Malden ADVOCATE Vol. 29, No. 2 -FREEwww.advocatenews.net Published Every Friday 617-387-2200 Friday, January 10, 2020 Inaugural ceremony featured tradition and talent By Barbara Taormina T he lions roared, the band played, the Choral Arts Society sang and Malden’s elected officials were sworn in for a new term. A crowd of families, friends and supporters turned out Monday night for the city’s inauguration at Malden High’s Jenkins Auditorium. City Messenger Peter Levine and the Malden Police and Fire Department’s color guard added traditional pomp to the event; religious leaders offered prayers and blessings; and the Malden High Step Team and the Namaste Dance Troupe brought energy and color to the ceremony. Associate Justice Kenneth V. Desmond, Jr. of the Massachusetts Appeals Court administered the oath of office to Mayor Gary Christenson, who is beginning his third term as Malden’s mayor. Christenson spoke briefly and highlighted the new police station, the Teen Enrichment Center and the downtown’s revitalization as examples of meaningful change and progress the city has made since he was first elected in 2012. He said the city councillors and members of the school committee, most of whom were incumbents who were elected to new terms, are beginning a journey of new opportunities. “The cost is hard work for those who choose to get involved in a way that will be fulfilling most of the time, frustrating some of the time and memorable all of the time,” he said. Christenson said he wakes up each day just as excited to head INAUGURAL | SEE PAGE 7 Ward 8 Councillor Jadeane Sica –the 2020 City Council President – was presented an award for her service as City Council President in 2019. (Advocate Photo by Paul Hammersley) Sica and Iovino keep leadership roles I By Barbara Taormina Jadeane Sica City Council President Leonard Iovino School Committee Vice Chair n a surprise move, the City Council elected Ward 8 Councillor Jadeane Sica to serve a second one-year term as City Council president during this week’s inaugural ceremony. Typically, the gavel changes hands each year, with councillors electing members with seniority who have yet to serve as City Council president. But Ward 7 Councillor Neal Anderson announced that during the brief closed-door meeting held during the inauguration, councillors voted to reelect Sica. It was only the second time a person was chosen to serve backto-back years as City Council president, said Anderson. The first time was in 2014 when councillors voted to stick with Anderson as City Council president for a second consecutive year. City Council presidents preside over City Council meetings, appoint committee chairs and members and makes sure council discussions take place in a democratic way. Anderson said that over the past year, Sica brought grace, style, innovation and fairness to the role. “We look forward to her leadership next year,” he added. Sica thanked fellow councillors for the show of confidence and said 2019 was a year the council accomplished important work in a way that should make all members proud. “As we enter 2020, we are unitKEEP ROLES | SEE PAGE 10

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