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DiDomenico secures more than $135M for district projects in Transportation Bond Bill S enator Sal DiDomenico and his colleagues in the State Senate recently passed a $17 billion Transportation Bond Bill to fund major transportation infrastructure projects across the Commonwealth in order to modernize, expand and maintain our transportation system. “This bill places an emphasis on regional equity and accessibility when it comes to transportation, something that is much needed at a time like this,” said DiDomenico. “Equal access to transportation is intrinsically connected with equal access to economic opportunity, and this bill seeks to increase this accessibility through major infrastructure improvements while also creating jobs to help those populations who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic and plagued by economic uncertainty.” Within the bill, DiDomenico successfully secured funding for his district (parts of Middlesex and Suffolk Counties) by helping include language that allocates $108 million for transportation improvements in the West End of Boston by relocating a portion of Storrow Drive and its access ramps to Charles Circle. In addition, DiDomenico filed several amendments that were adopted into the final bill, including $2.5 million to assist with improvements to the Sweetster Circle section of Everett. “One of my top priorities was making sure our district received the necessary funds to invest in these key development projects, particularly in those areas that have long been in need of improveSal DiDomenico State Senator ments,” said DiDomenico. “It is critical that even during this period of financial hardship and uncertainty, we take the time to invest in modern, reliable infrastructure and create jobs at the same time. I am pleased that this funding will be made available for the City of Everett to continue improvements to Sweetser Circle.” DiDomenico also successfully secured an amendment concerning “micromobility.” The amendment ensures that e-bikes are adequately regulated by classifying them separately from combustion-engine vehicles. DiDomenico has been working closely with the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition on e-bike legislation this session, and language from his bill (S.2071) was included to the final version of the bond bill passed by the Senate. “This important legislation is the culmination of tireless efforts by several organizations, especially MassBike,” said DiDomenico. “This is an important priority for my district, and I am confident these micromobility measures will put us on par with other states in ensuring that e-bikes are adequately regulated, and our roads remain safe.” In addition, DiDomenico secured an additional $20 million to improve access to bus lanes in his district through Charlestown, Chelsea and Everett. This has been a priority for many communities in DiDomenico’s district, and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation has been a strong partner in this endeavor. The bill, An Act authorizing and accelerating transportation investment, authorizes funding for a wide variety of infrastructure projects, including both upkeep and maintenance as well as modernization. In addition to addressing issues such as construction, regional initiatives, traffic congestion, and transportation network company data sharing, this legislation addresses equity in the transportation system by requiring a low-income fare program which will provide discounted transit fares to qualifying riders on MBTA transportation and commuter rail, starting on January 1, 2022. The bill represents an important step in reducing traffic congestion, and tasks the Department of Transportation with collecting new information and creating expert-driven plans to respond to the issue. These include seeking federal approval to join the Value Pricing Pilot Program, which provides state agencies with options to manage congestion. The bill must now be reconciled with legislation previously passed by the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Federal judge dismisses lawsuit against Wynn By Christopher Roberson chusetts Gaming Commission. After being filed in SeptemT he sexual harassment lawsuit against casino tycoon Stephen Wynn was recently dropped in federal court. The case was based on claims made by nine women that Wynn Resorts, the owner of Encore Boston Harbor, had knowledge of the alleged harassment and still failed to act. In February 2018, the allegations compelled Wynn to resign as chairman and chief executive of Wynn Resorts, positions he had held for 16 years. One year later, the company was fined $20 million by the Nevada Gaming Control Board and $35 million by the Massaber 2019, the order to dismiss the lawsuit was handed down on July 15 by U.S. District Judge James Mahan. In their complaint, the women identified themselves as Judy Doe No. 1 through Judy No. 9. They maintained that using their real names would put them at risk for legal retribution by Wynn. “Although plaintiffs wish to preserve their anonymity, this causes several deficiencies in their claims against the Wynn defendants,” Mahan said in his order, adding that they did not provide valid reasons for remaining anonymous. Mahan said the plaintiffs also used “generalized and vague statements without individualized factual support for their allegations,” adding that the women needed to present individual facts rather than file a collective pleading. “Though plaintiffs all allege sexual harassment by Steve Wynn, the individualized acts of sexual harassment – are separate transactions or occurrences that must be appropriately pled in order to comply with rule,” he said. However, the case was dismissed without prejudice, meaning the plaintiffs have the option of refiling the lawsuit. Prices subject to change GOD BLESS AMERICA! FLEET

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