Maldden alld a A Vol. 30, No. 16 H den -FREETHE ADVOCATE – A HOUSEHOLD WORD IN MALDEN FOR 30 YEARS! AD O C TE AD CAT AT www.advocatenews.net Published Every Friday Two big decisions: A City Council veteran weighs in on major Malden Square moves Spadafora points to spirit of support, unity in Council on 9-story offi ce building permit, Rt. 60 traffi c changes By Steve Freker e is in the midst of his seventh consecutive term on the City Council, longevity uncommon at the local political level, here in Malden, or around the region. As a fourth-generation Maldonian with a family political lineage that extends back into the 1950s, Craig Spadafora knows plenty about the phrase “being around for a while.” Growing up Spadafora, who was fi rst elected to the City Council in November 2007, witnessed plenty of Malden history being made fi rsthand. Decades before he took offi ce as a freshman Councillor at large in ’07, charged with keeping his fi nger on the pulse of what was happening in all Malden’s eight wards, his family name was already one of the most wellknown in the community. Not much has changed these days, as Councillor Spadafora is the longest-serving member of the City Council in continuous terms and an outspoken proponent of what best serves the city’s economic future. With nearly a quarter century of highend experience in the business and fi nancial world, Spadafora often infuses real-world comparisons and references into re617-387-2200 M ayor Gary Christenson was joined by State Senator Jason Lewis, State Representatives Steven Ultrino and Kate Lipper-Garabedian and City Councillors Ryan O’Malley and Amanda Linehan to celebrate the recent improvements at the Washington/Winter/Glenwood Intersection near Oak Grove Train Station. The project was identifi ed as being a high-priority one for Malden. Uber/Lift money and 2020 Earmark funds were used in conA rendering of a new, nine-story offi ce building being built at the corner of Dartmouth and Pleasant Streets, according to a $90 million project proposal by Quaker Capital. The City Council backed the project with an 11-0 vote. al-time debates over Malden’s dollars...and sense. Two major City Council votes in two weeks Councillor Spadafora weighed in this week on two major City Council votes, in successive weeks, which will have a dramatic and transformational effect on the future of the city, particularly as they impact the downtown district and beyond. The veteran City Councillor has had a hand in virtually every major decision involving land use and development in the Malden community for over a dozen years, going toe-to-toe with potential developers, attorneys – and at times, fellow Councillors – as a key member, and often chairperson, of the Council’s Ordinance and Finance Committees. He played a key role in helping hammer out an ordiDECISIONS| SEE PAGE 9 junction with other City of Malden funds to complete the project, which addressed a variety of safety issues for all modes of transportation, including bike E Friday, April 23, 2021 Mayor, elected officials celebrate Oak Grove area intersection improvements and pedestrian. The project included installation of granite curb, placement of ADA-compliant concrete wheelchair ramps and sidewalks, replacement of traffic signals, installation of new pedestrian signals and push button assembly, milling and paving and new pavement markings at the intersection of Washington Street/Winter Street/Glenwood Street and Grove Street. “I could not be more pleased with the result of this improvement,” said Christenson. “I’m grateful to the state delegation who worked with us on this project to achieve a much safer intersection.” Shown from left to right are State Senator Jason Lewis, State Representative Kate Lipper-Garabedian, Mayor Gary Christenson, State Representative Steve Ultrino, Ward 3 Councillor Amanda Linehan and Ward 4 Councillor Ryan O’Malley. (Photo Courtesy of the City of Everett) Malden Public Schools will receive $15.8 million in emergency education funds from federal American Rescue Plan Over $3.1 billion being provided for school districts nationwide By Steve Freker M alden's public schools will be getting a hefty fi - nancial boost for the 2021-22 school year. The American Rescue Plan includes $15,785,000 for the Malden Public School district, a portion of the over $3.1 billion in emergency education funding to support Massachusetts SCHOOLS | SEE PAGE 8

Page 2 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 ~ Guest Commentary ~ Police Chief Kevin Molis addresses the Malden community following the verdict in the trial for the murder of George Floyd T his (Monday) morning at 5:51 AM, sunrise occurred here. Some would call it the “dawn of a new day” as they were awakened with varying thoughts, hopes and expectations. Yesterday, most of us witnessed and welcomed the verdict in the Derek Chauvin murder trial and we heard the word “JUSTICE” used. Justice is defi ned as the proper administration of the law; the fair and equitable treatment of all individuals under the law. To those who suff er deep pain, suff ering and loss the word “JUSTICE” will always have an emptiness because of a void that cannot ever be fi lled by our laws and our courts. I am also reminded of the following quote: “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” The criminal trial for the murder of George Floyd involved many witnesses. Many of us were able to watch as those witnesses testifi ed about what they saw on May 25, 2020. But, before there was a trial we were all able to witness the murANGELO’S FULL SERVICE Regular Unleaded $2.639 Mid Unleaded $2.739 Super $2.839 Diesel Fuel $2.819 "42 Years of Excellence!" 1978-2020 KERO $4.65 DEF $3.49 9 Diesel $2.349 9 HEATING OIL 24-Hour Burner Service Call for Current Price! (125—gallon minimum) DEF Available by Pump! Open an account and order online at: www.angelosoil.com (781) 231-3500 (781) 231-3003 367 LINCOLN AVE • SAUGUS • OPEN 7 DAYS der of George Floyd with our own eyes. We all know what we saw. What we had all witnessed and we all shared our collective horror, condemnation and our outrage. We were all aff ected. In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, we YOUR Malden Police Department have had the privilege and opportunity to speak with many of you. We have heard and continue to hear your words of gratitude and support. We continue to protect and to serve you and we will continue to hear you and to listen to you. The members of the Malden Police Department protect and serve all members of our wonderfully diverse city each and every day. That service occurs during times of challenges, tribulations, discord and unrest. That service never stops. Woven within that service is an eager and sincere willingness to engage with the community in discussion and dialogue. The Malden Police Department will continue to advance on that journey of service and community engagement. We will continue to travel together along and across the many bridges that we have built. We pride ourselves in always being available to you. This is not only manifested in our response to your 911 calls for service, but in our hope and willingness to continue to engage in constructive, meaningful and healing dialogue that will continue to unite us as a community. Thank you and God Bless You! – Kevin Molis Malden Police Chief ~ Letter to the Editor ~ Police officers are held to the same justice as all citizens To the brave members of the Massachusetts law enforcement community: T 7/ 1 ADJUSTABLE R ATE RESIDENTIAL JUMBO MORTGAGE 2.500% 2.693% INTEREST RATE APR We want to help you make the most of your money, whether you’re looking to buy or refinance. With our jumbo mortgage, you can get a competitive rate, which may lower your monthly payment. Apply now to take advantage of this limited time offer. 7 / 1 ADJUSTABLE RATE MORTGAGE30 YEAR TERM RATE POINTS APR PRINCIPAL & INTEREST PER $ 1 , 000 BORROWED INITIAL RATE FULLY INDEXED RATE 2.750% 0 2.693% 2.500% 0 2.693% 84 PAYMENTS OF $3.95 276 PAYMENTS OF $4.05 he trial and conviction on all counts of former police officer Derick Chauvin in Minnesota conclusively demonstrates that offi cers can be, and in fact are held to the same justice as all other citizens in our nation, as they should be. At the most basic, a man needlessly lost his life to a police offi cer. At the same time, the assertions of so many who wish to demonize all police offi cers because of the actions of one police offi cer have been shown to be hollow. Due process rights do not prevent the investigation, charging, trial, and conviction of a police offi cer. Neither does qualifi ed immunity. Neither do police unions, associations, or legal defense plans. Police officers, and all citiLearn more at EVERETTBANK . COM/JUMBOARMOFFER 61 7-38 7 - 1 1 10 FOR ASSIS TANCE, PLEASE CALL THE HOME LOAN CENTER The payments above do not include taxes and insurance. If you request or are required to establish an escrow, your payment will be greater. The annual percentage rate may be increased after consummation. Subject to credit approval. Minimum loan amount is $550,000. APR effective April 21, 2021 and subject to change without notice. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) calculation assumes a $550,000 loan with a 80% loan to value. Available for owner-occupied, primary residence, single family or condominium units. Must be a new loan to the bank and used to purchase or refinance (80% maximum LTV). Other terms and conditions may apply. EVERETT – 419 BROADWAY RIGHT BY YOU LYNNFIELD – 7 7 1 SALEM STREET Member FDIC Member DIF NMLS #443050 zens, are entitled to their day in court and to have an impartial judge and jury weigh the evidence against them. They are entitled to have their side of the issue heard and considered. And all of us must respect the decisions of the court system when these fundamental rules of due process are applied. Police officers serve the American criminal justice system, sometimes at the cost of their very own lives. We should respect the verdict of the justice system in this case, and we should continue to stand for the proposition that respecting the fundamental Constitutional rights of all persons of committing an offense, even when that person is a police offi cer, is no obstacle to the attaining of justice. In fact, it is the very foundation upon which justice can be obtained. To all the offi cers who continue to defend us with quiet dignity, there are those of us who proclaim loudly our appreciation for the acts of service you perform as part of your daily routine. Even when some protest you, you protect them. This is a time to come together as a community regardless of whether you are black or white, whether you are rich or poor, whether you are a police offi cer or someone they protect and serve. We are at our best when we recognize our common humanity, and come together to make a better and safer community! Respectfuly, Skyllar Mullvaney The Horses & Heroes Foundation Prices subject to change Spring is around the Corner! FLEET

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 Page 3 Mayor launches Opioid Task Force M ayor Gary Christenson recently announced the creation of an Opioid Task Force to help the city battle the opioid “epidemic within a pandemic.” The Task Force will meet regularly and will use data and research to help inform the way the city can better educate residents about opioid use and addiction, help raise the awareness of recovery services available and serve as a platform for residents who want to publicly or anonymously support the work of the Task Force. Malden has seen a persistent number of drug overdoses and fatalities over the past few years, with a sudden increase over the past several months. Although trending demographic data suggests that Caucasian males in their 30s, 40s and 50s are the group most likely to overdose and succumb to opioid abuse in Malden, no single group has been left unscathed by the opioid problem. According to Member Adam Weldai, Ward 5 Councillor Barbara Murphy; Police Data Specialist David Ritchie; Malden Overcoming Addiction Board Member Dana Brown; and the Pastor of the Nazarene Church of Malden, Gerry Whetstone. Under Christenson’s leaderGary Christenson Mayor Christenson, the Task Force was formed “due to the troubling rise in drug overdoses and fatalities among our residents” and the need to take an “all-hands on deck approach” to help eradicate the problem. In addition to Christenson, the Task Force membership includes Police Chief Kevin Molis; Fire Chief William Sullivan; Malden’s Addiction Recovery Resource Specialist, Paul Hammersley; School Committee ship, city has taken critical steps over the past couple of years to provide prevention services as well as support and recovery services for anyone battling addiction or at risk of being impacted by someone using drugs. The city has supported a full-time Addiction Recovery Resource Specialist in the budget since 2019 and recently worked with local and state leaders to help bring the Bridge Recovery Center to Malden. For additional information on how to support the work of the Task Force, call 781-838-2203 or send an email to Hammersley at phammersley@cityofmalden.org. Malden Democrats to meet via Zoom on Saturday, May 8 T he next meeting of the Malden Democratic City Committee (MDCC) will take place on Saturday, May 8, from 10-11:30 a.m. online via Zoom. These monthly meetings enable residents to connect with fellow Democrats, discover volunteer opportunities and learn about issues and candidates – locally, statewide and beyond. Meetings of the MDCC are open to the public, with Democrats and prospective Democrats especially welcome. To learn more and obtain instructions for accessing the meetings, email maldendemocrats@gmail.com. Also, save the date for future meetings this year, which are held on Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m. via Zoom: June 5, July 10 and August 14. As the local arm of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, the MDCC works to elect Democrats and advance the Democratic Party platform. If you are interested in joining MDCC, please contact your Ward Chair for details. (All Ward Chair contact information is listed on massdems.org.) To learn more about activities of Malden Democrats, email maldendemocrats@gmail.com, sign up to receive email updates on the website www.maldendemocrats.org and follow the group on Facebook at http://www. facebook.com/groups/MaldenDems and Twitter (@MaldenDems). AUTOTECH 1989 SINCE Is your vehicle ready for the Summer Season?!! Recharge your vehicle's AC for the warm weather! Includes up to 1 LB. of Refrigerant* (*Most Vehicles/Some Restrictions May Apply) AC SPECIAL Only $69.95 DRIVE IT - PUSH IT - TOW IT! CASH FOR YOUR CAR, TRUCK OR SUV! 2008 SCION XD 2009 CHEVROLET IMPALA Automatic, 4 Cylinders, Runs & Drives Great, Awesome Gas Mileage, Warranty, Clear Title, Only 118K Miles! TRADES WELCOME! $4,995 Financing Available! 3.5 Ltr., Six Cylinders, Automatic, Most Power Options, Just Serviced, Clear Title, Only 120K Miles! TRADES WELCOME! TRADES WELCOME! $4,995 (781) 321-8841 • (617) 571-9869 Easy 1236 EasternAve • Malden EddiesAutotech.com Vehicle! We Pay Cash For Your

Page 4 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 City initiates new curbside textile recycling program T he City of Malden is now providing curbside textile recycling through its partner vendor, Helpsy. Residents should note that Malden no longer participates in the Pink Bag Program that was ended during the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents may recycle unwanted textiles by booking an appointment with Helpsy. For assistance with which materials can be recycled through this program, please reference Helpsy’s mateGerry D’Ambrosio Attorney-at-Law Is Your Estate in Order? Do you have an update Will, Health Care Proxy or Power of Attorney? If Not, Please Call for a Free Consultation. 14 Proctor Avenue, Revere (781) 284-5657 J& $45 yd. S LANDSCAPE & MASONRY CO. MULCH SALE! Discount Spring Special PICK-UP or DELIVERY AVAILABLE 617-389-1490 Premium Hemlock or Pitch Black BELOW WHOLESALE COSTS LANDSCAPERS WELCOME $4 yd. $40 yd. $3 yd. Mayor Gary Christenson recently proclaimed the month of April 2021 as Arab American Heritage Month in Malden in honor of the valuable impact Arab Americans have made to virtually every aspect of American society. From contributions to medicine, law, business, education, technology, government, military service, and culture to their resilient family values, strong work ethic, dedication to education, and diversity in faith, they continue to add strength to our great democracy. Christenson presented the proclamation to Maldonian Faten Shelbayeh, an Arab America Foundation/New England Team member. (Photo Courtesy of the City of Malden) USA Spring Cleanouts Lawn and Yard Care It’s Time For * Cutting, Weeding * Mulching, Trimming * Bushes, Shrubs and More! Lawn Cut 25 From $ 781-521-9927 rials list. Once an appointment is booked, residents will receive instructions from Helpsy on how and when to place the items at their curb for collection. Schedule a home pickup by: • Filling out the online form • Calling 800-244-6350 • Emailing info@helpsy.com One great benefi t to Malden’s textile recycling program is that materials collected are recycled RECYCLING | SEE PAGE 7 Mayor declares April as National Arab American Heritage Month in Malden Call

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 Page 5 Maldonian Steve Fama launches home digital broadcast radio station S teve Fama launched WRMR DB – Random Music Radio – an Internet Radio Station. The station is a Mix Format and plays 24/7 commercial-free. “Playing Rock to Disco and Everything In-between” is the station’s slogan. The station’s mission statement is “To play a variety of music from different years and genres. Music allows us to express ourselves and helps to inspire healthier and happier communities by connecting people through song and dance.” Each hour of the weekdays is a mix or today’s hits that are sandwiched with yesterday’s Classics – anything from the 50’s through today. The weekend brings to listeners special programming, like Sunday’s Inspirational/Gospel Music (6 a.m.-9 a.m.), Soft Rock Sundays (9 a.m.2 p.m.), Saturday Night Dance Classics (8 p.m.-midnight), hosted by “Candlepin” Steve Fama, Classic Rock Blocks and more. Requests by email are always welcomed. You can listen in via multiple www.eight10barandgrille.com We Have Reopened for Dine-In and Outside Seating every day beginning at 4 PM streaming apps and internet pages, including but not limited to, Live365.com, Get ME Radio. com, Radio Garden.com, Radio. net, Amazon Alexa, Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Google Home Action, and Smart TV. For more information, schedules and to listen in, visit www.wrmrdb.com. WE CAN HELP PAY YOUR HEATING BILLS! You may qualify for ABCD’s Fuel Assistance Program and be eligible for as much as $1,210 towards your heating costs (oil, gas, or electric). Maximum benefit is $1,210 Household of 1 = $39,105 Household of 2 = $51,137 Household of 3 = $63,169 Household of 4 = $75,201 Cold days are coming. ABCD’s got you covered. WE'RE OPEN! 8 Norwood Street, Everett (617) 387-9810 STAY SAFE! SABATINO INSURANCE AGENCY Call for a Quote 617-387-7466 Or email Rocco@sabatino-ins.com We cover: * Auto * Home * Boat * Renter * Condo * Life * Multi-Policy Discounts * Commercial 10% Discounts * Registry Service Also Available APPLY TODAY! Last day to apply is May 28, 2021 Residents of Boston, Brookline, and Newton: 178 Tremont Street, Boston, MA — 617.357.6012 Residents of Malden, Medford, Everett, Melrose, Stoneham, Winchester and Woburn: 18 Dartmouth Street, Malden, MA — 781.322.6284 http://www.sabatino-ins.com SABATINO 564 Broadway Everett, MA 02149 617-387-7466 Hours of Operation are: Mondays - Fridays 9am to 5pm Saturdays by appointment only Like us on Facebook advocate newspaper Facebook.com/Advocate.news.ma

Page 6 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 Malden Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday – these things are good By Peter F. Levine T hese things are good... The historic bell from the demolished First Church on display behind the new city hall building. The new (Steve Winslow inspired) bike path signs going up around the city honoring Louise Stokes and Joe Croken. Dave Slaine. Generous. Altruistic “Son of Malden.” Saturday Night Live Chris Farley YouTube clips. The white dogwood blooming in all her majestic glory on the front lawn of the Davenport Estate. Steve Freker’s recent series of articles on “The Malden Meteor,” Louise Mae Stokes Fraser. The “Cadillac Margarita” at El Potro Mexican Bar & Grill on Highland Avenue. The Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation. Bay State Commons Cohousing taking shape at the old American Legion site. PAYLESS OIL 877-688-7667 $2.29 SPRING Go GREEN LANDSCAPING & CONSTRUCTION LLC 9 Senior/Veteran Discounts Serving All Communities Lawns Cut CLEANUPS CHEAP FREE Estimates and Fully Insured $100 (COUPON YOUR CHOICE * THESE SERVICES ONLY * LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER) NEW SPRING OR FALL FLOWERS * NEW SHRUBS * TREE REMOVAL OUTSIDE PAINTING * JUNK REMOVAL * SIMPLE HANDYMAN REPAIRS * COUPON IS REDEEMABLE FOR NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Services include: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Fertilization * Mulching *Junk Removed * Aeration * New Shrubs/Trees * Demolition * Irrigation Systems * New Lawns/Sod/Seed * Dog Poop Scoping * Dethatching * Tree Removal * Masonry * Lawn Cutting * Stump Removal * Landscaping * Spring/Fall Clean Ups * Gutter Cleaning * Sealcoating * Pruning * New Fences SERVING THE NORTH SHORE 877-688-7667 Mike Cherone and my recent appearance on his show “02148” where “Columbobabble” overcame us. Jason Munroe and that million-dollar smile of his. The Delfonics’ “Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time).” Exciting new construction on Dartmouth Street. Jambalaya in a crock pot. Plenty of Andouille sausage. The Malden Historical Society and all the selfless work they do for the preservation of Malden’s glorious past. The Nick Hames Trio and (if all goes well) live music in Malden this summer. Memories of the Highland Café and their legendary pizza pies shared with old friends. The uniquely Boston tradition of Red Sox Opening Day. John “The Italian Rapscallion” Cagno of the Edgeworth Cagnos. Mary and Jamie at Pisa Pizza. Raquel Welch at 81. Annmarie Angelo Mackay’s “Happy Siblings Day” post on Facebook – a snapshot of her and sister Paula from back in the day. Stunning in their beauty – today, tomorrow and yesterday. Paul Hammersley and MOA. Another visit from a friendly coyote at Father Power’s gravesite at Holy Cross Cem one quiet Sunday morning. The “Rest Pavilion” aka the Summer House at the Forestdale Cemetery. Boris Karloff’s Thriller TV Series. Eddy Arnold’s “When I Dream.” City Council President Neal Anderson and his tales of yesteryear Malden. Priceless. “Second Fiddle” with Rick Biskit Roth on WMBR 88.1 Friday mornings 5 a.m.-7 a.m. Converse – The Outlets at Assembly Row, Somerville. First Church bell saved from an uncertain future (Courtesy Photo) Facebook’s “All About Malden.” Pre “Let’s Dance” David Bowie. Sheree Butt Brickman’s daughter Mikayla’s spring school pictures. Andy and his wife at Sunrise Postal in the Square. Ebbets Field Flannels. Malden community engagement on Facebook. The good. The bad. And oftentimes very ugly. El Aenor and her incredibly interesting posts on Facebook’s “Malden, back in the day.” Listening to childhood memories of working at Spadafora Caterers with Dave Angelo and Anthony Spadafora. Kind and loyal readers like Deborah Pajzer. Project Repat where I sent all my old Devir Park, Hurley Oil, Stadium Café, Highland Café, Government Center Grocery, Medford Roofing and concert t-shirts to live on for another day. And another generation. Finding out that Kristin Gennetti could shoot lights out on the hoop court when she was a kid. The clean (not mean) streets of Malden. “Gunsmoke” with William Conrad (radio) and James Arness (TV). Spotting Maldonian Milton Brustin aka Mike Road in a “Gunsmoke” episode (“Big man, big target,” 1964). Merle Haggard’s “Are the Good Times Really Over?” Elsie Nutile Kerrigan keeping the memory of big brother Bill alive. That indefatigable man from Wellington Street, Billy “The All-American American” Settemio. Italian American Citizen’s Club (IACC) President for Life. My friend. Bob Seger’s “The Famous Final Scene.” Finding out that Neal and (the late) “Malden Ron” Anderson are related! Cousins. Finding an online article written by the Elijah Wald calling something *I* wrote “wistful and evocative.” That is a really good thing. Spotting Maldonian Wally Brown, as the cattle auctioneer in the 1939 movie “Dodge City” starring the greatest film star of all time, Errol Flynn. Barbara McGlinchy retiring. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Talk of a complete Devir Park rehab. Paul Campbell – major league baseball player. John “Gomez” Astin turning 91. Stacy Winn in the Treasurer’s Office. Beef Teriyaki Malaysian Style at All Season’s Table in the Square. Bocce season at the IACC. Pizza at Malden’s House of Pizza in Maplewood Square. The healthy-looking, onelegged Canada goose spotted in the Stop & Shop parking lot. Chicken parmesan with spaghetti at Maria’s on Broadway. Running into All-Tech’s allstar Johnny Spadafora on a sunsplashed Sunday morning at the Seaport in Boston. Anything written or spoken by James Baldwin. A tanned, rested and healthy looking Butchie Gennetti home from a much-needed FLA vaMALDEN: TODAY| SEE PAGE 16

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 Page 7 Cambridge Savings Bank’s Charitable Foundation donates $5K to MVES Meals on Wheels RECYCLING | FROM PAGE 4 and sold on the secondary market by Helpsy, and then the proceeds are given back to the city. Mayor Gary Christenson has designated that these proceeds from the sale of recycled items be given directly to the Malden Public Schools Student Activities account. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, more than 84 percent of old clothes, shoes, belts, handbags and textile items end up in a landfill or an incinerator. On average, that works out to about 85 pounds of textile items per person each year. As a result, textiles make up more than six percent of all the residential and municipal trash in the United States. Lawrence A. Simeone Jr. Attorney-at-Law ~ Since 1989 ~ * Corporate Litigation * Criminal/Civil * MCAD * Zoning/Land Court * Wetlands Litigation * Workmen’s Compensation * Landlord/Tenant Litigation * Real Estate Law * Construction Litigation * Tax Lein * Personal Injury * Bankruptcy * Wrongful Death * Zoning/Permitting Litigation 300 Broadway, Suite 1, Revere * 781-286-1560 lsimeonejr@simeonelaw.net Cambridge Savings Bank Assistant Vice President Olritch Donnat presents a $5,000 check to Mystic Valley Elder Services (MVES) Nutrition Director Angie Fitzgerald and MVES Nutrition Program Manager Linda Crowe. The grant will go towards the Meals on Wheels program at MVES. (Photo Courtesy of Mystic Valley Elder Services) T he Cambridge Savings Bank (CSB) Charitable Foundation recently gave a grant of $5,000 to Mystic Valley Elder Services (MVES) for its Meals on Wheels program and has provided a total of $15,000 in food assistance grants since the beginning of the pandemic. These grants ensure that MVES’s program participants have access to carefully prepared meals delivered on a daily basis by a person who knows and cares about them. Most participants are low- to moderate-income individuals, and the program helps to ensure that food insecurity is being met. Across the communities MVES serves – Chelsea, Everett, Malden, Medford, Melrose, North Reading, Reading, Revere, Stoneham, Wakefield and Winthrop – Meals on Wheels delivers an average of 3,200 meals daily, making sure that MVES consumers will receive a nutritious meal. The Meals on Wheels program provides hot and cold nutritional meals daily to individuals as some might struggle to prepare meals for themselves due to physical or cognitive limitations and/or financial difficulties. “We are very grateful to the Cambridge Savings Bank Charitable Foundation for their grants, especially during these challenging times that COVID-19 has brought,” said Everett Aluminum 10 Everett Ave., Everett 617-389-3839 Owned & operated by the Conti family since 1958 • 57 Years! “Same name, phone number & address for family since 1958 • 62 over half a century. We must be doing something right!” •Vinyl Siding •Free Estimates •Carpentry Work •Fully Licensed •Decks •Roof • Fully Insured • Replacement Windows www.everettaluminum.com •Roo ng Now’s the time to schedule those home improvement projects you’ve been dreaming about all winter! MVES CEO Daniel O’Leary. “Yet, despite the pandemic, our Nutrition team has continued to serve home delivered meals to consumers, and the number of those needing meals delivered has increased. The Foundation’s donations will certainly help us take care of the increase in meals required.” “It's important for CSB to support organizations like Mystic Valley Elder Services – particularly in these challenging times when access to nutritious meals is so critical,” said CSB President & CEO Wayne Patenaude. “We are a proud supporter of MVES and glad that our donations will help deliver meals to more individuals who need them.” Spring!

Page 8 Disposing of 18-gallon recycling bins and old trash barrels M THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 SCHOOLS | FROM PAGE 1 schools and families. With this funding, Malden alden residents will have the opportunity to dispose of their old 18-gallon recycling bins or any barrels/bins or carts that they previously used for trash or recycling that are broken or unwanted. Residents may place these at the curb on their trash day the week of May 15-21, and JRM will dispose of them. Resident are asked to turn them upside-down and attach a label that can be printed and affixed to the old cart(s). This label can be downloaded and printed from the City of Malden’s website at cityofmalden. org/trash. Please note that the 18-gallon recycling bins may be reused in other ways, such as storage, so residents are encouraged to hang on to them if they have a reuse for them, but please do not continue to place them at the curb or they will be taken away and disposed of. Please also remember that residents are permitted to use nonCity barrels for overflow trash and recycling, so the City is encouraging that only truly unwanted/unusable containers be disposed of. schools, and schools across the district, will be able to open their doors and provide essential services to keep the entire school community safe. According to federal officials, "This pandemic and its physical, emotional, and economic fallout have made life increasingly hard for students and families, but this funding provides vital relief to get the Commonwealth and country back on its feet.” “The hallways of Malden Public Schools look like the walkways of Massachusetts - it’s the most diverse school district in the Commonwealth,” said John Oteri, Superintendent of Malden Public Schools. “Yet despite this mirror, students of color are too often left behind by policy and budgets, creating outcomes stained by inequity. "Outcomes that were exacerbated this year by COVID-19, remote learning and state cuts," Superintendent Oteri added. "With the passage of the American Rescue Plan, Malden Public Schools will receive nearly $16 million to bridge current budgetary gaps and help us ensure our students can access the equitable education they deserve.” In total, Massachusetts will receive an estimated $512,000,000 for child care providers and families, $13,628,000 for Head Start programs, $1,830,128,000 for K-12 schools, and $825,467,000 for higher education institutions. Nationwide, the American Rescue Plan provides: More than $120 billion for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund, which will give schools the resources they need to reopen safely for in-person instruction and address the significant impact of the pandemic on students’ education and well-being. $40 billion from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, which is awarded directly to institutions of higher education. At least half of the funding institutions receiving funding must be distributed to students in the form of emergency grants to prevent hunger, homelessness, and other hardships caused by COVID-19. —$39 billion in supplemental funding for child care, which will help child care providers keep their doors open and reduce costs for struggling families. —$1 billion in emergency funding for Head Start, which will be used to maintain access to services for children and families. Wednesday, May 12, 2021 Giggles Comedy Club (Under the tent) 517 Broadway (Route 1) Saugus, MA 01906 Doors open at 6:00 p.m. For a Night Full of Laughter Those Who Can, For Those In Need, Inc., Invites you to our 8th Annual Fundraising Event: “Uplift Yourself with Laughter” Join your friends and colleagues to benefit our Winthrop based non-profit organization whose mission is to connect the Boston and North Shore area with community resources and volunteer opportunities in a variety of areas, including, but not limited to: issues related to services for the elderly, coping with the loss of a loved one, children’s topics and struggling with low income and homelessness. The LAUGHTER begins at 6:00 when you walk thru the door at Giggles Comedy Club in Saugus. Your evening will include all-you-can-eat pizza dinner, cash bar, exciting and prized raffles, and the comedy of Lenny Clarke and many more! We will be collecting full size toiletries in honor of our 6th Annual “Those Who Can” award to be presented to Dan O’Leary, Executive Director of Mystic Valley Elder Services. Don’t miss this night full of laughter – for a great cause! Call Judie VanKooiman at (617) 462-5719 Tickets must be purchased in advance. No ticket sales at the door. MyRWA announces 25th Annual Mystic River Herring Run and Paddle C ome run with the herring – literally. Join the Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) from May 9-23 to celebrate the annual return of the herring. Each spring, more than 700,000 herring swim from Boston Harbor to the Mystic Lakes – the Herring Run and Paddle celebrates this spectacular wildlife migration. The Herring Run and Paddle will take place at the Blessings of the Bay Boathouse in Somerville with the Somerville/Medford 5k route passing through Medford’s scenic Torbert Macdonald Park. The nine-mile paddle race route takes paddlers from between the Upper and Lower Mystic Lakes back to the boathouse. The race this year is virtual, meaning that participants can go to the racecourse at their own convenience anytime during from May 9-23. Run, walk, paddle, bike or cheer – this race is for all. As part of the race, you are also invited to join the brandnew 3 Rivers Challenge, which is brought to you by MyRWA in partnership with the Charles and Ipswich River Watershed Associations. Whether you paddle, walk, bike, fish, or simply skip rocks, make sure to track your hours on and by the river. The individual with the most hours logged wins! The prizes are a Lincoln Hide-a-way solo forest green fiberglass canoe, watershed group swag, adult craft beverages, and more. The challenge will launch on Sunday, April 25, with the Charles River Watershed Association’s Run of the Charles; it will run through the Mystic’s Herring Run and Paddle (May 9-23) and end on the Ipswich’s Paddle-a-thon on Saturday, June 19. Make sure to check out the 3 Rivers Challenge Facebook Group, a place for our paddlers, runners, walkers and bikers to connect and share their river stories! More information and how to track your hours can be found at MysticRiver.org/herring-run-paddle. “I think the Mystic River Herring Run & Paddle really brings together some of the best and most unique parts of Boston: the waterways and the tightknit running community,” said MYRWA | SEE PAGE 14

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 Page 9 DECISIONS | FROM PAGE 1 nance-imposed leash on highrise residential construction in Malden’s downtown district, capping new development at a six stories in height maximum. When a new developer/financier, Quaker Capital, sought a special permit to construct a nearly $100 million, 12-story, state-of-the-art office/commercial building at 11 and 17 Dartmouth St. in the heart of Malden Square, it was the first such proposal in almost a decade. Spadafora was all ears, but also wary of its implications and potential effect on the downtown and the community in general. Once again, Spadafora played a key role in researching the proposal, gathering information on both sides of the argument, for and against such a development, and then working closely with his colleagues in determining if this project is best for Malden. In the end, the developer adjusted plans for the development, lowered the proposed height of the 187,000 square foot structure to nine stories and also, though not required by ordinance, devised a way to add about 145 parking spaces to the site, in what turned out to be a welcome move in the eyes of Spadafora and his fellow Councillors. “It’s fair to say I had some concerns. I had several conversations with the developer, which led to the reduction in the size of the building and the inclusion of additional parking,” Councillor Spadafora recalled. A combination of circumstances The longtime Councillor-at-Large said it was an additional combination of circumstances that swayed him to back the ambitious project, one that the Malden Planning Board had unanimously rejected (9-0 vote), citing dimensional concerns with the nine stories in height. “Ultimately it came down to two things. First, the knowledge that the developer would have to come back before us once a tenant is identified gave me great comfort that we didn’t hand anyone a ‘blank check’ but rather the OK to keep moving forward knowing there’s continued checks and balances,” Spadafora said, before citing another key reason Councillor-at-Large Craig Spadafora, the longest continuous term City Council member, weighed in on two consecutive major decisions on Malden’s future this week. (Courtesy Photos) for his support: Backing a fellow Councillor’s direction. “But more importantly, it was the strong support the project had from the Ward Councillor Ryan O’Malley that tipped things for me,” Spadafora said. “I give great weight to the view of the councillor for the ward where the proposed development is located.” “Councillor O’Malley [Ward 4] is passionate about this type of development being right for Malden Square and convinced me that it was worth giving it a chance to succeed,” Spadafora added, “and [O’Malley] has spent a lot more time than anyone studying and understanding this type of development.” At several meetings where the new office building was discussed, the merits of the proposal – described by O’Malley, Spadafora and most strongly by Councillors Peg Crowe (Ward 1), Paul Condon (Ward 2), David Camell (Ward 6), Debbie DeMaria (at-Large) and Steve Winslow (at-Large) – were many, most notably for the injection of a new, increased population for Malden Square to patronize the many restaurants, shops, service businesses and other business outlets in the downtown. Councillors Amanda Linehan (Ward 3), Barbara Murphy (Ward 5), Jadeane Sica (Ward 8) and City Council President Neal Anderson (Ward 7) all spoke of the continuous refrain heard around the city of Malden’s need for commercial space development to expand and diversify the city’s tax base. A new bus/bike lane will be installed on Route 60/Eastern Avenue/Centre Street from Franklin Street to the MBTA Station. The restriping and repainting will be done in May, according to plans. They were unanimous in identifying this project as a commercial development project “we have all been waiting for.” City Council backed special permit in remarkable turnaround In a remarkable turnaround, the project that was unanimously rejected by the Malden Planning Board received an 11-0 unanimous vote in favor of a special permit by the City Council, after receiving additional strong recommendations from Mayor Gary Christenson, the Malden Redevelopment Authority (MRA) and its Executive Director, Deborah Burke, in addition to the Malden Chamber of Commerce and its Director, Donna Denoncourt. Spadafora said his support of the major change proposed, and ultimately approved by a 9-2 vote of the City Council, which will transform Malden’s most densely traveled roadway, Route 60/Eastern Avenue/Centre Street to a single-lane for private vehicles, was also fueled by the work and commitment of City Council colleagues. Councillor Spadafora said he was convinced by the work and presentation of two Councillors to get behind the proposal to accept over $600,000 in state grants to restripe and refashion the traffic patterns and signalization of Route 60 for about a 1/2 mile stretch on the southeast edge of the downtown district. “On the Route 60 proposal, the two key drivers behind it were Councillors O’Malley and [Steve] Winslow,” Spadafora said. “They have been working with the MBTA since late October or early November of last year, and they both came away absolutely confident that this change would improve safety and actually improve traffic at the same time. O’Malley represents Ward 4, the downtown district and Winslow is an at-Large Councillor along with Spadafora and Councillor DeMaria. Backed two fellow Councillors on Rt. 60 plan Spadafora said that he would have preferred to have gone deeper into his research on this project, but understood the time element involved with the acceptance of the offered grants. He said he trusted their judgment and was impressed by their passion for the plan. “They [O’Malley and Winslow] are both passionate transportation advocates, and while I would have liked to have had the time to review this comprehensively along with them, sometimes you have to show good faith when your colleagues feel so strongly about something and have had access to all the data,” Spadafora said. The veteran Councillor noted that the City Council had established an ad hoc committee to keep tabs on the efficacy and impact of the restriping of the roadway and the addition of the bus/bike lane and reduction to single-lane travel for regular cars, SUVs and trucks. “Ultimately, the impact of this change will be apparent to all, and if it isn’t what we’ve been promised, I know we will revisit this,” Spadafora said. “But the promise of reduced accidents and better flowing traffic is something we are all interested in, and I wanted to give both Councillor Winslow and O’Malley the chance to implement their vision.” “We understand that we are talking about paint on the road that can be undone, if the reality [of these changes] turns out different than what we’ve been promised,” Councillor Spadafora added. Spadafora said that he is encouraged by the recent display of unity and joint enthusiasm shown for some major projects and decisions involving the future of the community by the City Council. He said that with more major decisions awaiting the City Council in the near future, he would continue to use his veteran voice and experience to foster this unified approach on behalf of their constituents, Malden’s residents. “As the longest serving continuous councillor, part of my goal here was to show faith in my fellow colleagues where they felt so passionate about these two projects, in hopes that it carries forward to the next issue and the issue after as we work together as a City Council to find common ground,” Spadafora said. For Advertising with Results, call The Advocate Newspapers at 617-387-2200 or Info@advocatenews.net

Page 10 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 FBI WARNS PUBLIC TO BEWARE OF GOVERNMENT IMPERSONATION SCAMS Federal agencies do not threaten individuals or demand immediate payment T he FBI Boston Division has seen an increase in reports of scammers targeting New Englanders through unsolicited telephone calls in which the caller claims to be a representative of a government agency, including the FBI. Be advised, federal agencies do not call or e-mail individuals threatening arrest or demanding money.Scammers often spoof caller ID information, and these phone calls are fraudulent even if they appear to be coming from an agency’s legitimate phone number.Recipients should hang up immediately and report the call. There are many versions of the government impersonation scam, and they all exploit intimidation tactics. Typically, the caller advises the recipient of the call that charges have been, or soon will be, filed against them, and threatens to confiscate the recipient’s property, freeze their bank accounts, or have them arrested unless payment is made immediately.If the recipient questions the caller, the caller becomes more aggressive.The recipients are advised that it will cost thousands of dollars in fees or court costs to resolve the matter, and the caller typically instructs people to wire “settlement” money or provide payment via prepaid cards or gift cards to avoid arrest. “Nobody wants to be the subject of a law enforcement investigation, and scammers are using that to their advantage to try and intimidate people into just handing over their hard-earned money. We’re asking you not to fall for it,” said Joseph R. Bonavolonta, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Boston Division. “It’s important to resist the urge to act FBI | SEE PAGE 22 GBL SPORTS ROUNDUP: Malden Girls Soccer and Girls Volleyball record wins over Lynn English By Steve Freker T Everett boys’ soccer blanked by Revere, girls soccer falls to the Patriots Everett played Medford Tueshe Malden High Girls Soccer and Girls Volleyball teams used the vacation week to register wins over Lynn English in a pair of home matches. Girls Soccer topped the Lady Bulldogs, 6-0, and the volleyball girls won in 3-0 straight sets at the Finn Gym, 25-15, 25-14 and 25-23. The Everett High girls and boys soccer teams both played Revere this past Saturday. The Everett girls came up short by a score of 7-1, with junior Gitalia Boyce scoring the only Tide goal. day and Thursday’s game with Medford was postponed. On Saturday the Tide is at Chelsea, and hosts Lynn Classical next Tuesday. Everett's roster includes Isadora Pimenta and Katrina Nguyen; juniors Gitalia Boyce, Leticia Zavala Ayala, Stephanie Azurdia, Cynthia Domingues, Mariana Madrigal, and Tania Ventura Tejada; sophomores Maria Paula Zubieta Numpaque, Leah Ferullo, Simon Shrestha, Lamiah Wyzard, Emily Pereira, and Karla Lopez Inares; and freshmen Layla Isabell Betancur-Cardona, Joselyn Rivera, and Shyann Ambersley. Everett boys’ soccer fells to Revere, 6-0. Everett hosts Chelsea Saturday and travels to Lynn Classical next Tuesday. Revere started the girls’ volleyball season with a 3-0 win over Everett on Monday by scores of 25-13, 25-12, and 25-10. Revere volleyball captains are Lynzie Anderson, Alexis Iacoviello, Tracy Gutierrez, and Isabella Martinez. The Revere golf team opened the season with wins against Malden and Everett in a trimatch last Monday. Revere won by scores of 63-9 over Everett and 49-23 over Malden. Massachusetts Public Safety Officials Ready to Assist Municipal Authorities with Large Gatherings 3RD ANNUAL FRANK MASTROCOLA KIWANIS BOCCE TOURNAMENT FOR THE ERSILIA CUP TO BENEFIT EVERETT KIWANIS, SCHOLARSHIPS AND CHARITY                                                                                                                  SPONSORED BY SABATINO INSURANCE WHEN: Saturday, June 12, 2021 TIME: 8 AM – 5 PM CONTACT:       WHERE: Methuen Sons of Italy 459 Merrimack St. Methuen COST: $250/Team $75/Player           B OSTON—Massachusetts public safety officials said this week that they are prepared to support municipal authorities should they request assistance with large-scale events in the days ahead.The Baker-Polito Administration, local and state law enforcement, and other agencies are coordinating to ensure sufficient personnel are available to preserve public safety and protect the rights of all residents in the event of sizable gatherings related to the Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis. Governor Charlie Baker signed an order that will make up to 1,000 members of the Massachusetts National Guard available in the event that local officials request their assistance.That number reflects the maximum number of personnel who would be available and not necessarily the number deployed; similar orders last year did not always result in any Guard operations. “As we do for all potential large-scale gatherings in the Commonwealth, the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security has been working with our local, state, and federal partners to ensure public safety personnel can be on hand if the need arises,” said EOPSS Secretary Thomas Turco. “These are standard precautionary measures to protect the rights and safety of all residents, and there is no indication of any public safety risk in Massachusetts.” “We are coordinating with our partner agencies on a multi-layered, scalable plan to protect people’s safety, property, and rights of assembly and free speech,” said Massachusetts State Police Colonel Christopher Mason. “We will adjust operations and staffing as necessary to ensure that all citizens can exercise their Constitutionally-protected rights in a safe and secure manner. Additionally, we stand ready to assist our local law enforcement partners throughout the state if requested.” Colonel Mason said State Police would operate with increased staffing levels in the event that additional troopers were needed to ensure safety on state roadways and property or to assist local police departments that request assistance within their communities. Additionally, the State Police Watch Center and Division of Homeland Security and Preparedness will continue to monitor any developing incidents and intelligence for situational awareness and to maximize potential response capabilities.

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 Page 11 GREATER BOSTON LEAGUE NOTEBOOK: Football opens this weekend for Everett Crimson Tide and Revere Patriots; Malden High Tornados football opens next week Former GBL star Norcia earns honors at Merrimack Limited fans are allowed this season at GBL events (PARENTS ONLY); Check with individual schools for their protocols By Jason Mazzilli I t's been almost exactly a year and a half since high school football was played by teams in the Greater Boston League (GBL), namely, Everett High, Malden High and Revere High. It was Thanksgiving, 2019, to be exact, late November, some 18 months ago. Then the COVID-19 pandemic took over internationally in March 2020 and high school sports became an afterthought. When the communities which comprise the GBL became some of the hardest-hit with cases and positive rates, the decision was name to push all Fall Sports to the so-called "Fall 2" season, this spring. In January, a further decision was made by the GBL powersthat-be to push the GBL's Fall 2 season (and the preceding Winter season and following Spring season) back yet another month, as a health and safety precaution. All that brings us to this weekend: FOOTBALL'S BACK! With the quickened addition of two Lynn high schools to the Greater Boston League team roster, as well as Chelsea, the GBL now boasts a full, eight team league, with Chelsea, Everett, Lynn Classical, Lynn English, Malden, Medford, Revere and Somerville. This weekend, four of those schools return to the football field with Everett High kicking off its season on Friday night with a 6:00 p.m. home game at Everett Stadium versus Lynn English. Revere High Patriots will be on the road Friday night at 6:00 p.m. to play Lynn Classical at Manning Field in Lynn. The other four GBL schools, including Malden High Golden Tornados, Chelsea, Medford and Somerville will begin their seasons next weekend, April 30Debut of Everett 1st-year head coach DiLoreto Friday night For Everett, Friday night's game will be the debut of firstyear head coach Rob DiLoreto, who was appointed to the post in October 2020. DiLoreto is a "blast from the past" appointee as he was himself a Crimson Tide player for the 1984 team under former Tide football bosses Moody Sarno and "Tank" Agnetta. Everett's tentative schedule after this week includes games versus Lynn Classical the weekend of April 30-May 1; and home against Revere on Friday, May 7. A game on the weekend of May 14-15 is expected as well. Everett's led by Boston ColMalden will renew the longest continuous high school football rivalry in the United States with Medford on May 8. Malden topped Medford, 29-0, in meeting #132 in 2019. (Advocate File Photo) May 1, with a schedule still being finalized. One game that is finalized on the schedule for Malden is a Saturday, May 8 matchup with traditional rival Medford, which will be played at 12:00 noon at Macdonald Stadium in Malden. This will be the 133rd meeting between the two longtime GBL rivals, and with some other games not being played around the state this year, it will push this game into the spotlight as the longest continuous high school football rivalry in the nation! *** One major change in "Fall 2" is that fans (Parents Only) will be allowed this season in attendance at the games. Those wishing to attend the games must contact their schools to check on their respective protocols for fan attendance. www.JandSlandscape-masonry.com • Senior Discount • Free Estimates • Licensed & Insured 617-389-1490 Joe Pierotti, Jr. J& • Reliable Mowing Service • Spring & Fall Cleanups • Mulch & Edging • Sod or Seed Lawns • Shrub Planting & Trimming • Water & Sewer Repairs lege-bound split end-defensive back Ismael Zamor, UMaine recruit Tyrese Baptiste. On both sides of the line, Everett will be led by 6-1, 260 lbs. lineman JoFOOTBALL | SEE PAGE 16 S LANDSCAPE & MASONRY CO. Masonry - Asphalt • Brick or Block Steps • Brick or Block Walls • Concrete or Brick Paver Patios & Walkways • Brick Re-Pointing • Asphalt Paving Designing and Constructing Ideas that are “Grounds for Success” Landscaping

Page 12 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 East Coast Junior Patriots crowned co-ed hockey champions By Tara Vocino M embers of the East Coast Junior Patriots Boys’/Girls’ Hockey team won the Squirt East American AA championship, 4-3 against Brookline at the Malden Valley Forum Skating Rink on Tuesday. The 9/10U regional team, which features players from Malden, Revere, and Saugus, gave credit to Revere resident Dominic Rystrom, a forward, who scored the go-ahead goal with six minutes left in the third period, putting the Junior Patriots ahead, 4-3, according to Asst. Coach Joseph Hurley, of Malden. During the championship game, Cullity and Moura each scored a short-handed goal putting the Junior Pats up 2-0 during the second period. Brookline would battle back with three goals until Cullity scored with just minutes left to tie the game in the third period. Rystrom scored the winning goal from Hurley, leading to the championship win. Malden players Justin Hurley, a forward, had two assists, and Kevin Cullity, defense, scored two goals. Forward Kevin Moura, of Malden, also scored one goal. Hurley also credited Goalie Ryan Knox, of Malden, for making approximately 30 saves. “He’s also a big reason why we won,” Joseph Hurley said. “He played stellar.” For Knox, it took on a sentimental meaning. He played in memory of his late grandfather, Kenneth Pawl, who died this year. “I did it for him,” Knox said. “I knew he would have been proud of me.” Knox added he’s super pumped that they won the championship, and that it was a close game. “We scored goals and saves, just when we needed them,” Knox said. Cullity said it felt really good to win. However, he said it came naturally. “I wasn’t surprised,” Cullity said who scored 10 goals in three play-off games. “We had confi - dence.” Head Coach Gerry Visconti, of Revere, congratulated the entire team for working hard all year, In front of the trophy from left to right are, Forward Leah Whynot, Forward Brendan Skerry, Defense Rose Pietrzak, Defense James Rose, Forward Justin Hurley, Defense Jace Perreira, Goalie Ryan Knox, Forward Joseph Visconti, Forward Dominic Rystrom, Forward Brandon Whittaker, Forward Michael Hurley, Defense Kevin Cullity, Forward Jacob Sherlock, and Forward Kevin Moura. In back from left to right are, Assistant Coaches Joseph Hurley and Robert Whynot with Head Coach Gerry Visconti. Not pictured: Goalie Kendall Powers, Forward Domenic Diano, and Forward Luca Braga. leading to a winning championship. “It’s well deserved,” Visconti said. “They got better every practice, and every game.” Joseph Hurley said it’s the first time this team has won the championship, adding their teamwork and friendship played a role in the winter season. In the semi-fi nals, they won against Charlestown, 5-2, and Melrose, 5-4. Defenseman Jace Perreira, of Winthrop, said they played solid defense and off ense. Forward Justin Hurley, of Malden, added they played a strong game. Some of the players also won another championship earlier this month. Parent Robert Knox, of Malden, said, for the most part, it’s an once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment. “They may never have this opportunity again,” Knox said. “They made our city proud.” Malden Mayor Gary Christenson said he is proud of the East Coast Junior Patriots, especially Goalie Ryan “Rydog” Knox, who made 30 big saves. “But I think the moment I will always remember was seeing Rydog’s father Robert Knox Jr.dancing to “Let It Whip” by The Dazz Band throughout the game,” Christenson said Wednesday. Malden Mayor Gary Christenson, in back, congratulates Malden residents from left to right are, Rose Pietrzah, Kevin Moura, Kevin Cullity, Ryan Knox, Justin Hurley, Leah Whynot, and Brendan Sherry.(Courtesy photos, Asst. Coach Joseph Hurley)

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 Page 13 City councillors and FOOGI volunteers team up for Patchell Park cleanup T he Friends of Oak Grove, Inc. joined Ward 3 Councillor Amanda Linehan and neighbors to help weed, rake, sweep and collect litter in Patchell Park on Sunday afternoon. Special thanks to the Malden DPW for supplying equipment and collecting bags of trash and yard waste. The next Ward 3 cleanup takes place this Saturday, April 24 from 10 a.m. to noon at Fellsmere Pond. For more information contact Councillor Linehan at 781-873-9224 or alinehan@ cityofmalden.org.

Page 14 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 In Loving Memory Doris Umbro(Spinney) November 7, 1934 YOU HEARD THE BELL TOLL, AND HE CALLED YOUR NAME, THE BRAVE BATTLE WAS LOST, WE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME, TOGETHER WE WALKED, IN THE COMFORT OF LOVE, WITH A GUARDIAN LIGHT, FROM AN ANGEL ABOVE, AND NOW WHERE YOU REST IN PEACE, I STAND ALONE, IN THE SILENCE OF A VIGIL, IN THE QUIET OF A PRAYER, MY HAND UPON YOUR STONE. AND IN THE AUTUMN OF MY YEARS, THAT ANGEL WILL APPEAR TO SOFTLY WHISPER, THAT MY TIME MAY BE NEAR, WHEN THE PASSION OF LIFE, HAS LOST THE BRIGHT GLOW, AND THE LAST CURTAIN FALLS, AT THE END OF THE SHOW, THEN IN HEAVENLY GRACE, AND WITH JOYOUS EMBRACE, WE WILL MEET AGAIN, IN A FAR MORE GLORIOUS PLACE, AND UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN. Forever in our hearts, Your loving husband, Richard, Daughter, Lynne, Family & Friends. ~ Legal Notice ~ THE MALDEN HOUSING AUTHORITY NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS TThe Malden Housing Authority (MHA) will conduct Public Hearings to discuss and obtain input relative to the submission of the MHA’s Proposed FFY2022 Annual Public Housing Agency Plan (PHA Plan) as required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). MHA will also concurrently conduct a Hearing to discuss its proposed DHDC FY2022 Annual Plan submission. During these hearings, proposed revisions to the MHA’s Section 8 Administrative Plan, Public Housing Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy, Public Housing Lease and/or House Rules, and planned HUD Capital Fund Grant Program construction projects will be presented for discussion. State program policies and capital improvement plan project work will also be discussed. MHA Resident Advisory Board Members, federal and state Public Housing Residents and Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher and state program voucher Participants, elected and other local government officials, representatives of social service agencies and advocacy groups, community leaders, concerned citizens and all other parties having interest in these hearings are invited to attend to express their priorities and concerns and/or offer comments and suggestions. These Hearings will be held on Tuesday, June 22, 2021, beginning at 9:00 A.M. onsite in the 630 Salem Street Community Room, which is accessible. Compliance with all public health guidance in effect at the time of these Hearings will be required, inclusive of the wearing of face masks and enforcing social distancing. MHA will provide transportation to and from these Hearings for Forestdale and Springdale residents who wish to attend. Please call Executive Assistant, Debbie Lungo, at (781) 322-3164 if you are a Forestdale or Springdale resident who wants MHA to provide transportation to and from these Hearings. For questions, please contact the MHA’s Executive Director, Stephen G. Finn, at (781) 322-3150. By: Joan M. Chiasson, Chairperson MHA Board of Commissioners The MHA is an Equal Opportunity Housing Provider and a Drug and Smoke-Free Workplace April 23, 2021 April 27, 2012 Advocate Call now! 617-387-2200 advertise on the web at www.advocatenews.net Classifieds

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 Page 15 Beacon Hill Roll Call By Bob Katzen A note from Bob Katzen, Publisher of Beacon Hill Roll Call: Join me this Sunday night and every Sunday night in our new time slot between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. for my talk show “The Bob Katzen Baby Boomer and Gen X Show.” Jump in my time capsule and come back to the simpler days of the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. My guest on Sunday, April 25 will be Jamie Farr best known for playing Corporal Max Klinger on the iconic, award-winning television series M*A*S*H. Listeners are invited to call in and talk with the popular 86-year-old actor. There are many ways you can listen to the show from anywhere in the world: • If you have a smart speaker, simply say, “Play WMEX on Audacy.com ” • Download the free www.Audacy.com app on your phone or tablet • Listen online at www. wmexboston.com • By: Kenneth Antonucci, Clerk Or tune into 1510 AM if you have an AM radio THE HOUSE AND SENATE. Beacon Hill Roll Call record local representatives’ votes on the roll call from the week of April 1216. There were no roll calls in the Senate last week. HOUSE APPROVES $400 MILLION FOR NEW SOLDIERS’ HOME IN HOLYOKE House 160-0, approved and sent to the Senate a bill authorizing $400 million to fund the construction of a new Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke. The push to construct the new home follows the deaths of 77 veteran residents last year as a result of a COVID-19 outbreak at the current facility. During debate on the House floor, Rep. Danielle Gregoire (D-Marlborough) House chair of Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditures and State Assets addressed what the bill does In accordance with Governor Baker’s March 12, 2020 Order Suspending Certain Provisions of the Open Meeting Law, G.L. c. 30A, §18, and Governor’ Baker’s March 23, 2020 Revised Guidance on Order by the Governor Prohibiting Assemblage of More than Ten People, this hearing will be virtual and conducted via remote participation to the greatest extent possible. No in-person attendance by members of the public will be permitted, and all effort will be made to permit remote public attendance and participation in this virtual hearing via technological means, in the manner specified below, and if available, via public broadcast of the meeting by Malden Access Cable Television on public access television channels. Additional information/guidelines for the public can be found here: https://www.cityofmalden.org/DocumentCenter/View/2487/Public-information-on-Public-Meetings-and-Hearings-during-theDeclared-State-of-Emergency-related-to-COVID19PDF Members of the public who wish to attend virtually and participate remotely may do so using the following information: Please click the link below to join the webinar: https://cityofmalden.zoom.us/j/95733954533?pwd=TG1oRWM0VE1YaHFhVDNmWk1EbEZzZz09 Webinar ID: 957 3395 4533 Passcode: 077591 Or Dial by Telephone based on your current location: US: +1 929 436 2866 or +1 646 518 9805 International numbers available: https://cityofmalden.zoom.us/u/adlvXXJ0eo If you would like to request a reasonable accommodation, please contact Maria Luise, ADA Compliance Coordinator at mluise@cityofmalden.org or 781-397-7000, Ext 2005. April 23 & April 30, 2021 By Bob Katzen and does not do. “This bill is solely to finance the long overdue construction of a new soldiers’ home in Holyoke to serve our state’s veterans,” said Gregoire. “The myriad issues in governance and oversight and the geographic, racial and gender inequity issues that have been brought to light, though not created by the COVID-19 crisis, and resulting tragedy in Holyoke last year will be addressed in the near future, through a vehicle that will allow for more extensive research, discussion and debate.” Gregoire also outlined a timeline for the project. She noted the “enabling work” for the project is expected to be done in spring 2022; construction will occur between the summers of 2022 and 2026; the move to the new building will be in the fall of 2026; demolition of the existing facility will follow the move and end in 2028; and final site work and landscaping will take place between the spring and summer of 2028. The Baker administration and House and Senate leaders are all trying to speed the bill’s passage in order to meet deadlines to apply for as much as $260 million in funding from the federal government, which would leave state taxpayers with a $140 million bill. “Holyoke is deeply proud to be home to the Soldiers’ Home and we are grateful to see the House support a bill to prepare the home for the next 50 years,” said Aaron Vega, Director of Holyoke’s Office of Planning and Economic Development and former state representative from Holyoke. “The bonding authorization included in this legislation will allow the commonwealth to move forward with critical upgrades to the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home that will provide our veterans with a state-of-the-art facility that meets their health care and long-term care needs,” said House GOP Minority Leader Brad Jones (R-North Reading). “It also places the commonwealth in a strong position to qualify for significant federal matching funds to complete this work.” ~ LEGAL NOTICE ~ MALDEN PLANNING BOARD PUBLIC HEARING The Malden Planning Board will virtually and remotely hold a public hearing at 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 on the petition of 200 Exchange LLC (Permit Application # COO-036825-2021) for a special permit under Section 12.12.030 of Chapter 12, Revised Ordinances of 2020 as Amended of the City of Malden, to allow research & development use and/or light manufacturing use of property in the Central Business zoning district, namely, the building containing approximately 324,000 square feet of gross floor area on four floors, at the property known as and numbered 200 Exchange Street, Malden, MA, and also known by City Assessor’s Parcel ID #051 278 801. Petitions and plans are available for public review on the City website at https://permits.cityofmalden.org/EnerGov_Prod/SelfService Next stop is the Senate where Sen. John Velis (D-Westfield), who represents Holyoke in the upper chamber, said, “I am pleased that the House unanimously passed the … bill today. Our commonwealth needs a new facility that will care for our veterans with the honor and dignity that they deserve. Today’s passage was an important step towards that goal, and I look forward to the Senate promptly acting on this bill.” The office of House Ways and Means chair Rep. Aaron Michlewitz (D-Boston), the author of the bill, did not respond to questions by Beacon Hill Roll Call which were sent repeatedly directly to Michlewitz and his Chief of Staff Blake Webber. (A “Yes” vote is for the bill.) Rep. Paul DonatoYes Rep. Steven Ultrino Yes HOW LONG WAS LAST WEEK’S SESSION? Beacon Hill Roll Call tracks the length of time that the House and Senate were in session each week. Many legislators say that legislative sessions are only one aspect of the Legislature’s job and BEACON | SEE PAGE 19

Page 16 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 MALDEN: TODAY | FROM PAGE 6 cation. The look of excitement on my adorable seven-year-old granddaughter Lola’s face as she handed her big brother Christian his (Harry Potter) birthday present. Mario Pallotta’s life. Harvey “Hands of Stone” Nadler’s one-on-one hoop challenge. “This is the end, beautiful friend, this is the end, my only friend, the end” – take a short trip back. These things were good also: warm, cloudless, carefree summer days that would last forever; the smell of fresh cut grass saturating the air; friends enough for a pickup game of baseball; icecold Coke in 10-ounce bottles straight from the Coke machine; your 10-speed Raleigh, your best friends only a short bike ride away; classic rock blasting from the radio before it became “classic rock”; no mortgage, no debt, no co-pay; parents that are young, strong, invincible, who will live forever. Your future stretched out before your eyes. These things are/were good, if only in your mind’s eye. These things are good, Postscript 1: former Malden High School Principal Dana Brown’s words of wisdom: “Oh Malden... the dirty ‘den’ to some. Been here my whole life; my perspective is warped. Endearing qualities make us Malden peeps. We bounce back; we look out for each other. We move out, we sometimes come back. We remember everything. If we do not remember somebody will clear it up for us. “Our ‘chin nod’ is famous. No words are exchanged, just the quick head up, chin out. I know you, and if I do not, I recognize you. You must have a connection to Malden. “We forgive. We do not forget. It used to be we got along, even if different socially and politically. I worry that we are losing that piece. “We do not tell anyone we are from Boston. We go out of our way to explain we are from Malden, a community a few miles north of Boston. We like Boston, we root for Boston, we value our relationship with Boston. “We are from Malden.” These things are good, Postscript 2: I just love what local artists (many from Malden) have done to the switch boxes in Malden over the years. Malden beautified its thoroughfares by turning these clumsy metal boxes into righteous canvasses in which Malden’s growing art community could express themselves, wherever that inspiration led them. Great job! Naomi Brave and Malden Arts are to be thanked for bringing this art form to Malden after witnessing the happiness it brought to Cambridge and Somerville residents. Artists like Greg Hampton, Ronny Cox, Peggy Stallings, Martha Ferratusco, Paula Spizziri, Vanessa Ly and Bill Filios have transformed these ugly eyesores into beautiful works of public art. So next time you are stuck at one of our insufferable traffic lights or are simply driving by, take a moment out of your busy life and let the artwork reach inside you. It is worth that moment. ~ LEGAL NOTICE ~ MALDEN PLANNING BOARD PUBLIC HEARING The Malden Planning Board will virtually and remotely hold a public hearing at 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 on the petition of Premium Properties, Inc. (Permit Application # RES-036992-2021) for a special permit under Section 12.28.010.D of Chapter 12, Revised Ordinances of 2020 as Amended of the City of Malden, to alter, structurally change and change use of a preexisting nonconforming property in the Residence A zoning district, namely, to convert the general office use to a second residential dwelling unit and continue the existing single dwelling unit , resulting in a two-family dwelling, at the property known as and numbered, 304 Lynn Street, Malden, MA and also known by City Assessor’s Parcel ID# 166 550 017. Petition and plans are available for public review on the City website at https://permits.cityofmalden.org/EnerGov_Prod/SelfService By: Kenneth Antonucci, Clerk In accordance with Governor Baker’s March 12, 2020 Order Suspending Certain Provisions of the Open Meeting Law, G.L. c. 30A, §18, and Governor’ Baker’s March 23, 2020 Revised Guidance on Order by the Governor Prohibiting Assemblage of More than Ten People, this hearing will be virtual and conducted via remote participation to the greatest extent possible. No in-person attendance by members of the public will be permitted, and all effort will be made to permit remote public attendance and participation in this virtual hearing via technological means, in the manner specified below, and if available, via public broadcast of the meeting by Malden Access Cable Television on public access television channels. Additional information/guidelines for the public can be found here: https://www.cityofmalden.org/DocumentCenter/View/2487/Public-information-on-Public-Meetings-and-Hearings-during-theDeclared-State-of-Emergency-related-to-COVID19PDF Members of the public who wish to attend virtually and participate remotely may do so using the following information: Please click the link below to join the webinar: https://cityofmalden.zoom.us/j/95733954533?pwd=TG1oRWM0VE1YaHFhVDNmWk1EbEZzZz09 Webinar ID: 957 3395 4533 Passcode: 077591 Or Dial by Telephone based on your current location: US: +1 929 436 2866 or +1 646 518 9805 International numbers available: https://cityofmalden.zoom.us/u/adlvXXJ0eo If you would like to request a reasonable accommodation, please contact Maria Luise, ADA Compliance Coordinator at mluise@cityofmalden.org or 781-397-7000, Ext 2005. April 23 & April 30, 2021 FOOTBALL | FROM PAGE 11 siah Stewart. Stewart, another Tide senior, is headed to Coastal Carolina next fall. Other key players for Everett are junior running back Jayden Clerveaux and junior 6-2, 230 lbs. defensive end Jaylen Murphy. Revere looking forward to football start Friday Revere Head Coach Lou Cicatelli’s looking forward to a strong 2020 season before the fall season was pushed back to this spring. The Patriots had its best record in 30 years in 2019 at 10-1 overall and won its first NEC divisional title in many years, before switching to the Greater Boston League. The Patriots return many players this year, including senior captains: quarterback Calvin Boudreau, running back/ linebacker Adetayo Attebbi, defensive end/offensive guard, Ryan Doucette, and running back/linebacker John Tran. Senior Night will be held at Della Russo Stadium on Friday night, April 30. The captains of the Revere High football team are quarterback Calvin Boudreau, running back/ linebacker Adetayo Attebbi, defensive end/offensive guard, Ryan Doucette, and running back/linebacker John Tran. Other key players include split ends Marco Cerbone and Jared Natola running back Billy Ginepra, and tight end Dillan Day. Defensive leaders include Mark Galvez, Junior Augusto Goncalves and senior Ryan Doucette. Malden football will open up 'Fall 2' next weekend The Malden High football squad will open up next weekend, with the schedule still being finalized. Third-year head coach Steve Freker's Tornados are led by senior captains Matt Bessey, a 6-3, 200 lbs. three-year starter at split end and defensive end; Muneer Odally, a 6-5, 240 lbs. two-way lineman, Giovani Memeus, 6-0, 220 lbs. running back and linebacker, Ralph Deus Jr., a 6-2, 245 lbs. two-way lineman and Moise Fanfan, 6-2, 185 lbs. split end and defensive back. Malden also features one of the region's top placekickers in junior Ronald Juarez, who has already attended several of the nation's top showcase kicking camps. Other key players for Malden include junior Mackenley Anasthal, junior split ends Nelson Monosiet,Oswaldo Rodriguez, Oklahoma transfer Gavin West, senior linebacker Jude Alphonse, senior linemen Steve Nyembo (6-2, 240 lbs.), Ryan Castor (6-1, 285 lbs.), junior linemen Jeremiah Dessources (5-10, 220 lbs.) and Paccini Louis (5-9, 200 lbs.). **** Everett's Norcia is Second Team AllConference for Merrimack College Football Former GBL and Everett High football standout Anthony Norcia enjoyed a productive spring campaign to earn the first all-conference honor of his career. Over two games, he led the team's receiving corps with 11 catches for 111 yards and two touchdowns. He started the year with four receptions for 43 yards with a score against Bryant, and then followed that up with the best game of his career. The Everett, Mass. native caught a career-high seven balls for a career-best 68 yards and another score in the season finale at LIU. He tied for the team lead in catches while leading Merrimack in receiving yards and touchdowns this spring.

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 Page 17 OBITUARIES Lorraine Mary (Falcone) Cantera Passed away on April 14, 2021. She was 90 years old. The daughter of Italian immigrants, Mary was a longtime resident of Malden and an active member of the Malden community. She was a former parishioner of St. Peter’s Church in Malden, a past member and treasurer for the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), a former member of the League of Women’s Voters and a former member of the Victorian Society of Malden. Mary worked as a bookkeeper for Bond Brothers for over 35 years and owned and operated the Cantera Group which ran bus trips that many people enjoyed for over 25 years. Mary was preceded in death by her late husband Joseph Cantera. She was the loving mother of Duane Cantera of Stoneham and Donna Cantera Davis of Arlington and her late husband Peter. Mary was the sister of the late Domenic Falcone of Lexington and his surviving wife Yvonne Anderson. She was also blessed with a grandson, Matthew Davis and his wife Desirae Vasquez and nieces and nephews. A funeral service will be held from the A. J. Spadafora Funeral Home, 865 Main Street, Malden on Friday, April 23rd at 11am. A visiting hour will be held prior to the service from 10-11am. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend. Interment of ashes will follow at Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden. In lieu of flowers, donations in Mary’s memory may be made to Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital, 262 Danny Thomas Place, Memphis, TN 38105 or stjude. org or Mass Eye and Ear at giving.masseyeandear.org. Margaret Irene “Renee” Petrie Passed away peacefully on Monday, April 12, 2021. She was 82 years old. Born in Malden on September 29, 1938, to Irene M. Petrie (Haumann) and Joseph T. Petrie, Renee might have begun her life in Malden but soon made Saugus her forever home following a family move from Malden to Saugus in 1946, where Joseph and Irene established Petrie’s Florist and Greenhouse on Lynn Fells Parkway. From a very young age Renee was a very active participant in the running of the florist with her younger sisters, Ann and Donna, and soon developed a deep passion for floral design. After graduating Saugus High School in 1957, Renee attended Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston. Upon graduating with honors, Renee went on to work at her family establishment, quickly making a name for herself as an award-winning floral designer on the North Shore. Over the many years Renee was an active member of the Teleflora and F.T.D. community, having a number of her designs featured in both print magazines, including two featured covers. She also won numerous blue ribbons for top floral design at the Topsfield Fair Holiday Floral Show. Renee was passionate about theatre and music and adored being an auntie to her one niece and five nephews. A longtime member of the Route 1 Business Association, Renee was involved in the many events and social gatherings, always able to make new friends and hold dear the long-term relationships she made. Following the sale of Petrie’s Florist to new ownership, ReOffice/Commercial Space for Lease 3 Large rooms, each with walk-in storage area. Ideal for Law Office or Aerobics Studio. Like new condition. Second floor elevator direct to unit. Seperate entrances - New Baths - Large Parking Area. On MBTA Bus Route #429. Located on Route 1 South at Walnut Street. Rollerworld Plaza Rte. 1 South 425 Broadway Saugus Call Michelle at: 781-233-9507 1. On April 23, 1981, a mix of cowhide, plastic and shark cartilage was used at Massachusetts General Hospital to create what medical first? 2. What four U.S. states border Mexico? 3. What animal’s diet consists of about 99% bamboo? 4. April 24 is the start of World Immunization Week, which was created in 2012 by WHO, which stands for what? 5. What 1919 Sherwood Anderson book is subtitled “A Group of Tales of Ohio Small-Town Life”? 6. What is done annually in the River Thames that is called “Swan Upping”? 7. In April 1930, “The Poor Millionaire” film was released, which was what important “last”? 8. April 25 is the Academy Awards; what film based on a Ken Kesey novel won “Bests” for Picture, Actor, Actress, Director and Screenplay? 9. In what two U.S. states is coffee grown? 10. At the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, what was introduced as Fairy Floss? 11. On April 26, Charles Francis Richter was born, inventor of the Richter Scale, which measures what? 12. The longest U.S. Senate filibuster was in 1957 by Strom Thurmond for how long: 5:46, 11.20 or 24:18 ? 13. On April 27, 1791, what Charlestown, Mass., native was born who is the namesake of a famous code? 14. What Irish writer reportedly said before he died in 1900, “Either that wallpaper goes, or I do”? 15. In 1983 Redondo Beach, Calif., adopted what flying nonbird as its official bird? 16. How are Alvin, Simon and Theodore similar? 17. On April 28, 1937, the 1st U.S. animated electric sign (including ball-tossing cats and a cavorting horse) presented a free four-minute show in what Square? 18. What is an orchestra’s largest family of instruments? 19. What part of the human body contains about a quarter of the body’s bones? 20. On April 29, 1899, what jazz great was born who composed “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)”? ANSWERS 1. First U.S. artificial skin transplant 2. Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas 3. Panda 4. World Health Organization 5. “Winesburg, Ohio” 6. The river’s swans are counted for their owner, the queen. 7. Last U.S. feature-length silent film 8. “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” 9. California and Hawaii 10. Cotton candy 11. Earthquake magnitude 12. 24:18 13. Samuel F.B. Morse (Morse code) 14. Oscar Wilde 15. The Goodyear Blimp 16. They are members of Alvin and the Chipmunks, a virtual band created in 1958 for a record. 17. Times Square 18. Strings 19. The feet 20. Duke Ellington

Page 18 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 avy eniiooravvy S iorn or avvyavy y io iori by Jim Miller Could You Have Prediabetes? Dear Savvy Senior, What can you tell me about prediabetes, and how can you know if you have it? My 62-year-old husband, who’s in pretty good shape, was recently diagnosed with prediabetes and didn’t have clue. Could I have it too? Wondering Spouse Dear Wondering, Underlying today’s growing epidemic of type 2 diabetes is a much larger epidemic called prediabetes, which is when the blood sugar levels are higher than they should be but not high enough to be called diabetes. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that as many as 84 million Americans today have prediabetes. Left untreated, it almost always turns into type 2 diabetes within 10 years. If you have prediabetes, the long-term damage it can cause – especially to your heart and circulatory system – may already be starting. But the good news is that prediabetes doesn’t mean that you’re destined for full-blown diabetes. Prediabetes can actually be reversed, and diabetes prevented, by making some simple lifestyle changes like losing weight, exercising, eating a healthy diet and cutting back on carbohydrates. Or, if you need more help, oral medications may also be an option. Get Tested Because prediabetes typically causes no outward symptoms, most people that have it don’t realize it. The only way to know for sure if you have it is to get a blood test. Everyone age 45 years or older should consider getting tested for prediabetes, especially if you are overweight with a body mass index (BMI) above 25. See CDC.gov/bmi to calculate your BMI. If you are younger than 45 but are overweight, or have high blood pressure, a family history of diabetes, or belong to an ethnic group (Latino, Asian, African or Native American) at high risk for diabetes, you should get checked too. To help you determine your risk of diabetes, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) has a quick, online risk test you can take for free at DoIHavePrediabetes.org. Diabetes Tests If you fi nd that you’re at risk for prediabetes, there are three diff erent tests your doctor can give you to diagnosis it. The most common is the “fasting plasma glucose test,” which requires an eight-hour fast before you take it. There’s also the “oral glucose tolerance test” to see how your body processes sugar, and the “hemoglobin A1C test” that measures your average blood sugar over the past three months. It can be taken anytime regardless of when you ate. Most private health insurance plans and Medicare cover diabetes tests, however, if you’re reluctant to visit your doctor to get tested, an alternative is to go to the drug store, buy a blood glucose meter and test yourself at home. They cost around $20. If you fi nd that you are prediabetic or diabetic, you need to see your doctor to develop a plan to get it under control. The ADA recommends losing weight and doing moderate exercise – such as 150 minutes a week of brisk walking. And when lifestyle changes alone don’t work, medication might. The ADA recommends the generic drug metformin, especially for very overweight people younger than 60. For more information on diabetes and prediabetes or to fi nd help, join a lifestyle change program recognized by the CDC (see CDC.gov/diabetes/prevention). These programs off er in-person and online classes in more than 1,500 locations throughout the U.S. Over the course of a year, a coach will help you eat healthy, increase your physical activity and develop new habits. Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit SavvySenior.org. Jim Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today show and author of “The Savvy Senior” book. Middlesex Sheriff’s Office announces upcoming correction officer exam B ILLERICA – Middlesex Sheriff Peter Koutoujian announced that the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office (MSO) would open registration for its 2021 correction offi cer class on April 19. “The Middlesex Sheriff ’s Office is a recognized national leader in the fi eld of corrections,” said Koutoujian. “We are looking for candidates who share our team’s commitment to service, professional excellence, enhancing public safety and reducing recidivism. If you share these values and goals and want to make a diff erence in the lives of others, I encourage you to visit our website to register for our exam.” This year’s exam will be offered on a rolling basis with candidates able to select from a predetermined list of dates beginning on May 4 and running through May 22. Those interested in registering for the written exam must do so beMYRWA | FROM PAGE 8 “Scanner” Cheung, past winner of the Herring Run and Paddle’s Iron Herring Award. “Some of the biggest events here are the Head of the Charles and the Boston Marathon, but not many races can claim to combine the two...I could tell this race was refore 5:00 p.m. on Monday, May 10 at middlesexsheriff .org. All applicants must be 21 years of age at the date of the examination and be legally eligible to work in the United States in compliance with federal law. Candidates must also have a high school degree or equivalent and possess a valid motor vehicle license. A bachelor’s degree and/or prior law enforcement or security experience is preferred. In addition to the written exam, candidates must pass a physical fi tness test and criminal background check as well as psychological and medical examinations before being selected to participate in the 44th Basic Training Academy. The MSO was established in 1692 and has been recognized by the National Institute of Corrections and a host of organizations for its innovaally a grass-roots event – sponsored by local companies and dedicated to protecting the natural resources that make exercising outside in Boston so great.” “I had raced it a couple years earlier and remembered it being a fast, fl at course,” said Beverly Antunes, winner of the Hertive, cutting-edge programs, including the Medication Assisted Treatment and Directed Opioid Recovery Program, the Housing Unit for Military Veterans and the Commonwealth’s fi rst specialized unit for young adult off enders. This March the MSO opened a new prerelease center designed to help prepare incarcerated women for reentry. This program focuses on treatment, family engagement and reunifi cation. “These specialty programs and other initiatives provide our staff members opportunities for unique assignments and specialized training over the course of their careers,” said Koutoujian. To learn more about the MSO, fi nd a full list of qualifi cations or register for this year’s exam, please visit middlesexsheriff .org. ring Run and Paddle women’s 5k race. “It is a really well-organized community event.” Registration is open until through May 23 and is only $10 per person. For more details about the event, or to register online, head to www.mysticriver.org/herring-run-paddle. ~ Home of the Week ~ SAUGUS...Much-sought-after Ranch style home offers 7 rooms, 2-3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, dining room, beautiful, updated kitchen (2001) kitchen with granite counters, granite island, built-in granite top desk, radiant heat, ceramic tile flooring, slider to “bright and sunny” sunroom with glass walls and ceiling leading to yard, hardwood flooring, central air, finished lower level offers fireplace family room, full bath and third bedroom. Desirable one-floor living located on dead-end street. You won’t be disappointed! Offered at $510,000 335 Central Street, Saugus, MA 01906 (781) 233-7300 View all our listings at: CarpenitoRealEstate.com View the interior of this home right on your smartphone.

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 Page 19 nee moved her talents to Currans Flowers in Danvers, where she worked until her retirement in 2006. Her remaining years were dedicated to her family and friends, yet still managing to design a wedding here or there. It is safe to say that Renee Petrie’s beautiful work graced tens of thousands of gatherings across the North Shore, from weddings to baptisms, birthdays to funerals, Renee made an indelible mark on this world through a creative life well lived. Renee is predeceased by her parents, Irene and Joseph, and her sister Ann Petrie Collins of New Jersey. She is survived by her sister, Donna Petrie Gould of Saugus, her niece Robin Collins, and nephews, Dr. Richard S. Collins (Susy), Darren Collins (Joeylynn), Jay Gould (Alex Kassl), Steven Gould (Courtney), Thomas Gould (Angela), as well as great nieces Caitlyn Collins, Colleen Collins, Megan Collins, Mackenzie Gould and great nephews Richard Rossi (Theresa), Anthony Rossi, Brian Collins, KiBEACON | FROM PAGE 15 that a lot of important work is done outside of the House and Senate chambers. They note that their jobs also involve committee work, research, constituent work and other matters that are important to their districts. Critics say that the Legislature does not meet regularly or long enough to debate and vote in public view on the thousands of pieces of legislation that have been filed. They note that the infrequency and brief length of sessions are misguided and lead to irresponsible late-night sessions and a mad rush to act on dozens of bills in the days immediately preceding the end of an annual session. During the week of April 1216, the House met for a total of three hours and 36 minutes while the Senate met for a total of 17 minutes. Mon. April 12 House 11:00 a.m. to 11:03 a.m. Senate 11:14 a.m. to 11:19 a.m. Tues. April 13 No House session No Senate session Wed. April 14 House 11:00 a.m. to 11:35 a.m. No Senate session Thurs. April 15 House 11:01 a.m. to 1:59 p.m. Senate 11:19 a.m. to 11:31 a.m. Fri. April 16 No House session No Senate session Bob Katzen welcomes feedback at bob@beaconhillrollcall.com ley Gould, Auden Gould, and MaGuire Gould. Angela R. Smith (Maiuri) Of Norwood, born in Malden to her late parents Louis and Felicia Maiuri, passed away peacefully on April 17, 2021. She is survived by her loving husband, Gordon of 64 years. She was a devoted mother to her late son, Edward and his wife Susan of Norwood, her son, Michael and his wife Diane of Norwood, her son, Robert and his wife Janet of Norwood, and her son, Daniel and his wife Susan of Foxboro. She was always so happy to be with her grandchildren: James and his wife Alix, Alyssa and her husband Josh, Allison, Lindsey and her husband Joe, Kelly, Alex, Edward, Christopher and his wife Carol, Robert, Daniel, Timothy, Jacquelyn and Rachel. Angela was a loving great grandmother to Lucy, Lucas and Tess. Sister to the late: Mary (Ferraro), Elizabeth (Baird), Americo, Margarita, Jennie (Preston) and Joseph. She had many nieces and nephews. After graduation from Malden High School, she worked in the office of Lipton Tea Co. in Boston for many years. After marriage on September 23, 1956 and moving to Norwood, she spent many years volunteering for St. Catherine of Siena Church and the Home and School Association. She also volunteered for the Town of Norwood. Her favorite hobbies were gardening and puzzles. Angela will always be remembered for her sense of humor and her generous giving, always willing to help wherever needed, yet never asked for praise, and her “True Love” for her husband, Gordon and all her family members. The family would like to thank Care Dimensions Hospice for their loving care of Angela. ~ LEGAL NOTICE ~ COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS THE TRIAL COURT PROBATE AND FAMILY COURT Middlesex Divison Docket No. MI21P1430EA Estate of: Anthony J. Dello Russo Date of Death: April 20, 2020 INFORMAL PROBATE PUBLICATION NOTICE To all persons interested in the above captioned estate, by Petition of Petitioner Lisa Fama of Everett, MA a Will has been admitted to informal probate. Lisa Fama of Everett, MA has been informally appointed as the Personal Representative of the estate to serve without surety on the bond. The estate is being administered under informal procedure by the Personal Representative under the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code without supervision by the Court. Inventory and accounts are not required to be filed with the Court, but interested parties are entitled to notice regarding the administration from the Personal Representative and can petition the Court in any matter relating to the estate, including distribution of assets and expenses of administration. Interested parties are entitled to petition the Court to institute formal proceedings and to obtain orders terminating or restricting the powers of Personal Representatives appointed under informal procedure. A copy of the Petition and Will, if any, can be obtained from the Petitioner. April 23, 2021 ~ LEGAL NOTICE ~ MALDEN PLANNING BOARD PUBLIC HEARING The Malden Planning Board will virtually and remotely hold a public hearing at 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 on the petition of Changlon Lin and Changdian Lin (Permit Application # CMID-035946-2020) for a special permit under Section 12.28.010(D) of Chapter 12, Revised Ordinances of 2020 as Amended of the City of Malden, to alter, structurally change and extend a preexisting nonconforming three-family dwelling in the Residence A zoning district, namely, to renovate the interior of the building and construct an addition that extends the roof and third floor, at the property known as and numbered 47 Francis Street, Malden, MA, and also known by City Assessor’s Parcel ID # 012 051 109. Petition and plans are available for public review on the City website at https://permits.cityofmalden.org/EnerGov_Prod/SelfService By: Kenneth Antonucci, Clerk In accordance with Governor Baker’s March 12, 2020 Order Suspending Certain Provisions of the Open Meeting Law, G.L. c. 30A, §18, and Governor’ Baker’s March 23, 2020 Revised Guidance on Order by the Governor Prohibiting Assemblage of More than Ten People, this hearing will be virtual and conducted via remote participation to the greatest extent possible. No in-person attendance by members of the public will be permitted, and all effort will be made to permit remote public attendance and participation in this virtual hearing via technological means, in the manner specified below, and if available, via public broadcast of the meeting by Malden Access Cable Television on public access television channels. Additional information/guidelines for the public can be found here: https://www.cityofmalden.org/DocumentCenter/View/2487/Public-information-on-Public-Meetings-and-Hearings-during-theDeclared-State-of-Emergency-related-to-COVID19PDF Members of the public who wish to attend virtually and participate remotely may do so using the following information: Please click the link below to join the webinar: https://cityofmalden.zoom.us/j/95733954533?pwd=TG1oRWM0VE1YaHFhVDNmWk1EbEZzZz09 Webinar ID: 957 3395 4533 Passcode: 077591 Or Dial by Telephone based on your current location: US: +1 929 436 2866 or +1 646 518 9805 International numbers available: https://cityofmalden.zoom.us/u/adlvXXJ0eo If you would like to request a reasonable accommodation, please contact Maria Luise, ADA Compliance Coordinator at mluise@cityofmalden.org or 781-397-7000, Ext 2005. April 23 & April 30, 2021

Page 20 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 FRANK’S Housepainting (781) 289-0698 • Exterior • Ceiling Dr. • Power Wash • Paper Removal • Carpentry FREE ESTIMATES — Fully Insured ~ HELP WANTED ~ Construction Help Wanted Seeking Full-Time Laborers Basic construction knowledge, MA Drivers License with clean driving record a must. EVERETT ALUMINUM Call Steve at: (617) 389-3839 Mold & Waterproofing EXPERTS • Sump Pumps • Walls & Floor Cracks • ALL WORK GUARANTEED - Licensed Contractor - JPG CONSTRUCTION Cell phone 781-632-7503 508-292-9134 FIRE • SOOT • WATER Homeowner’s Insurance Loss Specialists FREE CONSULTATION 1-877-SAL-SOOT Sal Barresi, Jr. - Your fi rst call 617-212-9050 SPADAFORA AUTO PARTS JUNK CARS WANTED SAME DAY PICK UP 781-324-1929 Quality Used Tires Mounted & Installed Used Auto Parts & Batteries Family owned & operated since 1946 For Advertising with Results, call The Advocate Newspapers at 617-387-2200 or Info@advocatenews.net Advocate Call now! 617-387-2200 advertise on the web at www.advocatenews.net “Proper prep makes all the difference” – F. Ferrera • Interior $ $ $ $ Classifieds

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 Page 21 J.F & Son Contracting Snow Plowing No Job too small! Free Estimates! Commercial & Residential 781-656-2078 - Property management & maintenance Shoveling & removal Landscaping, Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, Roofing, Carpentry, Framing, Decks, Fencing, Masonry, Demolition, Gut-outs, Junk Removal & Dispersal, Clean Ups: Yards, Garages, Attics & Basements. Truck for Hire, Bobcat Services. We follow Social Distancing Guidelines! Classifieds Advocate Call now! 617-387-2200 advertise on the web at www.advocatenews.net Frank Berardino MA License 31811 AAA Service • Lockouts Trespass Towing • Roadside Service Junk Car Removal 617-387-6877 26 Garvey St., Everett MDPU 28003 ICCMC 251976 ● 24-Hour Service ● Emergency Repairs BERARDINO Plumbing & Heating Gas Fitting ● Drain Service Residential & Commercial Service 617.699.9383 Senior Citizen Discount WASTE REMOVAL & BUILDING MAINTENANCE • Landscaping, Lawn Care, Mulching • Yard Waste & Rubbish Removal • Interior & Exterior Demolition (Old Decks, Fences, Pools, Sheds, etc.) • Appliance and Metal Pick-up • Construction and Estate Cleanouts • Pick-up Truck Load of Trash starting at $169 • Carpentry LICENSED & INSURED Call for FREE ESTIMATES! Office: (781) 233-2244

Page 22 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 FBI | FROM PAGE 10 Kick The Bucket Commercial Cleaning * Featuring Electrostatic Disinfectant Spray Call for Free Estimate * Licensed & Insured Call or Text: 781-974-4817 Email: Kickthebucketservices@gmail.com immediately and verify who is actually contacting you.” According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), 12,827 people reported being victims of government impersonation scams in 2020, with losses totaling $109,938,030. Here in the Boston Division, which includes all of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, ~Help Wanted~ MOTOR EQUIPMENT REPAIRMAN/LABORER City of Malden Department of Public Works The City of Malden seeks full time Motor Equipment Repairman/Laborer. Candidate Must possess a Commercial Driver’s License – Class B with air brakes endorsement preferred. Please submit written summary of background and experience to the Director of Human Resources, maldenhr@cityofmalden.org no later than 5:00 PM on Thursday, April 29, 2021. See full job description at www.cityofmalden.org/jobs NEW LISTING - LAWRENCE RARE FIND! 38 Main St., Saugus (617) 877-4553 mangorealtyteam.com ~ Meet Our Agents ~ LAWRENCE - Multi-Family, 2 family that offers 6 rooms, 2-3 bedrooms, many new updates, fenced in yard, pool, garage, shed, driveway and more....$349,000 Fluent in Chinese, Cantonese, Italian & Spanish! APARTMENT FOR RENT SAUGUS Beautiful 4 rooms, 2 bedroom condo includes heat, near Saugus Town Center. and Rhode Island, 405 complaints were fi led with fi nancial losses totaling $3,789,407. • 44 victims in Maine reported fi nancial losses totaling $32,252. • 270 victims in Massachusetts reported fi nancial losses totaling $3,254,895. • 38 victims in New Hampshire reported losing $89,382. • 53 victims in Rhode Island lost approximately $412,878. The FBI will never: • Call or e-mail private citizens to demand payment or threaten arrest. You will also not be asked to wire a “settlement” to avoid arrest. • Ask you to use large sums of your own money to help catch a criminal. • Ask you for wire transfers or gift cards. • Call you about “frozen” Social Security numbers or to coordinate inheritances. Scams impersonating the FBI and other government agencies are a persistent problem and can also occur via e-mail. Common hallmarks of a scam e-mail include misspellings, missing words, and incorrect grammar. Fraudulent e-mails may give the appearance of legitimacy by using pictures of the FBI Director and/or the FBI seal and letterhead. Members of the public seeking to confi rm that they have been contacted by an actual FBI employee are encouraged to call the FBI Boston Division at 857-386-2000 and ask to be connected directly. To avoid becoming a victim of this scam, be wary of answering phone calls from numbers you do not recognize. Do not send money to anybody that you do not personally know and trust. Never give out your personal information, including your Social security number, over the phone or to individuals you do not know. If you think you are a victim of this scam and suff ered a fi - nancial loss, please fi le a report with your local law enforcement agency and the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at www.ic3.gov. All types of fraud schemes and scams (even if there is no fi nancial loss) should be reported to IC3. Filing a complaint allows analysts from the FBI to identify leads and patterns from the hundreds of complaints that are received daily.The IC3 then refers the complaints, along with their analyses, to the relevant law enforcement agency to aid in public awareness and crime-prevention education eff orts. EVERETT - OPEN HOUSE APRIL 24 &25 190 Linden St., Everett - All offers due by April 27th by 12:00 pm. - First flr. 5 Room, 2 bdrm, 2 baths, 2nd flr. 6 Rms. 2 Bdrms. 1 bath & 3rd flr. 3 Rms. 1 Bdrm. Driveway, fenced yd, patio & more. Close to schools, transp., Casino, & other amenities..............................................................$899,000. Wakefield - $557,000 Sue Palomba Founder, CEO Barry Tam Lea Doherty Carolina Coral Patrick Rescigno Rosa Rescigno Carl Greenler Only $1,900/month Why List with Mango Realty? Our last listing SOLD $64,000 OVER ASKING with 28 OFFERS! NEW LISTING! - Presenting this 3-4 bedroom grand entrance Colonial with a big sun porch in the front. Beautiful hdw floors. Offers eat-in kit w/ gran. cntr tops. Family rm has fireplace w/ sliding doors to the deck. Lge level yd w/ addl. LOT of 3,492 sq. ft. One car garage, deck, driveway & more. Walk to Lake Qt., comtr. rail and mins supermkts. Call Mango Realty at (617) 877-4553 for a Free Market Analysis! JUST SOLD! UNDER AGREEMENT

THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 Page 23 # 1 Listing & Selling Office in Saugus “Experience and knowledge Provide the Best Service” Free Market Evaluations CRE CarpenitoRealEstate.com View our website from your mobile phone! 335 Central St., Saugus, MA 781-233-7300 SAUGUS - 1st AD - Much-sought-after Ranch style home offers 7 room, 2-3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, beautiful and spacious kitchen....................................................$510,000. SALEM - 1st AD - 4 rm., 2 bdrm. condo offers eat-in kit. w/ ceramic tile flooring, lvrm. w/ cathedral ceilings & exposed beams......................................................$299,900. PEABODY - 1st AD - Great opportunity to own this affordable, spac. 2 bdrm. Mobile Home. Updated kit. w/ granite counters, stainless steel appliances. Call for details..................................................$119,900. SAUGUS - 1st AD - GREAT TWO FAMILY home! 4/6 rms., 2 bdrms. each unit, granite kitchens, updated bathrms., 2nd flr. unit is located on 2 flrs., enclosed sunrms., 2020 roof............................................$649,900. SAUGUS - RARE FIND 3 FAMILY home offers 4/3/3 rms., updated kit. & baths, natural woodwork, built-ins, hrdwd., sep. utilities, newer rear decks, off st. parking......$1,050,000. DANVERS - Single family w/ sep. living space. 10 rms., 4 bdrms., 3 baths, sunroom, deck, detached gar., 4 yr. old roof, great for the large or extended family........$499,000. SAUGUS - 7 room, 3 bedroom Garrison Colonial offers 2 full baths, sunroom, kit. w/ center island, finished lower level offers family rm. and second kitchen updated roof, easy access to all major routes and shopping....................................................$489,900. NORTH ANDOVER - 1st AD - Heritage Green offers this rare 6 room, 3 bedroom, 2 full bath condo. Great open floor plan, spacious size rooms, deck, complex offers many amenities.....................................$299,900. WONDERING WHAT YOUR HOME IS WORTH? CALL FOR YOUR FREE MARKET ANALYSIS! LITTLEFIELD REAL ESTATE SAUGUS ~ Rehabbed colonial. New windows, siding, new kitchen with quartz counters, stainless appliances, new cabinets. New hardwood flooring throughout house. New heat. Central AC. New maintenance free deck..........$570,000 WAKEFIELD CONDO ~ 3 rooms, 1 bed, 1 bath, newly renovated, SS appliances, granite, high ceilings, deeds parking, pets allowed ....... $269,900 SAUGUS ~ Rehabbed colonial, 4-5 bedroom, 2 full baths, gas heat, central AC, new siding, new roof, hardwood flooring, fresh paint, new kitchen with SS appliances quartz counters ...............$559,900 38 Main Street, Saugus MA WWW.LITTLEFIELDRE.COM 781-233-1401 WAKEFIELD ~ New construction duplex. 3 bed, 2.5 baths, 2400 sq feet, garage under, central AC, Gas heat, fireplace living room............. Call Keith Littlefield for pricing Call Rhonda Combe For all your REVERE BEACH ~ Condo, 2 beds, 2 baths, quartz counters, SS appliances, central AC, beautiful ocean views, indoor pool, gym, sauna...... $394,900 real estate needs!! 781-706-0842 SAUGUS ~ 3 bed, 1.5 bath colonial. Open concept 1st floor, 2 car garage, newer gas heat, roof and HW heater, prof landscaping....$439,900 REVERE ~ 2 family located in the Beachmont area, 3 beds, one bath in top unit, 2 beds, one bath lower unit.....................................$639,000 Call Eric Rosen for all your real estate needs. 781-223-0289 WILMINGTON ~ Colonial featuring 4 beds and 2 full baths, great dead end location, central AC, hardwood flooring, finished lower level..$534,900 MELROSE ~ Single family, 4 bed, 2 full bath, SS appliances, new gas heat, quartz counters, Central AC, Garage under...................$650,000 LAND FOR SALE SAUGUS Call Rhonda Combe at 781-706-0842 for details!! SOLD SOLD UNDER CONTRACT SOLD

Page 24 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 23, 2021 Follow Us On: COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY SALES & RENTALS Welcome Spring! Sandy Juliano Broker/President House prices are still hot and inventory is still low, call today to learn what your house is worth in the spring market. NEW LISTING BY SANDY! WE KNOW EVERETT!! Call TODAY to sell or buy with the best! LISTED BY MICHAEL OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY APRIL 25, 2021 12:00-2:00 TWO FAMILY 111-113 CHESTNUT ST., EVERETT $849,900 LISTED BY SANDY SOLD! 3 BEDROOM SINGLE 158 GROVER ST., EVERETT $589,900 EVERETT RENTAL 1 BEDROOM $1,650/MO. WALK TO EVERETT SQUARE CALL NORMA FOR DETAILS 617-590-9143 SOLD! TWO FAMILY 141 GARLAND ST., EVERETT $925,000 CALL SANDY FOR DETAILS: 617-448-0854 EVERETT RENTAL 2 BEDROOM CALL NORMA FOR DETAILS 617-590-9143 SOLD! SINGLE FAMILY 40 EASTERN AVE., REVERE $464,888 EVERETT RENTAL 3 BEDROOMS, 2ND FLOOR HEAT, COOKING GAS & HOT WATER INCLUDED $2,700/MONTH SECTION 8 WELCOME PLEASE CALL SANDY FOR DETAILS 617-448-0854 SOLD! 25 HAWKES ST., SAUGUS NEW PRICE! $434,900 TWO FAMILY 85 ELSIE ST., EVERETT NEW PRICE! $785,900 NEW LISTING BY MARIA COMMERCIAL/RETAIL SPACE FOR RENT GREAT MAIN ST. LOCATION $1,500/MO. CALL SANDY FOR DETAILS 617-448-0854 Open Daily From 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. 433 Broadway, Suite B, Everett, MA 02149 Open Daily From 10:0 Joe DiNuzzo - Broker Associate :0 00 AM 5:00 PM www.jrs-properties.com Follow Us On: 617.544.6274 Norma Capuano Parziale - Agent Denise Matarazz - Agent Maria Scrima - Agent Rosemarie Ciampi - Agent Michael Matarazzo -Agent Mark Sachetta - Agent

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