THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, April 12, 2019 Page 19 BEACON | FROM PAGE 18 tect reproductive rights of all people.” “As the leading advocate for reproductive rights in Massachusetts, the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund is working towards a state in which every person has the rights, freedoms, and opportunities to control their lives and determine the course of their own futures—no matter what,” said Tricia Wajda, Vice President of External Aff airs for the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund. By championing bold policies that break down entrenched barriers to health care, improve access to sex education, and defend reproductive rights against political attacks, The Advocacy Fund is helping build healthier and more equitable communities.” Key to rating: The scorecard assigns each Massachusetts state representative and senator a rating of: "Champion," "Ally,” "Mixed,” "Opponent” or "NEI" (not enough information) based on each legislator’s lifetime voting record, co-sponsorship history, public statements and other factors. Here are the defi nitions: Champion: A legislator who has demonstrated leadership on the Advocacy Fund’s legislative agenda and works in partnership with the fund to advance its shared goal to improve access to sexual and reproductive health care and protect the health and rights of Massachusetts residents. Ally: A legislator who consistently supports the fund’s legislative and policy agenda including protecting access to safe, legal abortion. Mixed: A legislator who may oppose access to safe, legal abortion - but who supports preventive health measures – such as family planning and sex education – and is willing to work with the Advocacy Fund in support of these issues. In other instances, a “mixed” legislator may support abortion access, but has taken action against sexual and reproductive health care ac1. On April 14, 1896, who patented the process for making cornflakes? 2. Which U.S. president did not live in the White House? 3. In which U.S. state is Prairie Dog State Park? 4. In April 1876 in a game between Philadelphia and Boston, William McLean became the first baseball umpire to work professionally. What was the league? 5. In April 1938, what cartoon character first appeared in “Porky’s Hare Hunt”? 6. What were the first airplanes made by Boeing in Seattle made of? 7. On April 15, 1952, New York’s Franklin National Bank issued what first money substitute of its kind? 8. What animal does a peccary resemble? 9. In April 2008, what actor who played Moses in “The Ten Commandments” died? 10. What is America’s oldest seaside resort? (Hint: N.J.) 11. In 1897, Susan, the Countess of Malmesbury, wrote “There is no doubt that” what “has cess either with a vote or public statement. Opponent: A legislator who vocally opposes access to safe, legal abortion and/or access to sexual and reproductive health care more broadly. A legislator who supports some health issues included in the Advocacy Agenda may still be considered an Advocacy Fund opponent. Not Enough Information (NEI): A legislator who has not participated in the Advocacy Fund’s endorsement process or has not taken a public stance on the fund’s priority issues. More details on the scorecard are at: https://www.plannedparenthoodaction.org/plannedparenthood-advocacy-fundbrought health to many a nervous, over-wrought woman”? 12. On April 17, 1830, what abolitionist began a jail sentence for criticizing a shipowner who dealt in slaves? (Hint: initials WLG.) 13. What Stephen Foster song performance has been a tradition at the Kentucky Derby? 14. What is the Passover night meal called? 15. On April 18, 1775, British General Thomas Gage ordered troops to march where to seize ammunition and arms? 16. What company’s stock ticker symbol is HOG? (Hint: transport.) 17. What fictional member of the Justice League’s civilian identity is Diana Prince? 18. What Asian country is well known for the tradition of drinking maple sap? 19. Where is Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world? 20. Since the 1870’s what U.S. city has had an Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival? Answers on page 20 massachusetts-inc/elections/ legislative-scorecard. Here is how local representatives and senators were rated by the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund: Rep. Paul Donato Mixed Champion Rep. Steven Ultrino Champion Sen. Jason Lewis Champion HOW LONG WAS LAST WEEK'S SESSION? Beacon Hill Roll Call tracks the length of time that the House and Senate were in session each week. Many legislators say that legislative sessions are only one aspect of the Legislature's job and that a lot of important work is done outside ~ Obituaries ~ Sister Brigid Mary Hurley D ied on Apr i l 4, 2019 peacefully surrounded by her friends and family. She was born on July 8, 1941 in Malden, to Timothy & Bridget Manning Hurley. Sister Brigid Mary entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Providence on July 22, 1959. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from Saint Mary-ofthe-Woods College, Indiana, in elementary education. In her 60 years as a Sister of Providence, she taught for 50 years in schools in Indiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Washington DC, & Massachusetts, including 21 years at St. Rose, Chelsea & 16 years at Cheverus in Malden. Sister’s sense of humor was legendary. She was always ready with a funny comment and quick reply. She loved teaching, having a deep compassion for her students as well as for all that she served. Sister Bridgid Mary is survived by her three brothers, Timothy and his wife Ann Marie of Peabody, Michael and his wife Barbara of Braintree & Neil and his wife Kathleen of Winchester. Sister is also survived by many nieces and nephews. A Memorial Service will be held in Boston in May with a complete notice to follow. In lieu of fl owers, donations may be made to the Sisters of Providence, 1 Sisters of Providence, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, IN 47876-1007. Therese R. (Mathieu) Marzullo f Eastham, formerly of Malden, age 88, passed away on April 8th at the Terraces Nursing Home. Beloved wife of Michael Marzullo for 64 OBITUARIES | SEE PAGE 20 REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS Copyrighted material previously published in Banker & Tradesman/The Commercial Record, a weekly trade newspaper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group. For a searchable database of real estate transactions and property information visit: www.thewarrengroup.com. BUYER1 BUYER2 Gong, Yi SELLER1 Mu, Dakai London, Jacy Khatri, Tejindra Rai, Anita Dileo, Frances Wang, Zhisheng Xu, Xiaohe Hall, Yueji Culley, Jacob Rawana, Asharoon SELLER2 ADDRESS Bernal, John 9-11 Baldwin St Ferullo, John G 6 Arcadia St Hall, Tyler 49 Hanover St PRICE $ 461 400,00 $ 560 000,00 20-30 Daniels St #202 $ 300 000,00 $ 415 000,00 O of the House and Senate chambers. They note that their jobs also involve committee work, research, constituent work and other matters that are important to their districts. Critics say that the Legislature does not meet regularly or long enough to debate and vote in public view on the thousands of pieces of legislation that have been fi led. They note that the infrequency and brief length of sessions are misguided and lead to irresponsible late-night sessions and a mad rush to act on dozens of bills in the days immediately preceding the end of an annual session. During the week of April 1-5, the House and Senate each met for a total of one hour and 16 Advocate ~ LEGAL NOTICE ~ COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS THE TRIAL COURT PROBATE AND FAMILY COURT Middlesex Division 208 Cambridge Street Cambridge, MA 023141 (617) 768-5800 Docket No. MI19P1491EA Estate of: Michael James Martorana Also Known As: Michael J. Martorana Date of Death: July 10, 2018 NOTICE OF INFORMAL PROBATE To all persons interested in the above captioned estate, by Petition of Petitioner Christopher M. Martorana of Malden, MA a Will has been admitted to informal probate. Christopher M. Martorana of Malden, MA has been informally appointed as the Personal Representative of the estate to serve without surety on the bond. The estate is being administered under informal procedure by the Personal Representative under the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code without supervision by the Court.            Court, but interested parties are entitled to notice regarding the administration from the Personal Representative and can petition the Court in any matter relating to the estate, including distribution of assets and expenses of administration. Interested parties are entitled to petition the Court to institute formal proceedings and to obtain orders terminating or restricting the powers of Personal Representatives appointed under informal procedure. A copy of the Petition and Will, if any, can be obtained from the Petitioner. April 12, 2019 minutes while the Senate met for a total of one hour and 26 minutes. Mon., April 1 House 11:02 a.m. to 11:05 a.m. Senate 11:03 a.m. to 11:10 a.m. Tues. April 2 No House session No Senate session Wed. April 3 No House session No Senate session Thurs. April 4 House 11:00 a.m. to 12.13 p.m. Senate 11:09 a.m. to 12:18 p.m. Fri. April 5 No House session No Senate session Bob Katzen welcomes feedback at bob@beaconhillrollcall.com Malden

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