EV R Vol. 31, No.26 -FREEEVE ETT www.advocatenews.net ne net Have a Safe & Happy July 4th Hav D O Independence is a beautiful thing. We’ll be closed Monday, July 4th for Independence Day. As always, you can access our ATMs and your Online & Mobile Banking anytime. Enroll at www.EverettBank.com OCAT Free Every Friday 617-387-2200 By James Mitchell A ttorneys for Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s defamation law419 BROADWAY. EVERETT, MA 02149 771 SALEM ST. LYNNFIELD, MA 01940 WWW.EVERETTBANK.COM 617-387-1110 781-776-4444 Member FDIC | Member DIF suit were back at it with their questioning of Everett Leader Herald newspaper publisher’s self-proclaimed “wordsmith” Joshua Resnek at the law offi ces of Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP in Boston on June 23. In the second of a series of videotaped depositions, according to Resnek – already admitting to fabricating remarks made from a six to eight-minute interview with Everett City Clerk Sergio Cornelio of a commercial property deal by Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Jr. and Cornelio – with Leader Herald owner Matthew Philbin he created a series of stories aimed at destroying Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s reputation and chances of reelection in the 2017 primary and general election. In the opening round, Resnek SINCE 1921 Messinger Insurance Agency 475 Broadway Everett, MA 02149 Phone: 617-387-2700 Fax: 617-387-7753 NEW COMPETITIVE AUTO RATES AND BENEFITS AVAILABLE  ACCIDENT FORGIVENESS  DISAPPEARING COLLISION DEDUCTIBLE  11% DISCOUNT WITH SUPPORTING POLICY  10% COMBINED PAY IN FULL DISCOUNT AND GREEN DISCOUNT  10% GOOD STUDENT DISCOUNT Celebrating 100 years of excellence! Monday thru Friday: 8am to 6pm Saturdays 9am to 1pm! Check out our NEW website! www.messingerinsurance.com Marie Charlusena Sylvain was all smiles after receiving a standing ovation after being sworn in at city hall on Monday evening. See pages 10 & 11 for photo highlights. (Advocate photo by Tara Vocino) was again asked about his limited liability company, Chelsea Press LLC, a company he set up without his name being stated as the owner, where he would receive payment from Dorchester Publications, Matthew Phil! ADV CTE Friday, July 1, 2022 Carlo DeMaria, Jr. vs. Everett leader Herald, llC The Blue Suit Gets Laundered bin’s company which owns the Leader Herald, as well as payments from another vendor, Passport Parking, a vendor of the City of Boston. According to Resnek, the monies didn’t go to him personally, but to the company, which allowed him to pay his business expenses. Resnek claimed that being paid by Philbin through his Chelsea Press LLC saved the newspaper 15% or so in taxes that would have to be taken out of his salary. “So, the monies don’t go to you personally,” asked Atty. Jeffrey Robbins, representing DeMaria. “They get deposited into an LLC which does not identify you as the owner but you own?” “Yes,” stated Resnek. The questioning returned back to Resnek’s relationship with City Clerk Sergio Cornelio, which, according to Resnek, began in 2017 when he started working for Philbin and the Leader Herald. Robbins asked him if he was aware of Cornelio’s mental and emotional state, if he knew he suff ered from depression and anxiety, and that he had a two-month-old child. RESNEK | SEE PAGE 18 City Welcomes First Haitian Female Police Offi cer

Page 2 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 Councillor Cardillo reacts to former church tenant’s allegations of racism at Everett Grace Food Pantry By Tara Vocino C ouncillor-At-Large Irene Cardillo addressed some allegations made about her character during Monday’s council meeting at City Hall. “Last meeting, two weeks ago, I was caught off guard very hurt and upset,” Cardillo said during a point of personal privilege. “I don’t like ANGELO’S FULL SERVICE Regular Unleaded $4.599 Mid Unleaded $4.789 Super $5.299 Diesel Fuel $5.399 44 Years of Excellence!! 1978-2022 KERO $8.99 DEF $4.75 9 DYED ULS $4.999 9 HEATING OIL 24-Hour Burner Service Call for Current Price! DEF Available by Pump! Open an account and order online at: www.angelosoil.com (781) 231-3500 (781) 231-3003 367 LINCOLN AVE • SAUGUS Hours: Mon. - Wed. 6AM - 6PM / Thurs. & Fri. 6AM - 7PM / Sat. 7AM - 5PM / Sun. 9AM-1PM J& $46 yd. S Landscape & Masonry Co. MULCH SALE! Discount Spring Special PICK-UP or DELIVERY AVAILABLE 617-389-1490 Premium Hemlock or Pitch Black BELOW WHOLESALE COSTS LANDSCAPERS WELCOME $4 yd. $42 yd. $3 yd. A large crowd from First Baptist Church, at left, and North Shore Evangelical Missionary Church, at right, showed their support during Monday’s council meeting at City Hall. bullies — I was bullied.” Next door neighbor Paul Daniel, who rents from First Baptist Church, asked if the Everett Grace Food Pantry could relocate due to parking and traffi c restrictions. North Shore Evangelical Missionary Church, which previously rented the space, moved to School Street. Both churches had approximately 60 to 70 members in support on Monday. During a June 13 city council meeting, Daniel said during public participation that food pantry trucks are often parked in his driveway. “Boxes of food are often thrown in front of my driveway,” Daniel said. “We are afraid to walk to the streets of Everett, as our vehicles are Everett Grace Food Pantry Founder Richard DelRossi, at right, said the pantry has embraced every nationality, culture and faith. (Advocate photos by Tara Vocino) being targeted.” Cardillo replied that space is tight in that area, and as a tenant, Daniel doesn’t have a say in relocation, adding the driveway, or lack thereof, belongs to the church/food pantry. CARDILLO | SEE PAGE 7 Everett Democrats Elect Offi cers Mark Puleo and Samantha lambert to lead committee T he Everett Democratic City and Ward Committee met to reorganize its leadership team on Thursday, June 16 in a virtual Zoom meeting. The City Committee elected Mark Puleo, a longtime committee member, as its citywide Chair. The membership also elected Samantha Lambert as Vice Chair, Stephanie V. Smith as the Treasurer/Secretary, and James W. Henderson as the Affirmative Action and Outreach Offi cer. “I’m grateful for the confi - dence the local committee members have placed in me and I look forward to working with the newly-elected officers at the city and ward level,” Puleo stated. “I also want to thank previous Co-Chairs Gerly Adrien and Patricia Cheever for their eff orts over the last four years. And I wanted to extend special gratitude to Patti Cheever who has been leading the City Committee for 26 years. This is an incredible accomplishment, and we owe her a debt of gratitude for her hard work.” At the Ward level, the following individuals were elected to two-year terms: In Ward Two, Stephanie Martins, Chair; Michelle Goudey, Vice Chair; John Goudey, Treasurer/Secretary; and James W. Henderson, Affirmative Action and Outreach Offi cer. In Ward Three, Darren Costa, Chair; Tricia DiDomenico, Vice Chair; Francis Parker, Treasurer/Secretary; and Richard Eliseo, Sr. Affirmative Action and Outreach Offi cer. In Ward Four, John P. Zakrosky, Jr., Chair; Jessica Gold Boots, Vice Chair; Timothy Boots, Treasurer/Secretary. And in Ward Five, Marcony Almeida-Barros, Chair; Kathleen Flanagan, Vice Chair; and Mark Puleo, Treasurer/Secretary. Wards One and Six were not able to organize at this time, but reorganization meetings for those wards will take place in the coming months. Democratic City and Ward Committee is the local Democratic Party entity in our community, responsible for organizing local Democrats, working to elect Democrats to public offi ce, and increasing Democratic registration in our neighborhoods. For more information to get involved or volunteer, please email the Committee at everettdems6@ gmail.com or check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/everettmadems. Prices subject to change Ask about our Heating Oil Conditioner! FLEET

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 Page 3 McGonagle, House pass comprehensive behavioral health legislation B OSTON – On June 16, 2022, Rep. Joe McGonagle, along with his colleagues in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, unanimously passed “An Act addressing barriers to care for mental health” (H.4879), which is comprehensive legislation addressing longstanding issues with the state’s behavioral health care delivery system. The bill focuses on acute psychiatric care and crisis response, youth behavioral health initiatives, community-based behavioral health services, investments in the workforce, and enforcement of existing behavioral health parity laws. On November 11, 2021, the Massachusetts Senate had passed a similar version of this legislation, and on June 23, 2022, the Legislature appointed a Committee of conference to reconcile the differences between the two bill versions. “We are in the middle of a mental health crisis in our country,” said McGonagle. “For many years, behavioral health was overlooked or placed into a box. With this legislation, Massachusetts is unpacking that box and working towards fixing the problems. All of these carefully thought-out programs and policies will go a long way to helping out those struggling with a behavioral problem, when it is chronic or acute. It also opens up the conversation more broadly, making these issues easier to talk about and therefore get help. I am very proud and very grateful to the legislature for this, especially Speaker Mariano and Rep. Adrian Madaro.” “I’m proud of the legislation passed by the House today that builds on our long-standing efforts to advance important reforms and substantial investments that are aimed at improving our behavioral health care delivery system,” said Speaker of the House Ronald J. Mariano (D-Quincy). “From addressing the behavioral health crisis that our young people are currently experiencing, to our efforts to alleviate emergency department boarding, to provisions that will bring us closer to treating mental and physical health equally, this legislation will benefit all residents in the Commonwealth when accessing critical health care. I would like to thank Chairman Adrian Madaro for his hard work, and for his commitment to producing a strong bill.” Highlights of the bill include: mentation of the nationwide 988 hotline to access 24/7 suicide prevention and behavioral health crisis services. This legislation also expands 911 to bridge the gap until 988 is implemented by increasing training, funding, and capacity for regional emergency responses to behavioral health crises. Red flag laws and Extreme Risk Protection Order: This bill initiates a public Joseph McGonagle State Representative Initiatives to address emergency department boarding: • Creating online portals that provide access to real-time data on youth and adults seeking mental health and substance use services, including a function that allows health care providers to easily search and find open beds • Requiring the Health Policy Commission (HPC) to prepare and publish a report every three years on the status of pediatric behavioral health • Codifying an expedited psychiatric inpatient admissions (EPIA) advisory council to reduce hospital emergency department boarding, including a protocol to expedite placement into appropriate care settings for patients under the age of 18 988 implementation and 911 expansion: This legislation seeks to increase behavioral health care access across the Commonwealth through the impleawareness campaign on the Commonwealth’s red flag laws and Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs), passed by the Legislature in 2018, that limit access to guns for people at risk of hurting themselves or others. Full-system accountability for parity: This bill tackles disparities in mental health and other forms of health care by giving the state additional tools to enforce existing parity laws, such as: • Requiring licensed mental health professionals to be available during all operating hours of an emergency department (including via telehealth) • Codifying hospital clinical competencies and operational standards and directing the Department of Mental Health (DMH) to establish a complaint process for alleged violations • Directing DMH to create a comprehensive plan to address access to continuing care beds, intensive residential treatment programs, and community-based programs for paMCGONAGLE | SEE PAGE 12

Page 4 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 McGonagle, House pass $10.9B transportation and infrastructure bill O n June 23, 2022, Representative Joe McGonagle and his colleagues in the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed a transportation and infrastructure bill authorizing $10.9 billion for projects, including $400 million for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) to address ongoing safety concerns identified by the Federal Transit Administration’s Safety Management Inspection and $250 million for the East-West passenger rail project. McGonagle secured $3 million for the stormwater connector pipe near Airforce Road in Everett. “An Act relative to Massachusetts’s transportation resources and climate” (H.4897) passed the House of Representatives 155-0. H.4897 now goes to the Senate for its consideration. “Transportation will always remain a big priority in my book and after serving on the transportation committee, I’ve seen how complicated these issues can be,” said McGonagle. “There are Lawrence A. Simeone Jr. Attorney-at-Law ~ Since 1989 ~ * Corporate Litigation * Criminal/Civil * MCAD * Zoning/Land Court * Wetlands Litigation * Workmen’s Compensation * Landlord/Tenant Litigation * Real Estate Law * Construction Litigation * Tax Lein * Personal Injury * Bankruptcy * Wrongful Death * Zoning/Permitting Litigation 300 Broadway, Suite 1, Revere * 781-286-1560 Lsimeonejr@simeonelaw.net so many diff erent facets of transportation and nothing is a quick fi x but I am grateful to Speaker Mariano and Chair Straus for also prioritizing these needs. We were able to secure money to help repair a storm water connector pipe and repair/repave the areas near Air Force Road. This will alleviate major fl ooding and make a safer more effi cient intersection. Additionally, thanks to my colleague Rep. Dan Ryan of Charlestown, we were also able to get money to help ongoing projects in fi xing the Island End Culvert and the Amelia Earhart Dam, which has been an ongoing project in conjunction with the Mystic River Watershed Association. I’m grateful for this money and hope to see the improvements.” “Ensuring that the Commonwealth’s transportation infrastructure is adequately funded is a top priority for the House, which is why I’m proud of the legislation passed today,” said House Speaker Ronald J. Mariano (D-Quincy). “In addition to signifi cant funding for roadway and bridge projects, this bill also recognizes the importance of providing further “Transportation will always remain a big priority in my book and after serving on the transportation committee, I’ve seen how complicated these issues can be.” - Rep. Joseph McGonagle support for the MBTA in their ongoing eff ort to address safety concerns, and for the ever-important East-West Rail project. I want to thank Chairs Michlewitz, Straus, and Gregoire, as well as all my colleagues in the House, for the hard work required to get this done.” Other highlights of the bill: • $2,812,457,157 for projects on the interstate and non-interstate federal highway system • $1,270,000,000 for non-federally aided roadway and bridge projects and for the nonparticipating portion of federally aided projects • $85,000,000 for pavement and surface conditions on non-federally aided roadways • $25,000,000 for pavement and surface conditions on municipal roadways • $20,000,000 for grants to municipalities under the Complete Streets Funding Program • $25,000,000 for grants to Transportation Management Associations ments • $82,000,000 for rail improve• $64,900,000 for projects of regional transit networks and facilities • $1,375,000,000 for sustainable transit system modernization and rail improvements • $114,100,000 for the Airport Improvement Program • $145,000,000 for multimodal transportation planning and programming • $10,000,000 for a public realm improvement program • $3,500,000,000 for projects funded with discretionary federal grant funds • $25,501,000 for the Mobility Assistance Program Everett Aluminum 10 Everett Ave., Everett 617-389-3839 Owned & operated by the Conti family since 1958 • 57 Years! family since 1958 • 64 “Same name, phone number & address for over half a century. We must be doing something right!” •Vinyl Siding •Free Estimates •Carpentry Work •Fully Licensed •Decks •Roofing • Fully Insured • Replacement Windows www.everettaluminum.com Now’s the time to schedule those home improvement projects you’ve been dreaming about all winter! • $200,000,000 for projects that reduce emissions, such as public alternative fueling stations and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, programs promoting e-bikes and public transportation, replacement of high-emissions vehicles, electric vehicles for hire and carsharing, electric school buses, electric short-haul freight, and delivery trucks Additionally, the bill: • Updates safety requirements to be met prior to excavation projects • Authorizes vehicles or trailers used for maintenance or construction activities in highway work zones to display flashing blue lights with a permit from the registrar • Requires the MBTA to provide parking alternatives to commuters when it demolishes or reconstructs parking lots or garages it owns or operates • Requires the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), in consultation with the Comptroller, to develop and operate a publicly accessible and searchable database to report on this bill’s expenditures and any project receiving federal funding from the federal Infrastructure and Investment in Jobs Act of 2021 • Establishes a commission to review and receive testimony concerning public entities, including those that may be created by statute in the future, with the ability to design, permit, construct, operate and maintain passenger rail service that meets the standards of the Final Alternatives in the East-West Passenger Rail Study Final Report issued by MassDOT in 2021 Summer is Here!

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 ~ Political Announcement ~ Page 5 Guerline Alcy Announces Candidacy For State Representative A s a State Representative, we have the capacity of bringing funding into the community to help improve the quality of life. My name is Guerline Alcy. I am running for State Representative to bring fresh ideas and positive solutions for working individuals and families to the State House. Running for this seat is about giving everyone a voice. Local government is incredibly important to residents’ everyday quality of life. The work of our State Representatives affects every person in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and can transform and empower communities. I have a true vision of how we can represent everyone in making decisions that benefi t everyone. I am a tenacious and diligent professional, who is compassionate about people and passionate about service. Born in Haiti, I arrived to the U.S. at the age of 11 with the hopes of carrying the importance of serving others. My work history includes 9 years at Everett City Hall, 12 years in the financial services industry, a restaurant manager, and campaign manager. I am a wellknown and longtime warrior for children, youth, women, the elsystem work for everyone. We need strong, new leadership, who will actually produce results and not just talk or show up for photo ops. I am proud to run for the State Representative seat because Everett needs a real leader who will take a stand for all of us. The democratic primary election date is Tuesday, September 6, 2022. I look forward to meeting and listening to you! Please call me at (857) 326-1128 or email at guerlineforeverett@gmail.com if you have any further questions. Thank you for reading about me and my passion to represent you at the State House. OUR OFFICE HAS MOVED TO 519 BROADWAY, EVERETT Guerline Alcy derly, and the community. For the last 9 years, I have been a community organizer, working towards a better, stronger, and healthier environment in the City of Everett. I have a strong passion to serve my community. My most important role is being a proud mother of three sons and a wife. I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, cooking, traveling, doing art shows, and rehabbing houses. It is essential to improve education, economic development, and quality of life. We need good jobs, thriving small businesses, meaningful youth programs, aff ordable housing, and the best transportation options. We must identify and implement ways that make the SABATINO INSURANCE AGENCY 519 BROADWAY EVERETT, MA 02149 PHONE: (617) 387-7466 FAX: (617) 381-9186 Visit us online at: Rocco Longo, Owner WWW.SABATINO-INS.COM

Page 6 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 City of Everett Holds Monthly Lunch and Learn T he City of Everett recently held its fifth monthly Lunch and Learn at City Hall. This month’s program was titled: “Not So Micro: How Little Things Make a Big Difference.” Lunch and Learn is a monthly program created and moderated by the City of Everett’s Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Cathy Draine. It allows City employees to come together, share ideas and experiences, and discuss new topics while enjoying lunch from a local Everett business. The series is a part of the City’s commitment to engage, educate and elevate. This month’s lunch was provided by local restaurant Roxy’s Bakery and Café. The special guest speak(From left) The City of Everett’s Director of Diversity, Equity and inclusion Cathy Draine and Pastor Edsel Cadet. er was Pastor Edsel Cadet. He is a pastor for the Cambridge Seventh-Day Adventist Church and a clinical mental health counselor. He has served as the pastor of the church for the past seven years and is committed to building strong communities We Sell Cigars & Accessories R.Y.O. TOBACCO ---------TUBES S SMOKERS DELIGHT! 15 Handmade Churchill Size Cigars including a Cohiba - Long Leaf filler - wrapped $43.95 CIGAR WE WE’RE OPEN JULY 4th 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM HUMIDOR SPECIAL! $99.95 Complete! Reg. Priced $149.95 * Travel Humidors * Desk Top Humidors * Many Types of Lighters * Ash Trays * Juuls * Vapes * Glass Pipes * Rewards Program * CBD Infused Products * GIFTS UNDER $30 - GIFT CERTIFICATES A.B.C. CIGAR 170 REVERE ST., REVERE (781) 289-4959 STORE HOURS: Monday - Saturday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM Sunday & Holidays: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM City employees were educated about microaggressions and how they can aff ect people over time. Pastor Edsel Cadet gave a presentation about microaggressions to City employees. Take Advantage of all our HOLIDAY SPECIALS! Buy Cigars by the Box & SAVE! Competitive prices on all Brands, Great Selection and being a leader in helping people from diverse backgrounds work together for positive and lasting change. Cadet has also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, a master’s in Divinity and a master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in couples and family therapy with an emphasis on African and Caribbean mental health. During the program, Cadet educated City employees about microaggressions, which are verbal, nonverbal and environmental snubs or insults. These insults can carry unintentional hostile, derogatory or negative messages to target people who belong to a marginalized group. Microaggressions are often rooted in stereotypical thoughts or depictions that are held by and perpetuated in society. A person assuming that someone else is more or less intelligent based on their race and expresses it directly or indirectly through conversation is an example of a microaggression. Microaggressions aren’t often done intentionally, but it can have a negative impact on people who face them over time. City employees were also encouraged to recall and share stories of when they’ve faced a microaggression and to think of and offer nonaggressive ways to handle them. City employees learned that the best way for someone who experiences a microaggression to handle it is by asking the other person why they think that way. This gives the opportunity to open dialogue and cause the person to clarify what they said and think about why they believe or don’t believe in it. Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the City of Everett would like to thank Pastor Cadet for speaking to City employees for June’s Lunch and Learn program. Roxy’s Bakery and Café provided the food, beverages and dessert.

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 Page 7 CARDILLO | FROM PAGE 2 “We distributed 300 million pounds of food in two years,” Cardillo said in a telephone interview with the Everett Advocate on Wednesday. “Why would we move now?” Daniel alleged that food pantry members are acting racist. However, Cardillo took exception to his allegation stating her church has Haitian and black members and are the furthest bit from racist. “That was the first time I ever heard of race — it’s about space, not race,” Cardillo said. “They don’t have anything to back up that claim.” The matter between the two churches regarding occupancy went to court in 2014, which Daniel said he won but is in court again. The judge will decide whether the North Shore Evangelical Missionary Church will move back into 50 Church St. although they had moved out in February 2020 citing the pandemic, eventually ending up at a School St. restaurant. Now they want to move back in. “If I appear dumb or stupid, I have strong Christian values and my religious background PUBLIC AUCTION FRIDAY, JULY 15TH AT 1:00 PM MORTGAGEE’S SALE OF REAL ESTATE • MALDEN • 15 ROOM / 6 BEDROOM TWO FAMILY DUPLEX STYLE HOME Malden, MA To Be Sold On The Premises FEATURES: • Two Family Duplex Style Home • • Total of (15) Rooms w/ (6) Bedrooms & (2) Bathrooms • • ±4,317 S/F of Area • Gas FWA Heat • Basement • • Clapboard Siding • Hardwood Floors • Public Water & Sewer • • Zoned: Residential A • Assessor’s Parcel ID: M:137, B:799, L:909 • Sale Per Order Of Mortgagee Attorney Keith K. Fuller 5300 Bigelow Commons, Enfield, CT Attorney For Mortgagee TERMS OF SALE: $10,000.00 Deposit Cash Or Certified Funds 5% Buyers Premium Applies Other Terms To Be Announced At Time Of Sale Aaron Posnik AUCTIONEERS • APPRAISERS West Springfield, MA • Philadelphia, PA 413-733-5238 • 610-853-6655 TOLL FREE 1-877-POSNIK1 • (767-6451) MA Auc Lic #161 • PA Auc Lic #AY000241L Web: www.posnik.com • Email: info@posnik.com AUTOTECH $$ CASH FOR YOUR CAR, TRUCK OR SUV! $$ GET YOUR VEHICLE SUMMER READY! Check out our AC SPECIAL Includes Complete Safety Check Only $99.95 2014 INFINITY JX80 All Wheel Drive, Premium Package, Every Conceivable Option, Warranty, Only 120K Miles! TRADES WELCOMED! $17,500 Easy Financing Available! Includes Freon 2011 FORD TAURUS 6 Cylinder, Auto., Most Power Options, Clean Title, Warranty, Only 140K Miles, Runs and Looks Great! TRADES WELCOME! $6,995 (781) 321-8841 • (617) 571-9869 1236 EasternAve • Malden EddiesAutotech.com Vehicle! We Pay Cash For Your memberspluscu.org 781-905-1500 “LOCATED AT BUS STOP TO MALDEN T-STATION” 220 Lebanon Street as low as SUMMER SIZZLER LOAN up to 12-Months $500 - $5,000 5.19% Vacations APR* Improvements Extra Cash Apply online FAST at memberspluscu.org. allows me to see everyone as a child of God rather than as an adversary,” Daniel said. During Monday’s council meeting, Cardillo said her home, church and pantry are open to all races, denominations ethnic backgrounds, origins, color and people who self-identify themselves. “I will not resign,” she said, “I’m here to serve.” During Monday’s meeting, Everett Food Pantry founder and executive director Richard DelRossi said there are language barriers with clients and city-wide, but that smiles and hugs are the universal language. “I would like to call out Irene Cardillo for her brave and tireless eff orts in leading the team as she lovingly embraced every nationality, culture and faith, transforming 50 Church St. into a bright light during dark times,” Del Rossi said during the public comment. YOUR SUMMER FUN... FOR LESS! EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY *APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Payments for 5.19% APR for 12-months are approximately $85.70 per month per $1,000 borrowed. Payment does not reflect disability and/or credit life insurance and may differ slightly due to rounding. Terms up to 12 months. Minimum loan amount $500 and maximum loan amount $5,000. APR is based upon member’s credit score. Rates listed above reflect excellent credit scores. Rates effective June 1, 2022 thru September 5, 2022 and subject to change without notice. Membership requires a $5 deposit in a share/savings account. J& • Reliable Mowing Service • Spring & Fall Cleanups • Mulch & Edging • Sod or Seed Lawns • Shrub Planting & Trimming • Water & Sewer Repairs Joe Pierotti, Jr. S LANDSCAPE & MASONRY CO. Masonry - Asphalt • Brick or Block Steps • Brick or Block Walls • Concrete or Brick Paver Patios & Walkways • Brick Re-Pointing • Asphalt Paving www.JandSlandscape-masonry.com • Senior Discount • Free Estimates • Licensed & Insured 617-389-1490 Designing and Constructing Ideas that are “Grounds for Success” Landscaping

Page 8 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 Mayor DeMaria Announces Dates for Outdoor Movie Nights Special to The Advocate M ayor Carlo DeMaria and the City of Everett are pleased to announce dates for our outdoor movie nights that will be held throughout the summer. We invite residents to please join us for an evening of watching fun and family-friendly films at Everett Stadium (Cabot St., Everett, MA). Each movie night will feature a different film that everyone will be sure to enjoy. The gates will open at 7:30pm and the movie will begin at approximately 8:30pm. Popcorn and drinks will be provided at the event. We encourage everyone to bring their lawn chairs or blankets to enjoy films the whole family will love with other members of our community. The movies being shown will be decided at a later date. We encourage everyone to follow us on Facebook at City of Everett and Instagram at cityofeverettma to stay updated about the movies we’ll be showing, any other updates and more. Be sure to save these dates: • Friday, July 15 • Friday, July 22 • Friday, August 12 • Friday, August 19 Internationally-Acclaimed guitarist Johnny A. to perform July 24 at Kowloon Advocate Staff Report J ohnny A. will be performing at the Kowloon Restaurant on Rte. 1 north in Saugus on July 24. The concert is part of the Concerts for New England Vets concert series. A portion of the proceeds from this show will go towards support for causes for New England Vets. Johnny A. and his band will be performing at this show his critically acclaimed instrumental reimagining of Beatles songs titled “From A. to BEATLES.” Johnny A.’s passion for The Beatles is evident in this well-crafted and exciting set of Beatles classics done Johnny A.-style. Guitarist Johnny A. was born in Malden, Massachusetts and grew up in the North Shore area of Boston, where he led bands that played every major and not-so-major venue in the area as well as a host of roadside bars in New England. Through the 1980s and 1990s, while working as a sideman, Johnny played with Santana percussionist Mingo Lewis, blues and soul duo Delaney & Bonnie, Derek & the Dominos keyboardist Bobby Whitlock, and had a brief stint with Creedence Clearwater Revival drummer Doug Clifford. He then began a seven-year role as guitarist and musical director for J. Geils Band front man Peter Wolf, playing on Wolf’s albums Fool’s Parade (1999) and 1996’s Long Line, which he co-produced with Wolf. He also performed on numerous world tours with Wolf. Johnny A. was also a member of Wolf’s House Party 5 band and various incarnations of his acoustic ensembles which toured extensively throughout the United States and Japan. In late 1999, Johnny A. launched his solo career and recorded a guitar instrumental album, titled Sometime Tuesday Morning. The album included original material as well as covers of the Beatles’ “Yes It Is,” Jimmy Webb’s “Wichita Lineman,” and Willie Cobbs’ blues classic “You Don’t Love Me.” The album garnered critical acclaim from radio stations, critics, and his fans, and spawned the instrumental single “Oh Yeah,” which charted number one in the U.S. on the AAA radio format. It marked the first time in over a decade that an instrumental had achieved the number one spot on radio. The album went on to sell Johnny A. performs over 100,000 copies. In 2003, Gibson Custom Guitar company, in close collaboration with Johnny, released a “Johnny A.” Signature Model guitar, designed to the artist’s specifications. His solo album, Get Inside was released by Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label in 2004 and yielded two radio singles, “I Had to Laugh,” which was nominated for a Grammy, and a radio edit of the title track “Get Inside.” In 2010, Johnny A. released One November Night, a live DVD/CD set recorded at Sculler’s Jazz in Boston. In 2010, Johnny also became the recipient of The Boston Music Award’s Blues Artist of the Year 2010. Driven, which saw Johnny A. mixing, producing, and playing all the instruments, was released in the spring of 2014. He was also inducted into the Boston Music Hall of Fame in 2014. In 2015, Johnny A. joined The Yardbirds, touring and playing with the group as its lead guitarist. He left the band in 2018 after playing with them for three years. His playing style encompasses elements of rock, jazz, and blues, and he often uses a whammy bar. He cites artists such as The Beatles, The Yardbirds, Everly Brothers, Wes Montgomery, Chet Atkins, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix and Les Paul as many of his musical influences. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK ADVOCATE NEWSPAPER FACEBOOK.COM/ADVOCATE.NEWS.MA

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 Page 9 Mayor announces dates for Concert in the Park series Special to Th e Advocate M ayor Carlo DeMaria and the City of Everett are pleased to announce dates for this summer’s Concert in the Park series. We invite residents to please join us for an evening of listening to cool music on warm summer nights at Lt. Joseph Wehner Park (between Lynn Street and Broadway). Each concert will feature a diff erent artist or band. We encourage you to bring your lawn chairs or blankets and enjoy the live outdoor entertainment from these spectacular bands! Be sure to save these dates and times: • Thursday, July 14: Vinny Calderone & the “Good to Go” band! 6 p.m.–8 p.m. Relax under the stars while listening to some of your favorite hits with Everett’s own Vinny Calderone and his band “Good to Go.” • Thursday, July 21: Marcus Santos & Grooversity! 6 p.m.– 8 p.m. Experience the excitement and energy of the music of Brazil with Marcus Santos and Grooversity. Dancers, drummers and Marcos make up this high-energy 10-person group that will wow you with their performance! Listen or even dance the night away! • Thursday, August 4: Smokin’ Joe & The Henchmen! 6 p.m.–8 p.m. He’s back by popular demand! Local favorite Smokin’ Joe and his Henchmen will be sure to satisfy everyone’s musical tastes with their outstanding performance. Joe and The Henchmen have been performing for Everett crowds for many years and are always welcomed back with open arms. So come on down to Wehner Park, bring your lawn chairs and blankets, and enjoy a beautiful summer night with some very cool tunes! Nour Ghaib Named to Spring 2022 Dean’s List at American International College S PRINGFIELD, MA - Nour Ghaib, of Everett, has been named to the Spring 2022 Dean’s List at American International College. Dean’s List students are fulltime students who have achieved a 3.3 to 4.0 GPA. Founded in 1885, American International College (AIC) is a private, co-educational, doctoral granting institution located in Springfield, Massachusetts, comprising the School of Business, Arts and Sciences, the School of Education, and the School of Health Sciences. AIC supports and advances education, diversity, and opportunity for its students and the community. Law Offices of JOSEPH D. CATALDO, P.C. “ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW” • ESTATE/MEDICAID PLANNING • WILLS/TRUSTS/ESTATES • INCOME TAX PREPARATION • WEALTH MANAGEMENT • RETIREMENT PLANNING • ELDER LAW 369 Broadway Everett, MA 02149 (617)381-9600 JOSEPH D. CATALDO, CPA, CFP, MST, ESQUIRE. AICPA Personal Financial Specialist Designee

Page 10 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 First Haitian female police offi cer sworn in, two fi refi ghters promoted By Tara Vocino T wo fi refi ghters were promoted, and the fi rst Haitian-American female police officer was sworn in during Monday’s City Council meeting at Everett City Hall. Everett Fire Lt. James Collins was promoted to Fire Captain. Everett Firefi ghter Private Thomas Ross was promoted to Lieutenant, and City Clerk Sergio Cornelio swore in Marie Charlusena Sylvain to the Everett Police Department. (Advocate photos by Tara Vocino) Malden Police Lt. Trish Baily congratulates Everett Offi cer Marie Sylvain. Incoming Fire Lt. Thomas Ross with girlfriend and family, shown from left to right: girlfriend Kailee Caron, father Arthur Ross, sister Jaime Ross, Fire Lt. Ross, sister Jesse Ross and mother Susan Ross. Marie Chalusena Sylvain is shown being pinned by Malden Police Offi cer Walky Joseph. The Sylvain family, from left; Offi cer Walky Joseph (Malden PD), Ismail Corney, Pascale Kene (mother), Offi cer Marie Sylvain, and Christa Sylvain.

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 Page 11 First Haitian female police offi cer sworn in, two fi refi ghters promoted City Clerk Sergio Cornelio swore in Everett Firefi ghter Private Thomas Ross to be a Fire Lieutenant. Ava pinned her father, James, from lieutenant to captain. The new hires: incoming Fire Captain James Collins, incoming Police Offi cer Marie Charlusena Sylvain and incoming Fire Lt. Thomas Ross. Incoming Fire Captain James Collins and family: proud wife Jody, James – who comes from a fi refi ghter family – mother, Kathleen and daughter, Ava. Retired Fire Captain Andrew O’Hearn pinned incoming Fire Lt. Thomas Ross.

Page 12 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 Tie softball game highlights this year’s Agganis all-star contests By Greg Phipps T he annual four-day Agganis All-Star event featured an odd tie game and, as always, showcased some of the best talent in the area. The Games kicked off with the traditional opening ceremony on Sunday and included a 9-9 tie in the softball clash. Lynn Classical’s Izzy Faessler was named MVP for the South softball team while Gloucester’s Natalie Aiello took the MCGONAGLE | FROM PAGE 3 tients awaiting discharge from acute psychiatric hospital units • Implementing mental health watch reforms in correctional settings, including changes to the referral to mental health process for those who are incarcerated or detained, and establishing a process for a person on mental health watch for longer than 72 hours to petition to be transhonor for the North. The game did also end in a tie as recently as 2017. So, this year’s deadlock was not the first time that has happened in the 24-year history of the softball contest. In baseball’s 27th annual game at Fraser Field, the South notched a 7-5 victory led by MVP Mike Krouse of Peabody. Saugus’s Ryan Anderson was a member of this year’s South squad. The North emerged victorious, 12-7, in the girls’ lacrosse game. Hamilton-Wenferred School-based behavioral health services and programming: • Limiting the use of suspension and expulsion in all licensed early education and care programs • Requiring school districts to adopt a behavioral health crisis response plan which may be based on a cost-neutral model plan to be developed by the Department of Elementary and ham’s Haley Hamilton was MVP for the North. Saugus players Georgia Fiore and Elise Rego were members of the South squad. The North also scored a victory in the boys’ lacrosse game. On Monday at Lynn Classical High School, the South defeated the North, 99-85, in boys’ basketball while the North took home a 55-33 win in the girls’ clash. Saugus’s Tyrone Manderson played for the South in the boys’ contest. Secondary Education • Creating a statewide program to help schools implement school-based behavioral health services Access points for youth for effective behavioral health treatment: • Creating a complex care resolution panel to ensure children with complex behavioral health needs are assisted quickly and with cross-agency support and coordination It was the 17th year of basketball competition at the Agganis Games. In soccer action on Tuesday at Manning Field, the North rolled to a convincing 7-0 win, led by Gloucester’s Andrew Coelho, who was named the MVP for the North. Lynn Classical’s Jair Alvarez received MVP honors of the South. The girls’ game ended in a 2-2 tie. Goalie Samantha Bunar of Lynnfield received the MVP honor for the North • Requiring behavioral health assessments and referrals for children entering the foster care system • Empowering the Office of the Child Advocate (OCA) to receive complaints from children and families and to assist them in resolving issues with access to behavioral health services Expanded insurance coverage: This legislation requires insurance coverage of critical while Central Catholic’s Adrianna Marinello notched the award for the South. Saugus players Jordan Morris and Kylie Phillips were members of the North squad. Revere’s Carolina Bettero was on the South’s roster. It was the 26th year of the soccer competition at the Games. The South won in 2021 and the North was victorious in 2019 in the boys’ game. The North triumphed in the 2021 and ‘19 girls’ game. behavioral health services, including: • Emergency service programs • Services provided under psychiatric collaborative care models • Mental health acute treatment, community-based acute treatment, and intensive community-based acute treatment without prior authorization MCGONAGLE | SEE PAGE 19

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 Page 13 Fourth Please Drive Safely! Happy Birthday, America! Mayor Carlo DeMaria & Family Mayor DeMaria, wife Stacy, Carlo III, Caroline & Alexandra Best Wishes For A Happy Fourth Messinger Insurance Agency SINCE 1921 475 Broadway, Everett, MA 02149 617-387-2700 Sal, Tricia, Matthew, and Sal DiDomenico Senator Sal DiDomenico and family 419 Broadway Everett, MA 02149 617-387-1110 Member FDIC Member SIF The Everett Advocate management and staff wishes all our readers a happy, safe Fourth of July ly Ha of Ju ppy

Page 14 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 Fourth o Please Drive Safely! Happy Birthday, America! EVERETT TAXI & MALDEN TRANS (617) 389-8100 (617) 389-1000 LESTER, PEGGY & DAVID MOROVITZ State Representative Joseph McGonagle Everett | Medford | Dorchester | Norwood | Plymouth memberspluscu.org “COMPLETE GLASS SERVICE CENTER” Storefronts & Entrance Doors Custom Mirrors • Table Tops • Auto Glass Insulated Glass • Window & Screen Repairs 2034 Revere Beach Parkway, Everett 617-389-GLAS 855-GO-4-GLAS ly H f Ju appy

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 Page 15 Fourth o Please Drive Safely! Ward 6 Councillor Alfred Lattanzi Marcony Almeida-Barros Ward 5 School Committee Millie Cardello School Committee Member-at-Large Ward 2 Councillor Stephanie Martins Councillor-at-Large Irene Cardillo & Family God Bless America! Governor’s Council Terrence Kennedy & Family Councillor-At-Large Wayne Matewsky A lifetime of commitment to the City of Everett F.J. LaRovere Insurance Agency, Inc. 492 Broadway, Everett, MA 02149 617-387-9700 Open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 9am-1pm Proud To Be American ly H f Ju appy

Page 16 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 Fourth o Please Drive Safely! We’ve Moved to our New Location at 519 Broadway! Council President John F. Hanlon & Family 26 Garvey St. Everett 617-387-6877 Rocco Longo & Staff at SABATINO INSURANCE AGENCY 519 Broadway, Everett 617-387-7466 www.sabatino-ins.com Sacro Plaza SACRO COMPANIES Whitney Lorenti House Glendale Court ly H f Ju appy

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 Page 17 Over 60 teams compete in First Annual Cornhole for Cancer Tournament Two teams: Team Gin and Tonic, Giana Dean and Trent Picillo, and Team Breast Friends, Kristine Paglia and Matthew Kuruc, who played for family, past and present. Event organizers, pictured from left to right: Gina Fitzgerald, Joseph Massa, Ronnie Smith, Henry Grant, Linda Holt, Jay Holt, Peter Sikora, Kim Helena, Joe MacLaughlin and Lisa Massa. Not pictured: Chris Grant and Mike DiPietro. By Tara Vocino A Team Romb Raiders: Juliette and John Romboli played in honor of event organizer/cancer survivor Jay Holt. Team Goodness Gracious: Everett Firefighters Christopher and David Grace. Team Chocolate Chip: Malden residents Christopher Rogers and Cliff Williams played for cancer survivor Jay Holt, of Everett, during Saturday’s Cornhole for Cancer Tournament at Rivergreen Park. pproximately 62 teams played in a First Annual Cornhole for Cancer Tournament, sponsoring Dana-Farber research for cancer, at Rivergreen Park on Saturday. Darcie Stevens, who is on Stud Muffi ns, and Daniel Driscoll, who is on Double D’s, played for Jay Holt. Team Baggy Smalls: Breast cancer survivor Trisha Sylva and Steven Sylva. Team Philthy Phil’s, consisting of Phil Tammaro Sr. and Phil Tammaro Jr., won the Cornhole For Cancer Tournament. Pictured are hosts Jay Holt, second from left, and Joseph MacLaughlin. (Courtesy photo, event organizer Jay Holt) Team State of Confusion: Everett residents Thomas Golden and Paul Bernier played for Christine Golden, who has thyroid cancer. Team DeMac: Joseph DeSisto and Shawn MacTavish. Team Old Stodgies and Undertakers: Philip Giandello, Fred Veader and Dillon Veader played for Everett girls’ softball coach Jay Holt. Team Northeast Fence in Saugus: kidney cancer survivor Ken Morganti, of Everett, and Corey Rouff . Team GK Dental, of Everett: Giselle Sanchez and Ashlie Berube. Team “Who’s Coming In Second?” Jerry Navarra and Joseph Simione played cornhole in memory of Camelle Simione, who had leukemia and breast cancer. Team EFD-1: John Russo (at left) and Daniel Concannon, who are playing for Donald Concannon, who has prostate cancer. (Advocate photos by Tara Vocino) Team Double D’s and Stud Muffi ns: James Turner and Derek Stevens were on opposing teams, but they both played for event co-organizer Jay Holt.

Page 18 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 RESNEK | FROM PAGE 1 “You told people in Sept. of 2021 that he [Cornelio] was suffering quite dramatically from anxiety and depression, correct?” asked Robbins. “You knew he was susceptible to pressure.” “Yes,” said Resnek. Robbins asked him if he thought Cornelio was susceptible to being pressured into making statements; Resnek agreed. “You actually urged people to pressure Mr. Cornelio into making statements about Mr. DeMaria, correct?” “That’s correct,” replied Resnek. Resnek said he urged people to pressure Cornelio into speaking out against the mayor, but not in a coercive way. Robbins offered a rebuttal with Exhibit 12, which showed an email exchange which took place on Sept. 14, 2021, between Resnek and Andrea Estes of The Boston Globe where Resnek points out to Estes that Cornelio’s emotional and mental state could be used to her advantage. “Let’s see what we can do. Don’t be afraid to pressure Sergio, but keep in mind he suff ers from anxiety and depression rather dramatically. He must be pushed or you will get nothing from him,” writes Resnek to Estes, “And these are e-mails that you wrote to this person back and forth on September 13th, correct?” asked Robbins. “Yes, sir,” replied Resnek. Resnek published his fi rst story about the commercial property deal in the Leader Herald on Sept. 8 – a story that falsely claimed that Mayor DeMaria coerced and extorted $97,000 from Cornelio. Resnek, in his previous June 3 deposition, stated he didn’t have any proof that Cornelio was forced to pay the mayor or that he was illegally involved in the property deal. Resnek would explain that the only information he actually did have was that the Corey Street sale has taken place through the Registry of Deeds and that he never went to any City Hall departments, attorneys or bank offi cials to obtain the public information despite his claims of being an Emmy-winning investigative reporter. Asked if it bothered him that - LEGAL NOTICE - CITY OF EVERETT CITY OF EVERETT - LEGAL NOTICE - BOARD OF APPEALS 484 BROADWAY, ROOM 24 EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS 02149 PUBLIC HEARING FOR PETITION FROM COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT LLC To all parties interested in the public hearing. Be it hereby ordered: Comcast Cable Communications Management LLC desires to excavate the public highways and to run and maintain for the transmission and distribution of telecommunications in and under the following public streets, lanes, highways and places of the City of Everett and of the pipes, valves, governors, manholes and other structures, fixtures and appurtenances designed or intended to protect or operate said conduits and accomplish the objects of said Company; and the digging up and opening the ground to lay or place same dated the 22nd day of June, 2022 The following are the streets and highways referred to: Broadway – Starting at the existing Verizon Manhole excavating to place (2) 4” PVC Conduits 162’ +/- and (2) 17” x 30” vaults. From the newly placed vaults, excavating to place (1) 2” PVC Conduits 24’ +/- to provide Comcast Service to number 305 through 325 Broadway. Wherefore it prays that after due notice and hearing as provided by law, it be granted permission to excavate the public highways and to run and maintain for the transmission and distribution of telecommunications in and under the public streets, lanes, highways and places of the City of Everett and of the pipes, valves, governors, manholes and other structures, fixtures and appurtenances designed or intended to protect or operate said conduits and accomplish the objects of said Company; and the digging up and opening the ground to lay or place in accordance with the plan filed herewith marked: Broadway - Everett - Massachusetts Hearing to be held with the Everett City Council, held at 7:00PM, on the July 11, 2022 at the Everett City Council Chambers, Everett City Hall. July 1, 2022 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This notice is to inform you that a public hearing will be held on Monday July 18, 2022 at 6:00 PM, Everett City Hall, 3rd Floor George Keverian Hearing Room. All interested parties may attend and opinions will be heard regarding the following petition. Whereas a petition has been presented by: Property Address: 1 and 3 Air Force Rd. Map/Lot: Person Requesting: David E. O’Neil 391 Broadway, Suite 300 Everett, MA 02149 PROPOSAL: Applicant seeks a permit for occupancy to use the existing building as an automobile parts warehouse and parts distribution facility in conjunction with the existing non-conforming use which is for Office and Limousine Service. The existing building is located in the Riverfront Overlay District. Reason for Denial: Permit was denied in accordance to the City of Everett Zoning Ordinance Appendix A as follows: The City of Everett Zoning Ordinances APPENDIX A section 26 (b) Uses: does not specifically allow an automobile parts warehouse facility and parts distribution as a use in this district. The applicant must seek relief in the form of a Special Permit for this use from the Everett Zoning Board of Appeals. BOARD OF APPEALS FOR THE CITY OF EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS Mary Gerace - Chairman Roberta Suppa - Clerk July 1, 8, 2022 he was putting pressure on the city clerk despite the fact that Cornelio was suffering from anxiety and depression, Resnek stated that he wasn’t a doctor but he needed the information to write articles about the mayor. “And that was a desire you knew Mr. Philbin had, correct? asked Robbins. “Yes,” said Resnek. Resnek stated the importance of obtaining information from Cornelio as he believed he (Cornelio) was the “keeper of all the mayor’s secrets.” When asked to explain, Resnek, now appearing desperate, stated that the mayor was involved in a sexual harassment complaint, claiming the story, which detailed an assault, came from Cornelio. When he was asked if he had any notes from the interview, Resnek said he did not. Resnek also claimed he knew the case had been dismissed for lack of probable cause but still wrote in the Sept. 15 edition of the Leader Herald a story detailing the Revere police report in spite of knowing it was 14 years old. “Did you write that it had been dismissed for lack of probable cause?” asked the attorney. “No, I didn’t,” responded Resnek. Resnek admitted writing the article just before the primary. Asked if he was ever accused of sexual harassment, Resnek replied, “never in a specifi c way in court.” “You have been accused of sexual harassment, correct?” asked Robbins. “I think, yes,” replied Resnek. The attorney asked about the infl ammatory article called “Eye on Everett.” Resnek wrote that in the Revere police report it was “well known” that DeMaria held a knife against the throat of a person, but when shown the police report, Resnek couldn’t find anywhere in the report that a knife or scissors was mentioned. In fact, the complainant never reported to police that a knife was placed against their throat. Resnek then admitted that he never informed the readers that the charges were thrown out by the court, but instead he teased the readers about an upcoming story about the mayor where he was going to “lay it all out” through his fi ctitious character “The Blue Suit.” Circling back to the Corey Street property deal between the mayor and the city clerk, Robbins questioned Resnek over his interview about the property sale, asking him to confi rm that he only had one conversation in Aug. 2021 with Cornelio prior to the publication of his two Sept. 2021 stories. Resnek confi rmed as such and said their conversation might have lasted approximately seven to eight minutes. “And you had a notepad on you for some reason?” asked Robbins. “Well, I’m a reporter,” replied Resnek despite having to deliver newspapers, according to Resnek, to 50 stops that day. “And there are no contemporaneous notes of any conversation you had about Corey St., correct?” “That is correct, sir.” Resnek stated that any notes he made from the conversation were made outside the city Clerk’s Offi ce. When asked if he ever read any documents pertaining to the Corey Street property sale, the state ethics committee opinion, city clerk records of the mayor’s interest in the property, or any records of public record before he wrote the infl ammatory Sept. 2021 articles RESNEK | SEE PAGE 19

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 Page 19 RESNEK | FROM PAGE 18 about the mayor’s involvement in the transaction, Resnek stated he had not. Instead, Resnek claimed his “partner” Matthew Philbin had read them. When asked if Mr. Philbin ever sought information from the City Clerk’s Offi ce to ascertain if the mayor had fi led a public disclosure of interest or sought an opinion of the state ethics commission in the Corey Street property, Resnek stated, “no.” In fact, according to Resnek’s testimony, neither he nor Philbin ever pursued any information relevant to the Corey Street property sale – state ethics commission opinions, emails and texting between DeMaria and Cornelio with respect to bank financing, information from anyone else regarding fi - nancing of the property, the sellers of the property, or any parties affi liated with the property – prior to publishing their Sept. 2021 stories leading up to the elections. Resnek claimed that he made an eff ort to ascertain what the mayor’s role was in the sale of the property, saying he spoke to a wide variety of people who had knowledge in the deal, but not one single word of the alleged conversations was written down in his reporter’s notebook. “Do you have the actual notes that you wrote down?” questioned Robbins. “Probably not,” replied the intrepid reporter. Resnek then admitted that all his “Blue Suit” articles he wrote were complete fabrications, claiming he “usually” has a disclaimer that the pieces are discussions between him and The Blue Suit. “Did you tell your readers that these “discussions” are complete fabrications…?” asked Robbins. “I think my readers are intelligent enough to make that distinction,” replied Resnek. Resnek insisted that the Blue Suit articles are a writer’s column – placed in the editorial page. When asked if he thought the readers understood that it was fi ction, Resnek said, “One would only hope”. When asked again about the disclaimer, Resnek said he didn’t see them in his articles shown to him during the deposition, but said he has it on his computer. Resnek said he doesn’t use the words “fiction” or “made up” to his readers regarding the Blue Suit columns – or any other type proclaiming that its work of fi ction. Instead, Resnek reads a headline from the col- Legal Notice - COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS THE TRIAL COURT PROBATE AND FAMILY COURT DEPARTMENT Middlesex Probate and Family Court 10-U Commerce Way Woburn, MA 01801 (781) 865-4000 Docket No. MI22D1713DR DIVORCE SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION AND MAILING BARBARA M. RAMOS, Plaintiff vs. CLEITON R. DE SOUZA, Defendant To the Defendant: The Plaintiff has filed a Complaint for Divorce requesting that the Court grant a divorce for Irretrievable Breakdown of the Marriage 1B. The Complaint is on file at the Court. An Automatic Restraining Order has been entered in this matter preventing you from taking any action which would negatively impact the current financial status of either party. SEE Supplemental Probate Court Rule 411. You are hereby summoned and required to serve upon: George Hyder, Esq., Law Office of Stephen Bandar, 6 Lincoln Knoll Lane, Suite 102 Burlington, MA 01803 your answer, if any, on or before 07/25/2022. If you fail to do so, the court will proceed to the hearing and adjudication of this action. You are also required to file a copy of your answer, if any, in the office of the Register of this Court. WITNESS, Hon. Maureen H. Monks, First Justice of this Court. Date: June 10, 2022 TARA E. DeCRISTOFARO REGISTER OF PROBATE July 01, 2022 PUBLIC HEARING FOR PETITION FROM RCN TELECOM SERVICES, LLC To all parties interested in the public hearing. Be it hereby ordered: RCN Telecom Services, LLC desires to excavate the public highways and to run and maintain for the transmission and distribution of telecommunications in and under the following public streets, lanes, highways and places of the City of Everett and of the pipes, valves, governors, manholes and other structures, fixtures and appurtenances designed or intended to protect or operate said conduits and accomplish the objects of said Company; and the digging up and opening the ground to lay or place same dated the 21nd day of June, 2022 The following are the streets and highways referred to: West Street and Carter Street: From Utility Pole #1614 on Carter Street place (1) 4” PVC Communication Conduit 250’ +/- in a southerly direction to Utility Pole #1251 on West Street Wherefore it prays that after due notice and hearing as provided by law, it be granted permission to excavate the public highways and to run and maintain for the transmission and distribution of telecommunications in and under the public streets, lanes, highways and places of the City of Everett and of the pipes, valves, governors, manholes and other structures, fixtures and appurtenances designed or intended to protect or operate said conduits and accomplish the objects of said Company; and the digging up and opening the ground to lay or place in accordance with the plan filed herewith marked: West & Carter Streets - Everett - Massachusetts Hearing to be held with the Everett City Council, held at 7:00PM, on the July 11, 2022 at the Everett City Council Chambers, Everett City Hall. July 1, 2022 umn, “Josh Resnek reading to the mayor’s Blue Suit from an offi cial Revere police report.” Resnek felt that someone would have to be insane to not understand that it was fi ction. But in rebuttal, the attorney showed Resnek a headline that states “Revelations we cannot quite believe about the mayor, but they’re all true.” “You’re actually saying this is true, right?” asked Robbins. “It’s an editorial comment,” said Resnek. Asked why he would tell the reader that it’s “all true” – if you’re simultaneously saying that its fabrication – Resnek replied that he didn’t think the Blue Suit would lie to him. In one particular Blue Suit column, Resnek describes details in a fi ve-page Revere police report, making accusations against the mayor which never appeared in the actual report. Resnek admitted that he fabricated every Blue Suit piece. “Every single Blue Suit piece that you wrote is totally made up, right?” “Yes sir,” replied Resnek. Next week: Sources revealed – or accused. MCGONAGLE | FROM PAGE 12 • Annual mental health wellness exams Workforce investments: This proposal builds upon the Behavioral Health Trust Fund by carving out specific grant programs for health care providers, which would fi nance: • Workforce Pipeline Investments: a scholarship program to support a culturally, ethnically, and linguistically diverse behavioral health workforce, with a focus on clinicians who commit to serving high-need populations. • Integrated Care: a grant program to expand integrated care models that enable providers to expand their practices to provide behavioral health care in primary care settings • Support for Providers: a grant program to promote the mental health and wellbeing of providers Behavioral health parity implementation and enforcement: This legislation tackles the - LEGAL NOTICE - CITY OF EVERETT disparity by health plans to reimburse mental health services at lower rates than other forms of health care by providing the Commonwealth additional tools to enforce existing parity laws and promote compliance. This legislation enhances oversight of parity compliance by: • Requiring carriers to comply with annual reporting requirements • Directing the Division of Insurance (DOI) to review and ensure insurer compliance with parity laws • Authorizing the Offi ce of Patient Protection (OPP) to identify and refer potential parity violations that arise during OPP grievance reviews to the DOI and the AG’s offi ce “An Act addressing barriers to care for mental health” (H.4879) passed the House of Representatives 155-0 after a similar version of this legislation passed in the Massachusetts State Senate. The legislation moves back to the Senate for further consideration.

Page 20 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 - Legal Notice - COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS THE TRIAL COURT PROBATE AND FAMILY COURT DEPARTMENT Middlesex Probate and Family Court 10-U Commerce Way Woburn, MA 01801 Docket No. MI22D0843DR DIVORCE SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION AND MAILING JENNIFER McKOY, Plaintiff vs. KEVIN McKOY, Defendant To the Defendant: The Plaintiff has filed a Complaint for Divorce requesting that the Court grant a divorce for Irretrievable Breakdown of the Marriage 1B. The Complaint is on file at the Court. An Automatic Restraining Order has been entered in this matter preventing you from taking any action which would negatively impact the current financial status of either party. SEE Supplemental Probate Court Rule 411. You are hereby summoned and required to serve upon: Cathy Anne Marino, Esq., Attorney at Law, 28 Pauline St., Winthrop, MA 02152 your answer, if any, on or before 07/29/2022. If you fail to do so, the court will proceed to the hearing and adjudication of this action. You are also required to file a copy of your answer, if any, in the office of the Register of this Court. WITNESS, Hon. Maureen H. Monks, First Justice of this Court. Date: June 17, 2022 TARA E. DeCRISTOFARO REGISTER OF PROBATE July 1, 2022 CITY OF EVERETT - LEGAL NOTICE - BOARD OF APPEALS 484 BROADWAY, ROOM 24 EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS 02149 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This notice is to inform you that a public hearing will be held on Monday July 18, 2022 at 6:00 PM, Everett City Hall, 3rd Floor George Keverian Hearing Room. All interested parties may attend and opinions will be heard regarding the following petition. Whereas a petition has been presented by: Property Address: 22 Forest Ave. Map/Lot: E0-01-000070 Person Requesting: Andrea Garcia 12 Lambert St. Revere, MA 02151 PROPOSAL: Applicant is seeking approval to: Create dormer on existing 3rd floor. Reason for Denial: • The proposed dormer does not meet the FAR requirements to create such a structure. Zoning: Section 4 Dwelling Districts paragraph (B.2.b.ii.c) which states the following: Two family dwelling-----3200 square feet minimum. All other uses-----0.5 maximum floor area ratio (Ord. of 6-29-87; Ord. of 4-29-91 Ord. of 7/16/2002; Ord. of 11/13/2007. The FAR of the building is .6 where .5 is required. BOARD OF APPEALS FOR THE CITY OF EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS Mary Gerace - Chairman Roberta Suppa - Clerk July 1, 8, 2022 LEGAL NOTICE CITY OF EVERETT Re: Relocation of Cremated Remains Niche Wall Glenwood Cemetery Notice is hereby given to all and any license holders or heirs of license holders of niche spaces in the niche wall at the entrance of Glenwood Cemetery that cremated remains will be transferred from the existing niche into a new niche and the existing niche wall will be demolished. This notice is intended for those unknown parties for which the cemetery has no record and were unable to be contacted to date via mail. Interested parties are directed to contact the cemetery office at 617–394-2285 prior to July 31, 2022 after which time the remains will be transferred with no further notice. Robert Moreschi Chief Procurement Officer July 1, 8, 2022 CITY OF EVERETT - LEGAL NOTICE - BOARD OF APPEALS 484 BROADWAY, ROOM 24 EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS 02149 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This notice is to inform you that a public hearing will be held on Monday July 18, 2022 at 6:00 PM, Everett City Hall, 3rd Floor George Keverian Hearing Room. All interested parties may attend and opinions will be heard regarding the following petition. Whereas a petition has been presented by: Property Address: 25-27 Corey Street Map/Lot: C0-04-000029 Person Requesting: Mr. Michael A Valverde 25 Corey Street Everett, MA 02149 PROPOSAL: To demolish the existing garage and construct a new two (2) story garage 19’-11” x 20’-10” Reason for Denial: The proposed two (2) story garage does not comply with the City of Everett Zoning Ordinance for setbacks The proposed garage is 1.6 feet to the rear lot line where 4 feet is required. Zoning: Section 4 Dwelling Districts line 7 Rear Yard: b. Garage and Sheds ---Four (4) feet minimum BOARD OF APPEALS FOR THE CITY OF EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS Mary Gerace - Chairman Roberta Suppa - Clerk July 1, 8, 2022 ON FACEBOOK ADVOCATE NEWSPAPER FACEBOOK.COM/ ADVOCATE.NEWS.MA Shazif Shaikh Receives Degree from Georgia Tech A TLANTA, GA -- Shazif Shaikh of Everett, MA, has earned a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Shaikh was among more than 4,500 undergraduate and graduate students to be presented Georgia Tech degrees during the Institute’s 262nd Commencement exercises May 6-7, 2022, at Bobby Dodd Stadium. The Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech, is a top 10 public research university developing leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition. The Institute offers business, computing, design, engineering, liberal arts, and sciences degrees. Its nearly 44,000 students, representing 50 states and 149 countries, study at the main campus in Atlanta, at campuses in France and China, and through distance and online learning. As a leading technological university, Georgia Tech is an engine of economic development for Georgia, the Southeast, and the nation, conducting more than $1 billion in research annually for government, industry, and society. For more information, visit www.gatech.edu. For Advertising with Results, call The Advocate Newspapers at 617-387-2200 or Info@advocatenews.net

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 Page 21 Say nir Sa a y Senior Seni by Jim Miller How to Hire an In-Home Helper for an Aging Parent Dear Savvy Senior, I would like to hire an inhome helper for my 82-yearold mother to assist with household chores like housekeeping, grocery shopping and driving her to the doctor, etc. But mom doesn’t require any personal/physical caregiving, nor does she require any home medical care. Any tips to help us fi nd someone? Searching Sarah Dear Sarah, Getting your mother some help at home to handle some of her day-to-day chores is a smart idea that can make a big difference keeping her independent longer. Here’s are some tips to help you fi nd someone reliable. In-Home Help For seniors who could use some help at home – but don’t need a caregiving aide for personal care – there are homemakers/home helpers you can hire that can help make life a little easier. Most in-home helpers can assist with any number of things like shopping, running errands, transportation, light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, arranging services (home maintenance, lawn care, etc.) and other household chores, along with providing companionship and support. And, if your mom gets to the point she needs personal/physical care like bathing or dressing, many home helpers can assist with this too. Most home helpers are part time workers who work a few hours a day or a few days per week. You also need to know that while Medicare does cover home health care services if a doctor orders it, they do not cover in-home homemaker/ helper services. There are two ways in which you can go about hiring someone for your mom; either through a home care agency, or you can hire someone directly on your own. Home Care Agency Hiring a home helper through a non-medical home care, or non-medical companion care agency is the easiest, but most expensive option of the two. Costs typically run anywhere from $15 to $25 an hour depending on where you live. How it works is you pay the company, and they handle everything including assigning appropriately trained and pre-screened staff to care for your mother and finding a fi ll-in on days her helper cannot come. Some of the drawbacks, however, are that you may not have much input into the selection of the aide, and the helpers may change or alternate, which can cause a disruption. To fi nd a home care agency in your area, use search engines like Google or Yahoo and type in “non-medical home care” followed by the city and state your mom lives in. Or you can use Medicare’s home health services search tool at Medicare. gov/care-compare – click on “home health services.” Most home health agencies offer some form of non-medical home care services too. You can also check your local yellow pages under “home health services.” Hiring Directly Hiring a personal assistant/home helper on your own is the other option, and it’s less expensive. Costs typically range between $12 and $20 per hour. Hiring directly also gives you more control over who you hire so you can choose someone who you feel is right for your mom. But be aware that if you do hire someone on your own, you become the employer so there’s no agency support to fall back on if a problem occurs or if the assistant doesn’t show up. You’re also responsible for paying payroll taxes and any worker-related injuries that may happen. If you choose this option, make sure you check the person’s references thoroughly and do a criminal background check. To fi nd someone, ask for referrals through friends or you can search online at sites like Care.com or CareLinx.com. For more information on hiring in-home help for your mom, the Family Caregiver Alliance off ers a helpful guide that you can access at Caregiver.org/resource/hiringhome-help. Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit SavvySenior.org. Jim Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today show and author of “The Savvy Senior” book. nior ior Masshealth Estate Recovery Hardship Waivers M assHealth has the right to seek recovery for MassHealth benefi ts paid against the estate of the MassHealth recipient. Even if someone never entered a nursing home that was paid for by MassHealth, recovery can be sought against the estate of a MassHealth recipient living in the community for benefits received after reaching the age of 55. There are three hardship waivers that can be applied for by completing the appropriate MassHealth waiver request form. The waiver form must be submitted to the Estate Recovery Unit no later than 60 days after the MassHealth Notice of Claim is fi led in the Probate Court. They are as follows: • Residence and Financial Hardship Waiver • Care Provided Waiver • Income-based waiver Residence and Financial Hardship Waiver: The heir lived in the property on a continuous basis for at least 2 years prior to the member’s admission to an institution or death and continues to live in the property when MassHealth fi les its notice of claim; The heir inherited an interest in the property from the deceased member’s estate; The heir is not being forced to sell the property by other devisees or heirs; and At the time MassHealth first presented its claim, the annual gross income of the heir’s family group was less than or equal to 133% of the applicable federal poverty level income standard. Care provided Hardship Waiver: The heir resided in the home continuously for 2 years prior to the member’s admission to an institution or before the member’s death; During that time, the member needed, and the heir provided, a level of care that avoided the sees or heirs; Income-Based Hardship Waiver: MassHealth will grant either a member’s admission to a facility; The heir continues to live in the home at the time the notice of claim is fi led; The heir inherited an interest in the property from the deceased member’s estate; The sale of the property is required to satisfy the claim; The heir is not being forced to sell the property by other devipartial or full waiver of estate recovery based upon the income of the heir who inherited an interest in the member’s estate. The amount of the waiver will be limited to $50,000 if the heir’s family group had a gross income below 400% of the applicable federal poverty level for 2 years prior to the date of the notice of claim being fi led; The amount of the waiver will be 100% if the heir’s family group had a gross income below 133% of the applicable federal poverty level for 2 years prior to the date of the notice of claim being fi led. It is important to be informed of these hardship waivers. It is also imported to avoid probate if at all possible as estate recovery can only be brought against the “probate” estate and not against property held in Trust. Joseph D. Cataldo is an estate planning/elder law attorney, Certifi ed Public Accountant, registered investment advisor, AICPA Personal Financial Specialist and holds a masters degree in taxation. - LEGAL NOTICE - LEASE OF ROOFTOP SPACE FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS DEVICES Everett Housing Authority is soliciting sealed bids for the lease and use of rooftop and penthouse level space on Glendale Towers, 381 Ferry Street in Everett, Ma. This space is available for the installation and operation of radio communications facilities. The lease and use of these spaces will be on a non-exclusive basis. Bids will be received at Everett Housing Authority, 393 Ferry Street, Everett, Ma 02149 ATT: Stephen Kergo and received no later than 2:00 p.m., on August 4, 2022, at such time, the bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. Invitations for Bids are available by contacting skergo.eha@comcast.net or maybe picked up at the Authority’s office, 393 Ferry Street, Everett, MA. July 1, 2022 ~ Home of the Week ~ SAUGUS...Step inside this 3-4 bedroom Colonial and enjoy all the space this house has to offer: living room, formal dining room, huge eat-in kitchen with newer countertops and bright dining area, 3 bedrooms, 2nd floor office with built-ins (could be 4th bedroom), 1.5 baths, walk up attic with additional living space and storage area, stylish, wrap around farmer’s porch, double staircase, first floor has tall ceiling height and new flooring, fenced in backyard with inground pool and storage shed, additional side yard, perfect for garden or green space. Updates include gas heat, roof, hot water heater, energy efficient solar panels. Side street location, very convenient to public transportation and Route One. Offered at $599,900 335 Central Street, Saugus, MA 01906 (781) 233-7300 View the interior of this home right on your smartphone. View all our listings at: CarpenitoRealEstate.com

Page 22 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 Do you remember.... The Everett Advocate reaches into its library of over 6,000 photos to bring you photographic memories through the lens of our photographers the past 31 years!

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 Page 23 OBITUARIES Edward Dimond Mass will be held in Immaculate Conception Church 489 Broadway in Everett at 10:00 am. Relatives and friends are kindly invited to attend. Visiting hours will be held at the funeral home on Tuesday from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. Complimentary valet parking Tuesday at the Main Street entrance. Interment in Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett. Late United States Air Force Veteran. For more information, please visit www.roccofuneralhome.com October 13, 1944 ~ June 27, 2022 (age 77) E dward J. Dimond passed away peacefully surrounded by his family on June 27, 2022. Beloved husband of the late Marie (Pizzuto) Dimond. Loving father of Michelle and her husband Matthew, Brian and his wife, Nicole, Nicole and her husband, Brian P. and Darnielle and her fiancé, Ryan. Cherished Grandfather of Amber, Macayla, Ashleigh, Sydnee, Alyssa, Erin, Zachary, Kloey, Chelsi and Mckenna. Brother of Kathy Venzia, Steven Dimond, Larry Dimond and the late Louis Dimond. Edward is also survived by many nieces, nephews, great-nieces, greatnephews and good friends. Funeral from Salvatore Rocco & Sons Funeral Home, 331 Main Street, Everett on Wednesday, July 6 at 9:00 am. A Funeral Catherine A. “Kitty” Siciliano voted daughter of the late Rubin and Anna (Pitts) Hancock. Beloved wife of Joseph M. Siciliano. Dear and devoted mother of Angela White, Joseph Tirone and his wife, Maryann, Diane Hensley and her husband, Michael, Catherine Westbrooks, Paul Tirone and his wife, Lei, Robert Tirone and his wife, Maria, John Tirone and his partner, Nick Walton. Sister of Michael Hancock, Dorothy Rose, Judith Costantino, Virginia Anderson and the late Patricia Straccia, Leo, Robert, Buddy and Richard Hancock. Kitty is also survived by 14 loving grandchildren; 15 loving great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews. Visiting hours were held at the Cafasso & Sons Funeral Home, 65 Clark St. Everett on ~ In Memoriam ~ 1 Year Anniversary Marguerite P. “Peggy” Bruno April 20, 1925~ July 16, 2021 June 19 followed by a funeral Mass in St. Anthony’s Church. Interment to follow at the Puritan Lawn Memorial Park, Peabody. Dennis R. Johnson, Sr. O OBITUARIES | SEE PAGE 24 f Everett and formerly of Lynn, passed away at Kaf Everett, entered into eternal rest on Tuesday, June 14, 2022 peacefully, surrounded by her loving and caring family. She was 92 years old. Kitty was born in South Boston and lived in East Boston and Everett for many years. She was retired from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Revenue. DeO Miss You Mom! Forever in Our Hearts and Prayers. Your Loving Family

Page 24 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 REAL ESTATE TRANSAC TIONS Copyrighted material previously published in Banker & Tradesman/The Commercial Record, a weekly trade newspaper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group. For a searchable database of real estate transactions and property information visit: www.thewarrengroup.com. BUYER1 BUYER2 Arya, Tenzin Gaona-Sanabria, Diego A Wagle, Bimala N OBITUARIES | FROM PAGE 23 plan Family Hospice in Danvers on June 18th, 2022, at 77 years. Born in Lynn, he was the beloved father of Dennis Johnson, Jr, Kurt Gastonguay, and Tina Johnson. Former husband of Sherrill (Lawlor) Johnson. Loving brother of the late Gloria Johnson. He is also survived by 6 cherished grandchildren. Prior to his retirement, Dennis was employed at General Electric in Lynn as a jet engine assembler for 46 years Arya, Tenzin T Solis, Manuel Wagle, Jagannath SELLER1 Dasilva, Joaquim Woodlawn Street RT Eleta, Borko and played for the GE softball team. Dennis was an avid horse racing fan and a talented golfer, who loved to travel playing at many golf courses. Relatives and friends attended a Funeral Mass in St. Pius Church, 215 Maple St., Lynn on Monday, June 27th, at 11 am. Visiting hours were held on Sunday at the JF Ward Funeral Home, 772 Broadway, Everett. Interment in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Salem. Gabriella “Lina” (Salvati) Galluccio O f Lynnfi eld, formerly of Everett, entered into eternal rest, unexpectedly, Sunday, June 26, 2022. She was 88 years old. Born in Salerno, Italy, Lina lived in Everett for many years before transitioning to Lynnfield. Lina was an extremely talented seamstress, having made many beautiful outfi ts during her long career. Beloved wife of the late Andrew Galluccio for 47 years prior to his passing in 2001. Dear and devoted mother of Gina G. Granfone of Wakefi eld and Thomas J. Galluccio and his wife, Donatella of Stoneham. Dear sister of Carlo Salvati, Matilde Coppola of Italy and the late Maria Losco. Loving “Nonna” of Marcella Granfone, Simona Granfone, Briana Galluccio and Monica Galluccio. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend Gabriella’s visitation in the CaSELLER2 ADDRESS Dasilva, Geraldina 14 Elm St Woodworth, Sandra J 131 Woodlawn St 10 Fisher Ter CITY DATE Everett Everett Everett 06.10.22 06.10.22 06.07.22 fasso & Sons Funeral Home, 65 Clark St. (Corner of Main St.) EVERETT, Thursday, June 30 at 9 a.m. followed by her funeral Mass in St. Anthony’s Church, 38 Oakes St., Everett, at 10:30 a.m. Entombment PRICE 800000 525000 855000 Holy Cross Chapel Mausoleum, Malden. Contributions in Gabriella’s memory to the Alzheimer’s Association, 309 Waverley Oaks Rd., Waltham, MA OBITUARIES | SEE PAGE 25

THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, July 1, 2022 Page 25 newspaper that published the Declaration of Independence? 1. On July 1, 1804, George Sand was born, a French author who was known for wearing what kind of clothes? 2. What was the Dress Act of 1746 by Great Britain’s Parliament? 3. Telephone numbers were first used in Lowell, Mass. (due to a measles epidemic) in what year: 1867, 1879 or 1909? 4. On July 2, 1869, in Boston, Mass., the brig Novelty landed with what cargo from Matanzas, Cuba, in OBITUARIES | FROM PAGE 24 02452 would be sincerely appreciated. Parking with attendants on duty. Geno S. Lozzi O f Everett, entered into eternal rest on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 in the Massachusetts General Hospital after a brief illness. He was 94 years old. Born in Everett. Geno remained a lifelong resident. A graduate of Everett High School, Geno enlisted in the U.S. Army towards the end of WWII and was honorably discharged as a Private First Class. Following his military service, Geno went to work for New England Carbide Tool Company finishing his career as a sales manager. Beloved husband of the late Margaret (McCarlarge tanks? 5. In 1777 the first organized Independence Day celebration took place in what city? 6. On July 3, 1938, President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated the Eternal Light Peace Memorial where? 7. Who was the oldest Declaration of Independence signer: John Adams, Samuel Adams or Benjamin Franklin? 8. On July 4, 1960, a star was added the flag for what state? 9. In what state was the first 10. On July 5, 1841, what then current Massachusetts Representative/former President wrote in his diary that he dined at the White House and “There was turtle soup from a turtle weighing 300 lb a present from Key West”? 11. Which New England state has the country’s oldest July 4th parade? 12. From summit to base, what is the world’s tallest mountain: Mauna Kea in Hawaii, Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Everest? 13. Reportedly, what is the most popular seafood in the USA? 14. July 6 is National Fried fiancé’, Jill, Kyle LoConte and his wife, Carolyn, Taylor Hornsby and her husband, Chris and step-great-grandfather of Jack Wyatt and Eleanora LoConte. Relatives and friends are reron) for over 65 years prior to her passing. Dear and devoted father Stephen and his wife, Kathleen of Westwood, Peter and his wife, Roberta of Revere and Patricia of Everett. Brother of the late Antonio and Raymond Lozzi. Geno is the loving grandfather of Suzanne Lozzi and Dawn Lighthiser and her husband, Allen. Step-grandfather of Shaun Wyatt and his spectfully invited to attend Geno’s visiting hours in the Cafasso & Sons Funeral Home, 65 Clark St. (Corner of Main St.) EVERETT, Tuesday, July 5 from 4-7 p.m. His funeral will be from the funeral home on Wednesday at 11 a.m. followed by a funeral Mass in the Immaculate Conception Church, 487 Broadway, Everett, at 12 p.m. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden. In lieu of flowers, contributions in Geno’s memory to MGH Fund at https://giving.massgeneral. org/donate?tribute_make=1, would be sincerely appreciated. Parking with attendants on duty. Clean-Outs! We take and dispose from cellars, attics, garages, yards, etc. We also do demolition. Best Prices Call: 781-593-5308 781-321-2499 Chicken Day; the first known U.S. recipe for fried chicken was in “The Virginia Housewife, Or Methodical Cook,” which was published when: 1825, 1866 or 1899? 15. Southerners called the Battles of Manassas just that; why did Northerners call them the Battles of Bull Run? 16. What is the world’s most common bird? 17. Which U.S. president promoted a brand of steaks? 18. What color agave plant is the most common for making tequila? 19. What country has three areas known (in English) as “toe,” “heel” and “spur”? 20. On July 7, 1906, athlete Leroy Robert Paige was born; he had what nickname? ANSWERS 1. Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dudevant, a female with the pen name George Sand, wore male attire. 2. It made wearing Scottish Highlander dress, including the tartan kilt, illegal. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1879 (A callee’s name was previously given to a switchboard operator.) Molasses Philadelphia The Gettysburg Battlefield 7. Benjamin Franklin 8. Hawaii 9. Pennsylvania (The Pennsylvania Evening Post) 10. John Quincy Adams 11. Rhode Island (in Bristol) 12. Mauna Kea (Its base is below the ocean’s surface.) 13. Shrimp 14. 1825 15. That is the name of the stream at the battlefield. 16. The domestic chicken 17. Donald Trump (Trump Steaks) 18. Blue 19. Italy (Calabria, Salento and Gargano, respectively) 20. Satchel (played in Major League Baseball in his later years)

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