Page 20 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, JunE 3, 2022 BEACON | FROM PAGE 19 GRAM (S 2802) - The House and Senate approved and sent to Gov. Baker a bill that would require the state to develop and implement a Women’s Rights History Trail Program. The measure includes requiring the state to designate properties and sites that are historically and thematically associated with the struggle for women’s rights and women’s suff rage. Another provision provides that the state promotes education and awareness of the struggle for women’s rights in the state. A 13-member Women’s Rights History Trail Task Force would be formed to research, solicit public input and make recommendations for sites, properties and attractions to be included in the trail. “Women have played a pivotal role in shaping the policies of our commonwealth, and this bill will ensure that those contributions are known and celebrated,” said Senate sponsor Sen. Joan Lovely (D-Salem). The history of Massachusetts’ women is our history, and we must continue to make that history known.” “The many women from our commonwealth who contributed to the fabric of our nation, who held an integral role in shaping and advancing American democracy, and who courageously led the Women’s Suffrage movement, are central fi gures in our commonwealth’s narrative,” said House sponsor Rep. Hannah Kane (R-Shrewsbury). “With so many notable women and historic sites connected to these women here in our commonwealth, we have a unique opportunity to celebrate and tell their stories by encouraging and promoting tourism and dispersing the economic gains by crafting an inclusive, geographically and historically diverse trail that is promoted broadly.” - LEGAL NOTICE - ENROLLED ORDINANCE PUBLISHED PURSUANT TO CHAPTER 1 SECTION 4.5 OF THE REVISED ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF EVERETT AND IN COMPLIANCE WITH MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL LAWS Chapter 43, Section 23. ENROLLED: 05/23-22 DATE OF PROPOSED ORDAINMENT: 06/13/2022 CLEARING NAME OF “NONWITCH” ELIZABETH JOHNSON – The Senate approved an amendment clearing the name of Elizabeth Johnson who in 1693 was the last person convicted of witchcraft, at the height of the Salem Witch Trials. Johnson was sentenced to death by hanging but was never executed. The state approved legislation in the 1900s that cleared the names of those who were executed and had not been exonerated, but that excluded Johnson. She never had children so there has never been a group of descendants pushing for exoneration. Sen. Diana DiZoglio (D-Methuen) fi led the bill on behalf of middle school civics class students in North Andover. Johnson lived in the part of Andover that is North Andover today. “This legislation would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of [their teacher] Carrie LaPierre and her students,” said DiZoglio. “They are to be celebrated for stepping up to the plate and having the courage to be a voice for someone who hasn’t had a voice for so long. We will never be able to change what happened to victims like Elizabeth but at the very least, can set the record straight. If we do not right the wrongs of the past, history is destined to repeat itself. I am so proud that these students stood up and spoke out for justice—setting an example for us all.” “My students have worked extremely hard over the past two years to draw attention to the long-overlooked issue of justice for this wrongly convicted woman,” said LaPierre. “Passing this legislation will be incredibly impactful on their understanding of how important it is to stand up for people who cannot advocate for themselves and how strong of a voice they actually have.” “With the passage of this amendment, justice can fi nally and fully be delivered to all the victims of the Salem Witch Trials,” said Salem Sen. Joan Lovely. “For 300 years, Elizabeth Johnson was without a voice, her story lost to the passages of time. Thanks to the tireless efforts of civics students at North Andover Middle School, her life and wrongful conviction have been brought to light.” “The Last Witch,” a documentary featuring Johnson’s story, is currently in production. SEXUAL ASSAULT UNDER FALSE MEDICAL REPRESENTATION (H 1661) – The House BEACON | SEE PAGE 21 CITY OF EVERETT - LEGAL NOTICE - BOARD OF APPEALS 484 BROADWAY EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS 02149 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This notice is to inform you that a public hearing will be held on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 6:00 PM, Everett City Hall, 3rd Floor, George Keverian Hearing Room. All interested parties may attend and opinions will be heard regarding the following petition. Whereas a petition has been presented by: Property Address: 178-180 Elm Street Map/Lot: N0-03-000042 CITY COUNCIL………………………………………………….No. C0269-22 IN THE YEAR TWO THOUSAND AND TWENTY-TWO AN ORDINANCE FURTHER AMENDING CHANGES MADE TO THE PROCESS FOR FILLING VACANCIES IN THE OFFICES OF CITY CLERK AND ASSISTANT CITY CLERK Councilors /s/ Anthony DiPierro, Stephanie Martins & Stephanie V. Smith Whereas: Changes were made to an ordinance that was being ordained at the May 9, 2022 Regular Meeting of the City Council without the benefit of putting said changes in writing; and Whereas: When these changes were transcribed for meeting minutes, it was discovered some of the changes made were unnecessary, i.e., removing committee involvement when ultimately the process stayed in a committee. Other issues were errors of omission where the changes made to the language concerning the City Clerk should have been made to the corresponding language concerning the Assistant City Clerk as well; and Whereas: Since reconsideration on the ordinance had already been requested, the only way to correct the issues with the amendments is to submit an additional ordinance to correct them. A full copy of the proposed additional ordinance amendments shall be located at the City Clerk’s Office for public inspection. A full copy of the proposed additional ordinance amendments may also be found beginning on page 87 of the agenda packet for the May 23, 2022 regular meeting of the City Council which can be found at this link: 05-23-2022-City-Council.pdf (cityofeverett.com) A true copy attest Sergio Cornelio, City Clerk June 3, 2022 BOARD OF APPEALS FOR THE CITY OF EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS Mary Gerace - Chairman Roberta Suppa - Clerk Board of Appeals June 3, 10, 2022 Person Requesting: Kaura, LLC 178 Elm Street Everett, MA 02149 PROPOSAL: Applicant seeks to construct a fourth-floor addition containing four (4) residential units over the existing first, second and third floors (the first floor being a convenience store) located on a 3769-sf lot within the Business District, as per plan date March 25, 2020. Reason for Denial: Permit was denied in accordance to the City of Everett Zoning Ordinance Appendix A as follows: • The existing building is non-conforming in the three is not set back provided. • There is no parking indicated on the plot plan. The applicant must get approval for the parking through the Transportation Demand Management Ordinance • There are more than ten (10) units in the building therefore must provide for affordable units. Zoning: Section 3 General Requirements paragraph C which states the following: Existing non-conforming structure or uses may be extended or altered, provided that such extension, alteration or change of use shall be permitted only upon the grant of a Special Permit by the zoning board of appeals after a public hearing and a finding by the board that such extension, alteration or change of use shall not be substantially more detrimental to the neighborhood than the existing non-conforming use or structure

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