1659, what holiday did the Massachusetts Bay Colony legislature ban? 19. Barbary macaques – the only wild monkey population in Europe – are in what British Overseas Territory? 20. On May 12, 1861, the “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” by Julia Ward Howe, was first performed at Fort Warren near what city? ANSWERS Hall Rentals Available Excellent rates Call 781-324-9570 ~ LEGAL NOTICE ~ COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS THE TRIAL COURT PROBATE AND FAMILY COURT Middlesex Divison Docket No. MI22P1370EA Estate of: Jiagao Feng Date of Death: December 26, 2021 INFORMAL PROBATE PUBLICATION NOTICE To all persons interested in the above captioned estate, by Petition of Petitioner Xing Feng of Malden, MA Xing Feng of Malden, MA has been informally appointed as the Personal Representative of the estate to serve without surety on the bond. The estate is being administered under informal procedure by the Personal Representative under the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code without supervision by the Court. Inventory and accounts are not required to be filed with the Court, but interested parties are entitled to notice regarding the administration from the Personal Representative and can petition the Court in any matter relating to the estate, including distribution of assets and expenses of administration. Interested parties are entitled to petition the Court to institute formal proceedings and to obtain orders terminating or restricting the powers of Personal Representatives appointed under informal procedure. A copy of the Petition and Will, if any, can be obtained from the Petitioner. May 6, 2022 ~ LEGAL NOTICE ~ CITY OF MALDEN - REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS The City of Malden invites sealed price, and non-priced proposals, in accordance with M.G.L. c. 30B,§6 from Vendors for: MALDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS EQUITY AUDIT Email Company Name, Address, Contact Name, Email and Phone Number to purchasing@cityofmalden.org for Contract Documents after: 2:00 p.m., Monday, May 9, 2022. Proposals will be received until 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 24, 2022, at the Office of the Controller, 215 Pleasant Street 2nd Floor, Malden MA 02148. Following the deadline, all proposals received within the time specified will be reviewed by the RFP Committee, and an award will be made to the most advantageous proposer for services. The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals. CITY OF MALDEN Office of the Controller May 6, 2022 businesses that benefit from these programs, particularly among hard-to-reach communities.” The city applied for the Community First Partnership with assistance from Councillor-at-Large Carey McDonald of the City Council’s ad hoc/ex officio Energy Efficiency Committee. “As energy costs go up, this Mass Save outreach will help put money in the pockets of residents across our diverse community,” said McDonald. “Saving energy in our homes and buildings is a cornerstone for a sustainable future, pushing back against climate change that threatens us with storms, flooding, poor air quality and rising temperatures.” Mass Save program participants will receive a no-cost energy assessment to identify energy-saving opportunities, such as insulation and heating and cooling equipment upgrades. Through this partnership, the Mass Save Sponsors offer up to 100% off the cost of approved upgrades. Participants can also receive a variety of no-cost, energy-saving products, such as water saving devices and programmable thermostats. Malden’s goals include: • 450 residential weatherization upgrades • 100 residential heating and hot water upgrades • 50 small business energy assessments Residents, small businesses, houses of worship and local nonprofits interested in participating can request a no-cost energy assessment at www.masssave.com/malden or by calling 781- 536-7773. 1. Babe Ruth 2. “Fantasia” 3. The Amazon 4. Because it was developed in America and packed with ice 5. MIT 6. The U.S. Constitution 7. Billie Jean King 8. Collapse of a massive star 9. The Civil War 10. Gemini 11. World War I 12. Their logos feature mountains. 13. William Bradford 14. Green 15. Mexico 16. Paul Revere 17. Eagle and lion 18. Christmas 19. Gibraltar 20. Boston

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