Page 14 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 29, 2022 RESNEK | FROM PAGE 12 vid O’Neil. “The bank headed by O’Neill a a keeps $15 million of the city’s money in its ledger account (interest free),” states Resnek to Kurkjian. S y Senior How to Sell Unwanted Sa by Jim Miller H t Sll U Burial Plots Dear Savvy Senior, How do I go about selling unwanted burial plots in my hometown cemetery? When my parents died about 25 years ago my husband (at the time) and I bought two plots near them in the same cemetery. But we’ve gotten divorced since then and have both moved out of state. Besides that, I would like to be cremated instead of buried. Looking to Sellr Dear Looking, Life changes such as relocating, family disputes and divorce, along with the growing popularity of cremation in the U.S., is causing more and more people to sell previously purchased burial plots they don’t intend to use any longer. But, depending on where you live and the location of the cemetery, selling a plot can be diffi cult. And, if you do sell it, you’ll probably get less than what you initially paid for it. Here’s are a few tips to get you started. Contact the cemetery: Your fi rst step in selling your unwanted burial plots is to contact the cemetery and find out if they would be interested in buying them back, or if you’re allowed to sell them yourself to another person or family. And if so, what paperwork will you need to complete the sale and is there a transfer fee? Some states require sellers to off er the plot back to the cemetery before selling it to others. Selling options: If you fi nd that it’s OK to sell your plots yourself, many people choose to use a broker. There are a number of companies, like PlotBrokers.com and GraveSolutions.com, that will list your plots for sale and handle the transaction for a fee and possibly a commission. If you go this route, you’ll sign paperwork giving the broker permission to work on your behalf. Listings can last up to three years or until the plots sell. Alternatively, or simultaneously, you can also list them yourself on sites like The Cemetery Exchange, GraveSales.com along with eBay and Craigslist, and handle the transaction yourself. In the ad, be sure to post pictures, describe the area where the cemetery is located and give the plot locations. What to ask: Appropriate pricing is key to selling your plots. It’s recommended that you fi nd out what the cemetery is selling their plots for today and ask at least 20 percent less. If you’re pricing too close to what the cemetery charges, there’s no incentive for potential buyers. Beware of scammers: If you choose to sell your plots yourself, it’s not unusual for scam artist to reach out and try to get your personal fi - nancial information. Phone calls tend to be more genuine than emails and text messages. Donate them: If you don’t have any luck selling your plots, and if money isn’t an issue, you can donate them to charity such as a religious congregation, a local veteran’s group or an organization that aids the homeless. To get a tax deduction, you’ll need an appraisal, which a cemetery or broker may supply for a fee. Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit SavvySenior.org. Jim Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today show and author of “The Savvy Senior” book. t Seni nior n r ior Resnek continues his ravings claiming proof that the city clerk has emails and texts from the mayor; or that Attorney O’Neil cannot refute the claim of a second LLC. “I know I have this right. Let the mayor and the bankers point out where I have it wrong,” writes Resnek. “Bottom line – the mayor got $96,000 from the city clerk by threatening him.” “Think I have this fat (expletive). I’ve been working for three years to bring him down,” he states. “Let me know what you think.” On Sept. 6, 2021, Resnek also emails Walt Pavlo. Jr., an expert on white collar crime and the federal justice system with respect to his upcoming Sept. 8th article which he sent to Pavlo. “This is an early iteration of a (expletive) masterpiece that will bring this (expletive) down!” writes Resnek. On Sept. 30, in a text exchange with Globe reporter Andrea Estes, who Resnek claimed in his depositions het attempted to feed Estes with his stories with the hopes the Globe would pick up on it, Estes requests that Resnek go to speak to Everett Co-operative Bank offi cials, saying she knew someone who was friends with the president. Resnek replies that he can’t “go there” as they “play Carlo’s game for him”. “Have u tried? replies Estes. Resnek, again trying to persuade Estes into doing his dirty work, tells Estes that the bank president knows that he “knows everything. I can’t go after him. You can. I can’t.” “Why?” asks Estes. “My partner owes the bank about $6 million,” replies Resnek, adding, “Even I have RESNEK | SEE PAGE 17 CITY OF EVERETT - LEGAL NOTICE - ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS 484 BROADWAY ROOM 24 EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS 02149 To Whom It May Concern:: This notice is to inform you that a public hearing will be held on Monday, August 15, 2022 at 6:00 PM, Everett City Hall, 3rd Floor George Keverian Hearing Room. All interested parties may attend and opinions will be heard regarding the following petition. Whereas a petition has been presented by: Property Address: 1 Magnolia Ct. Map/Lot: M0-02-000103 Person Requesting: Bold Vision Real Estate 1 Magnolia Ct. Everett, MA 02149 PROPOSAL: To convert the existing single family into a two-family residential dwelling also construct a new stairway into the basement in the rear yard Reason for Denial: • The lot is only 2994 square feet in area. • Proposed parking is shown to be in the side yard setback (corner side) • Parking is shown to be within eight feet of windows on the first floor • The proposed stairway into the basement is shown to be in the rear yard setback. • The existing building is a non-conforming structure in that it does not have the required rear yard. Zoning: Section 3 General Requirements Paragraph 3 which states the following: (3) Existing non-conforming structure or uses may be extended or altered, provided that such extension, alteration or change of use shall be permitted only upon the grant of a Special Permit by the zoning board of appeals after a public hearing and a finding by the board that such extension, alteration or change of use shall not be substantially more detrimental to the neighborhood than the existing non-conforming use or structure. (Ord. of 4-29-91) Section 4 Dwelling District line 2-Dimensional requirements line (2) Lot Area: b. Two Family Dwelling------7000 Square Feet Section 17 Off-Street Parking lines M, J and K which states the following: (M) No parking stall shall be located within eight (8) feet of any window of habitable rooms in the basement or first story level of any building. (J) Parking facilities shall be designed so that each motor vehicle may proceed to and from the parking space provided for it without requiring the moving of any other motor vehicle. The Board of Appeals, however, may by special permit modify this requirement and the dimensional requirements of paragraph (I) of this section, where a parking facility is under full-time attendant supervision (K) Parking facilities shall be designed so that no vehicles shall be parked nearer to any street lines than the minimum specified building setback for the Zoning District in which the parking facility is located. BOARD OF APPEALS FOR THE CITY OF EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS Mary Gerace - Chairman Robert Suppa - Clerk July 29, August 5, 2022

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