Page 14 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, JunE 3, 2022 The E Club’s 50th T he E Club held its 50th Anniversary Dinner on Tuesday evening at Spinelli’s, honoring Everett High School student athletes with awards and scholarships. (Advocate photos by Katy Rogers) Anniversary Dinner Derrick Sands. Jayden Biggi and his family: Linda and Jay Holt, Jaelei and Kimberly Biggi and Sonny Harper. Nureini Mohamed. Emilio Guzman. JC Clerveaux. Kaylin Seward and her family: Michele, Ashley and Billy Seward. Jane Odiari Marcus Scott. Peter Cegobia is shown with his father, Kleber Tavares. Brandon Ho and Trang Nguyen. Brian Gibbs. Jackelyne Abranches and Lucy DePaula. Gitalia and Gerard Boyce.

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