Page 22 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, AUGUST 13, 2021 opened; can all ships fit through the canal? 9. Do octopuses have tentacles? 10. Why could it be prob1. On Aug. 13, 1969, what two astronauts (who landed on the moon) had a ticker tape parade in NYC? 2. Reportedly, what is the busiest day of the year for restaurants? 3. What is said to have the most activity in cloud computing: banking, government or schools? 4. August 14 is World Lizis the only venomous lizard native to what country? 5. What is the most common mineral in beach sand: garnet, mica or quartz? 6. Was Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame really a colonel? 7. What was the first human virus, which was discovered in 1901? 8. On Aug. 15, 1914, the ard Day; the Gila monster Panama Canal officially lematic for the Cleveland Indians to rebrand and trademark “Cleveland Guardians”? 11. On Aug. 16, 1898, a patent was awarded for a loop-de-loop roller coaster that operated where in the USA? 12. What state produces the most wild blueberries in the world? 13. On Aug. 17, 1807, the North River Steamboat started its inaugural run from NYC for Albany on the Hudson River; what is that steamboat usually called? 14. How many lines does a Japanese haiku have in English? 15. In what country that shares borders with Turkey and Azerbaijan is the Tumanyan Matchbox Label Museum? 16. What state’s Official Blues Artist is Henry St. Clair Fredericks (aka Taj Mahal)? 17. On Aug. 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was verified, which mandated what? 18. At what age did Simone Biles become interested in gymnastics: six or nine or 12? 19. In what Western U.S. city would you find an artwork with 163 steps of mosaic tiles called “the 16th Avenue Staircase”? 20. August 19 is World Photography Day; on Aug. 19, 1839, Louis Daguerre demonstrated his daguerreotype process after receiving funding from what government? ANSWERS 1. Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong 2. Mother’s Day 3. Banking 4. The USA 5. Quartz (It is hard and erodes less quickly.) 6. He was not a military colonel, but he received the honorary title of “Kentucky Colonel” from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 7. Yellow fever 8. No; a few of the largest container ships can’t pass through despite the addition of wider locks. 9. No; they have arms with suckers. 10. Reportedly, there was already a roller derby team with the latter name. 11. Coney Island 12. Maine 13. Clermont (a misnomer from an 1817 biography of Robert Fulton) 14. Three 15. Armenia 16. Massachusetts’s 17. Women’s suffrage 18. Six 19. San Francisco 20. France (a pension from the Parliament)

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