Page 6 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – Friday, July 5, 2019 Sen. DiDomenico’s Birthday Party at The Kowloon State Senator Sal DiDomenico was joined by friends, family and supporters to celebrate his annual birthday bash at the Kowloon. Guests enjoyed dancing to local band Vinyl Groove and eating Chinese food while showing their support for the Senator. (Advocate Photos by Katy Rogers) Senator Sal DiDomenico was accompanied by his family: Sal, Tricia and Matthew. Jack McGrath joined Sal, Matthew and Senator Sal DiDomenico. Councillor candidate Jason Marcus showed his support for Senator Sal DiDomenico. Senator Sal DiDomenico was joined by Ward 5 Councillor Rosa DiFlorio. Senator Sal DiDomenico was joined by Ward 3 Councillor Anthony DiPierro and Councillor candidate Al Lattanzi. Mary Pompeo, Paul Smith and Rachel Dantone enjoyed mingling at Senator Sal DiDomenico’s birthday party at the Kowloon. Interim Supt. of Schools Janice Gauthier was joined by School Committee members Frank Parker, David Ela, Marcony Almeida Barros and Allen Panarese at Sen. DiDomenico’s Birthday fundraiser. Tricia DiDomenico welcomed guests to Sen. DiDomenico’s birthday fundraiser. Senator Sal DiDomenico was joined by School Committee Member candidate Cynthia Sarnie. Council President Rich Dell Isola was joined by his wife, Lisa for Sen. Sal DiDomenico’s birthday bash. Senator Sal DiDomenico thanked his supporters in attendance.

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