Page 10 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, MAy 17, 2024 RESNEK | FROM PAGE 1 Wednesday no matter what happens.” Puopolo – known to many as Johnny “Flop” Puopolo – whom Resnek dubbed in a November 2022 email “a big part of the investigative team” along with Anthony “The Razor” Raymond, is currently, along with Sterite, banned from School Committee meetings, and Council meetings for Raymond, for making threats to the city solicitors Keith Slattery and Colleen Mejia and Chief Financial Offi cer Eric Demas. Puopolo answers Resnek in the same email, “just keep me out of jail! Another great headline this week!” Raymond is the administraAnthony Raymond tor for the social media site “The Everett Reporter” on Facebook, which he uses to make threats against Slattery, Mejia and Demas as well as the mayor and city and school offi cials. Raymond, a felon, has been ordered by the court John Puopolo Sandy Juliano to wear an electronic bracelet and to stay away from all school property and City Hall as he faces contempt of court charges as a defendant in the ongoing lawsuit. Almost 10,000 emails have been uncovered and, according to the source, there will be more to come. It is also expected that additional subpoenas will be served in the solicitors’ lawsuit. Another series of emails concerns former Everett school employee Cory McCarthy, who Paula Sterite directed Everett High students to carry signs demanding resignation from city councillor Anthony DiPierro over emails between himself and a city employee, in order to bolster the former Supt. of Schools Priya Tahiliani, who fi led unfounded lawsuits claiming racism by the mayor. The state attorney general’s offi ce and the Dept. of Justice would investigate and close without a fi nding of discrimination and harassment. McCarthy, in a March 2022 email to Sterite, described his plans to have students speak during public participation: “The student should go fi rst. I believe they are asking one of them to go and speak on behalf of the students. More than enough time. These folks need to listen up and stop protecting this man.” Puopolo replied, “Paula & Corey decided the children should go fi rst.” McCarthy is referring to DiPierro, who had publicly resigned his seat on the council the week before the planned circus. Sterite emailed Puopolo, stating, “John can you let Josh know that Cory is asking if student can go fi rst.“ Following up on the same email thread to Resnek, “You can add a point about the black & brown youth are in fear from hearing & seeing these racist comments in the city they are growing up in in 2022.” Resnek, again, in his attempt to direct the circus for the Monday night City Council meeting the next day, emailed, “The council can’t hurt us without paying for it in the Wednesday paper.” Little did Resnek’s puppets know how much the Wednesday paper and its disgraced reporter could hurt them. History has shown that whatever Resnek touches, turns to garbage. The black eye that was given to Everett for years emanated from Church Street so the Philbins could exact revenge against the mayor at any cost with false claims of racism and corruption writRESNEK | SEE PAGE 11

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