THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, MAy 17, 2024 Page 21 REAL ESTATE TRANSAC TIONS Copyrighted material previously published in Banker & Tradesman/The Commercial Record, a weekly trade newspaper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group. For a searchable database of real estate transactions and property information visit: www.thewarrengroup.com. BUYER1 BUYER2 Phan, Hoa Zaccone Jr, Richard G 1. May 17 is National Bike to Work Day; in the 1923 silent fi lm “Our Hospitality,” what comic star briefly rode a bicycle predecessor called a hobbyhorse? 2. How many teams did Babe Ruth play for (1914–1935)? 3. In what country is the temple complex of Angkor Wat? 4. What does the Latin “et al” mean? 5. On May 18, 1910, what celestial body passed close to ear th and caused public panic? 6. What is the world’s largest continent? 7. What is an ampersand? 8. On May 19, 1884, what “Greatest Show on Earth” – started by brothers – opened in Baraboo, Wisc.? ANSWERS * Crack Repairing * Pot Hole Filling * Striping Handicapped Spaces * Free Estimates Tom’s Seal Coating Call Gary: 978-210-4012 CORLEONE CONTRACTING & MASONRY COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL Concrete Flat Work New Fencing New Decks Block Masonry New Foundations Repointing 857-340-8852 Quality Professional Work GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK. Insured & Bonded. 9. What game board has two pictures of jail? 10. What colors does asparagus come in? 11. On May 20, 1926, what inventor said Americans prefer silent films over talkies? 12. Through what three countries does the Mekong River fl ow? 13. Who started the first female beauty contest: Bert Parks, ancient Greeks or Phineas T. Barnum? 14. On May 21, 1775, the Battle of Grape Island took place where in New England? 15. When is National Bike Month? 16. What was nicknamed “Boneshaker”? 17. On May 22, 1972, what country changed its name to Sri Lanka? 18. What fish (with the name of a bird in its name) changes color and sex? 19. What two months have names that can also be verbs? 20. May 23 is World Turtle Day; what royal fi ctional character said, “Have you seen the Mock Turtle yet?”? Your Hometown News Delivered! EVERETT ADVOCATE MALDEN ADVOCATE REVERE ADVOCATE SAUGUS ADVOCATE One year subscription to The Advocate of your choice: $175 per paper in-town per year or $225 per paper out-of-town per year. Name_________________________________________ Address_______________________________________ City_______________ State_______ Zip ____________ CC# _______________________________ Exp. _____ Sec. code____ Advocate (City):___________________ Clip & Mail Coupon with Credit Card, Check or Money Order to: Advocate Newspapers Inc. PO Box 490407, Everett, MA 02149 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK ADVOCATE NEWSPAPER FACEBOOK.COM/ADVOCATE.NEWS.MA Tran, Bich N SELLER1 Littlefield, Keith Zaccone, Averi L SELLER2 Zaccone, Anthony R ADDRESS 46 Myrtle St 43 Revere St Everett Everett CITY DATE 04.18.24 04.18.24 PRICE 617000 192500 1. Buster Keaton 2. Three: Boston Braves, Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. 3. Cambodia 4. “and others” 5. Halley’s Comet 6. Asia 7. A plus sign 8. Ringling Brothers Circus 9. Monopoly 10. Green, purple/pink and white 11. Thomas Edison 12. China, Laos and Vietnam 13. Phineas T. Barnum (in 1855; paying visitors to his museum voting on photos of contestants) 14. Boston Harbor 15. May 16. The first bicycles (wrought-iron and wood) with pedals 17. Ceylon 18. Parrotfish 19. March and May (marching and maying (celebrating May Day – poem title: “Corinna’s Going a-Maying”) 20. The Queen in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” LOCALLY OWNED

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