Page 4 THE MALDEN ADVOCATE–Friday, February 12, 2021 Malden Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday... Hyman and Sarah Gould By Peter F. Levine S ome while back, I posted a photo of Richard Nixon visiting Malden in 1956 as Vice President. A bandstand was set up near the Granada Theatre opposite The Palace of Sweets on Pleasant Street. The vice president was enthusiastically welcomed by a throng of Maldonians, many of them in attendance to cheer on local pols sitting in the V.I.P. section erected for the occasion. Seated on the dais with Nixon that long-ago day was future Mass. Governor Leverett Saltonstall, Secretary of State Christian A. Herter, Republican City Committee Chairman Edward J. Bushell, Michael DeMarco and Melrose Mayor Lawrence Lloyd. With that said, I received an interesting email from a former Maldonian, Dave Perley. A dentist living in Los Angeles but through the miracle of the world wide web has been able to connect with his roots once again. He saw this old black and white and it brought back a flood of memories. I'll let Dave take it from here: "My great grandparents owned the Gould Building in the photo. The Palace of Sweets and the Quality Restaurant were in the Gould Building. Unfortunately, they died in the Spanish Influenza pandemic. They left four orphans. The rents from the sale of the building helped support the orphaned children. I really liked the photo of the Gould Building with Nixon. Hyman and Sarah Gould were my great grandparents. Chaim Gel changed his name to Hyman Gould after he came to America. His family were butchers from Krekenava, Lithuania (Russian occupied). He became a plumber along with his other brothers, Samuel, and Max. His mother, Freda, and his sisters, Fannie, Annie and Goldie also came to America. Hyman married Sarah Sandler. Sarah was born either in Krekenava or Dotnuva. Her father was Jacob Sandler, one of the founders of the Sandler Shoe Department store in Lawrence. I have been researching my family tree for the last eight years and I was the one who figured out the Gould name was originally Gel. I figured out who came to America and traced them to Lithuania. Hyman and Sarah had four children, Vivian, Ruth, Dexter, and Gloria. Vivian was my grandmother. Hyman died on Sept. 29, 1918 and Sarah died on Feb. 3, 1920. The orphans were sepCORPORATE & BUSINESS TAX PREPARATION RESPONSIVE CPA ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS * Financial Statement: Audit & Reviews * Payroll & Bookkeeping Services Call (617) 240-2905 / Email: Steven.divirgilio@cpa.com Website: WWW.STEVEDCPA.COM Malden Square in 1956 with the Gould Building in the background. (Courtesy Photo) arated and lived with different family members. They were reunited later and lived with a second cousin, Samuel Gill, and his wife Fannie. Samuel and Fannie had no children of their own, so they took in the orphans. I found the 1930 census with Samuel listed as a cousin to Dexter, Ruth, and Gloria. Vivian had already moved out. That cousin relationship led me to figuring out that the Gould name was originally Gel. Samuel Gill's original surname was Gel. My cousin, Nancy Sandman gave me Hyman and Sarah Gould's contract to buy the Gould Building on Dec. 13, 1917. I used maps and directories to pinpoint the location. Nancy Sandman wrote, "My favorite part of going with my Dad to collect rents was a stop at Palace of Sweets where the owner of the store offered me whatever I wanted!" Nancy Sandman's daughter, Joanna is a lawyer and works at the Dowling Building. Joanna would look out her office window never realizing that her great grandparents once owned a building across the street. The Gould Building does not exist anymore but in its place is a rather ugly one-story building, not magnificent like it once was" (my note: I totally agree with you Dave!). This I did not know until Molly Silvia Nickerson at Nickerson contacted me a little while back. Callahan Construction Managers in collaboration with The Gavin Foundation and Malden Overcoming Addiction were vital in the renovation of the Bridge Recovery Center on Commercial St in Malden. Callahan reconstructed the existing property’s second floor by adding an industrial kitchen, two restrooms, a reception area, and a recreation room. The good folks Callahan also aided with installing flooring and painting the space. Imagine that!? A construction company with a heart. Their contribution was immeasurable. Callahan is a full-service construction management company serving the New England area as a family owned and operated business for more than 65 years. They were voted a “Best Place to Work” in 2018 by the Boston Globe so they gotta be doing something right! I’ve been told that Callahan’s involvement at the property stemmed from their work alongside the City of Malden in the planning and execution of J Malden Center, which as most know at this point is a transit-oriented, mixed-use development that really did revitalize the Square. Especially that area which was totally lost to Malden because “The Beast That Ate Pleasant Street” sat there and ate up prime real estate. Thank you, Steve Freker, for the nickname. When the project was completed Mayor Gary Christenson and city officials approached Callahan about the renovation of the Bridge Recovery Center. Callahan was able to donate time and resources toward getting the center open. For the “not in my backyard crowd” out there The Bridge Recovery Center offers a variety of services through community partnerships, including the employment of Cambridge Health Alliance’s outpatient clinical services, ABCD food services, housing assistance and job training, Narcan training by Cataldo Ambulance, computer classes provided by Business Solutions Unplugged, media workshops held by 3MG Boston, access to physical activity at the local Y, and Seven Mile Road Church for spiritual well-being. Nothing more, nothing less. Thank you, Callahan Construction, for giving back to the community and for caring. Thank you, Bridge Recovery Center, for being there for Malden. I was gobsmacked once again just last week. Not to be confused with the sludge rock band Godsmack who I just did not care for very much. Please do not take offense Sully. So, Super of Cems "Gentleman" Jim Cahil walks into the Parking Dept., no doubt to discuss something urgent and for the betterment of all Maldonians with Parking Director Ron Hogan. The door is closed so I know the subject matter is on a need to know basis only. Jimmy finally emerges. In his hand is a baggy full of round doughy orbs. He tells us that his wife, "The Fabulous One" Judy (sister to Amerige Park hoop legends Franny and Joe Repucci by the way), makes these pizza roll delicacies with her very own hands. These particular ones are pepperoni pizza rolls. He says try one. Twist my arm Jimmy. We place a couple in the microwave. Thirty seconds later I am eating the most delicious, the tastiest, the most delectable pepperoni pizza rolls I have ever had! No fake news! Jimmy has spoken of his wife, The Fabulous One, so often over the many years that I feel I know her like the back of my gnarly old hand. "Loving, caring, attentive, the best cook, the best mother, the best wife, the best this and the best that" are common superlatives thrown around by Jimmy. Chuckie Ranaghan, my brothMALDEN: TODAY| SEE PAGE 7

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