Page 16 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, May 3, 2019 Malden’s Community Preservation Committee welcomes resident input for 2020 project funding cycle W hen Malden adopted the Community Preservation Act (CPA) in November 2015, the city joined 159 other communities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts dedicated to improving their cities and quality of life through the preservation and rehabilitation of open space, land for recreational use, historic preservation, and community housing, through a local one percent surcharge. As part of their ongoing community outreach, Malden’s Community Preservation Committee (CPC) is holding a public informational hearing on May 9 and invites residents of Malden to attend. Learn how the CPC works to improve our community and share your thoughts about what types of projects would most benefi t our city for the 2020 funding cycle. Please plan to join Malden’s CPC for a public informational hearing on Thursday May 9 at 6:30 p.m. in the Senior Center Auditorium (7 Washington St., Malden). Malden’s CPC was offi cially formed on February 28, 2017, and this year the CPC was proud to recommend eight community projects to the City Council for funding in 2019. For more information on the 2019 projects or questions regarding the CPC, follow the CPC Malden page on Facebook and @CPCMalden on Twitter, or send an email to Maldencpc@ cityofmalden.org. tal health. Supporters of the system say that any representative who sponsored an excluded amendment ~ LEGAL NOTICE ~ COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS THE TRIAL COURT PROBATE AND FAMILY COURT Middlesex Probate and Family Court 208 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02141 (617) 768-5800 Docket No. MI19P2203EA Estate of: Li-Wei Tsai Date of Death: 04/11/2019 CITATION ON PETITION FOR FORMAL ADJUDICATION To all interested persons: A petition for Formal Intestacy and Appointment of Personal Representative     Diana Carolina Garcia Vargas of Malden, MA requesting that the Court enter a formal Decree and Order and for such other relief as requested in the Petition. The Petitioner requests that: Eckert Byrne LLC of Cambridge, MA be appointed as Personal Representative(s) of said estate to serve Without Surety on the bond in an unsupervised administration. IMPORTANT NOTICE You have the right to obtain a copy of the Petition from the Petitioner or at the Court. You have a right to object to             written appearance and objection at this Court before: 10:00 a.m. on the return day of 05/28/2019. This is NOT a hearing date, but a deadline by which you                                thirty (30) days of the return day, action may be taken without further notice to you. UNSUPERVISED ADMINISTRATION UNDER THE MASSACHUSETTS UNIFORM PROBATE CODE (MUPC) A Personal Representative appointed under the MUPC in          inventory or annual accounts with the Court. Persons interested in the estate are entitled to notice regarding the administration directly from the Personal Representative and may petition the Court in any matter relating to the estate, including the distribution of assets and expenses of administration. WITNESS, Hon. Maureen H. Monks, First Justice of this Court. Date: April 29, 2019 TARA E. DeCRISTOFARO REGISTER OF PROBATE May 3, 2019 Beacon Hill Roll Call By Bob Katzen THE HOUSE AND SENATE. Beacon Hill Roll Call records local representatives’ and senators’ votes on roll calls from the week of April 22-26. All House roll calls are on proposed amendments to the $42.7 billion fiscal 2020 state budget that the House considered for four days last week. A LOOK BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE BUDGET “DEBATE” Most of the decisions on which of the amendments are included and not included in the budget are made behind closed doors. Of the 1,369 budget amendments proposed, most of them are bundled into consolidated amendments. This year there were nine consolidated amendments and all but two were approved unanimously and without real debate. Those two each received only one vote against them. The system works as follows: Individual representatives file amendments on various topics. All members are then invited to “subject meetings” in Room 348 where they pitch their amendments to Democratic leaders who draft consolidated amendments that include some of the individual representatives’ amendments while excluding others. The categories of consolidated amendments include education and local aid; veterans and social services; and housing and mencan bring it to the fl oor and ask for an up or down vote on the amendment itself. They say this system has worked well for many years. Opponents say that rarely, if ever, does a member bring his or her amendment to the fl oor for an up-or-down vote because that is not the way the game is played. It is an “expected tradition” that you accept the fate of your amendment as determined by Democratic leaders. Opponents also say this archaic inside system takes power away from individual members and forces legislators to vote for or against a package of amendments. They argued that individual amendments should be considered on a one-by-one basis on the House fl oor. $42.7 BILLION FISCAL 2020 BUDGET House 155-1, approved the House version of a $42.7 billion fi scal 2020 state budget and sent it to the Senate. During four days of budget deliberations the BEACON | SEE PAGE 17

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