THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, MAy 19, 2023 Page 5 Everett man sentenced for armed bank robbery O n May 10, 2023, an Everett man was sentenced in fedDefendant on probation for prior armed robbery convictions at time of offense On Feb. 7, 2021, Howell eneral court in Boston for committing the February 2021 armed robbery of a TD Bank branch in Allston. Jamaine Howell, 36, was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Richard G. Stearns to nine years in prison and fi ve years of supervised release. On Jan. 5, 2023, Howell pleaded guilty to one count of bank robbery and one count of using and carrying a fi rearm during and in relation to, and possessing a fi rearm in furtherance of, a crime of violence. SAFE | FROM PAGE 3 McLaughlin said overall, data is helpful, but he’d like to understand why they answered the questions in the way that they did. “Approximately 2/3 aren’t happy being in schools concerning middle school students,” McLaughlin said. “That’s alarming, to be truthful.” McLaughlin said it’s alarming that local numbers are higher than the state average. School Committee member At-Large Samantha Lambert said so much of Whitson’s work in vaping numbers declining demonstrates the work that she puts in daily. Whitson said freshmen health and wellness classes have approximately 35 students. “Our teachers aren’t being as eff ective as they could be, because we have so many students in a classroom,” Whitson said. “Teachers are not being as productive, because of classroom space.” McLaughlin said almost 20 years ago classroom sizes were almost the same. From her experience working there, Whitson said that wasn’t the case, but Whitson said they’ll agree to disagree. Mayor Carlo DeMaria asked if they should send the matter to subcommittee. “When I went to EHS, we had two teachers in a health class,” DeMaria said. “Do they do co-teaching? Since there appears to be an uptick of reported bullying, the mayor asked to place the matter in subcommittee, where a lot of questions can be asked in a smaller group. The question was asked if subcommittees were televised. School Committee Chairman Michael Mangan said they’re recorded and rebroadcast on tered a branch of TD Bank on Commonwealth Avenue in Allston and handed a demand note and a plastic bag to the teller. Howell threatened the teller and stated that he had a gun. Howell then threatened two bank customers and displayed a fi rearm. After taking the plastic bag – containing approximately $5,900 – from the teller, Howell instructed one of the customers to leave the bank with him. After walking about a block with Howell, the customer managed to fl ee while Howthe city’s cable channel. Whitson said she wasn’t implying her teachers aren’t well trained, competent or eff ectively teaching, but that they’d do better in a smaller setting. McLaughlin made the moell was distracted. At the time, Howell was on probation for previous armed robbery convictions. Later that week, police received a report that Howell brandished a fi rearm at a guest at a hotel in Sharon. On Feb. 16, 2021, Howell was arrested and found armed with a loaded .45 caliber Ruger handgun. A loaded semi-automatic shotgun was also found in a vehicle that had previously been rented to Howell. U.S. Attorney Rachael S. Rollins and the Special Agent in Charge tion, seconded by Mayor DeMaria to fi rst send to the Council Committee as a Whole in executive session. “There’s a lot of complex issues,” DeMaria said. “It’s not just an Everett issue.” of the FBI’s Boston Division, Joseph R. Bonavolonta, made the sentencing announcement. The Boston, Sharon and Lynn Police Departments provided valuable assistance with the investigation. Assistant U.S. Attorney Charles Dell’Anno of Rollins’ Major Crimes Unit prosecuted the case.

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