EV Vol. 33, No.20 -FREEEVE ER TT Your Local News & Sports Online in 6 Languages! Scan & Subscribe Now! ADDOCCO TEAT www.advocatenews.net Free Every Friday Disgraced Leader Herald publisher Resnek behind local lackeys’ public participation antics Ringleader cowrote and published scripts in order to intimidate city offi cials By James Mitchell A ccording to sources related to an ongoing lawsuit fi led by the city solicitors in Middlesex Superior Court, Joshua Resnek – the disgraced reporter/publisher of the Everett Leader Herald, who is currently a defendant in an ongoing defamation lawsuit fi led by Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Jr., along with Everett Leader Herald owner Andrew Philbin, Sr., publisher and son Matthew Philbin, City Clerk Sergio Cornelio and Dorchester Publications LLC, through discovery emails – has been writing scripts for certain individuals, John Puopolo, Sandy Juliano and Paula Sterite, to read during the public participation during School Committee and City Council meetings, as far back as 2022. Resnek even goes so far as providing stage instructions, such as dramatic pauses, and encouraging them to study their scripts before the meetings. One email has Resnek Joshua Resnek rewarding Puopolo as having “made the special list of those who receive the paper the night before.” Resnek and the Philbins are currently facing major fi nancial penalties following the consequences of the DeMaria lawsuit after publishing damaging stories where Resnek fabricated quotes and published outright lies for over three years to hurt the mayor’s reelection chances leading up to the 2021 elections. Resnek and Puopolo, who was recently banned from Encore Boston Harbor casino for disorderly conduct, acted as cowriters for scripts to be read during public participation in order to intimidate city offi cials. In the series of emails from March 2022, John Puopolo and Resnek exchange emails titled: “Re: Changes before you go to print” where Puopolo states that he’s not to use what he (Resnek) wrote for him in print until after the group’s fi nal comments are available. “Josh, all have read your narratives and stated they will alter a bit. Paula is adding Devaney comments, Janice mentioned she will shorten, Sandy will make some changes.” Resnek then replies, “Remind them they are bound to nothing I wrote. What I provided was a framework. They say what they want.” The puppet master follows up with Puopolo, writing, “I will be running all your statements in the newspaper RESNEK | SEE PAGE 10 SINCE 1921 Messinger Insurance Agency 475 Broadway Everett, MA 02149 Phone: 617-387-2700 Fax: 617-387-7753 NEW COMPETITIVE AUTO RATES AND BENEFITS AVAILABLE  ACCIDENT FORGIVENESS  DISAPPEARING COLLISION DEDUCTIBLE  11% DISCOUNT WITH SUPPORTING POLICY  10% COMBINED PAY IN FULL DISCOUNT AND GREEN DISCOUNT  10% GOOD STUDENT DISCOUNT Celebrating 100 years of excellence! Monday thru Friday: 8am to 6pm Saturdays 9am to 1pm! Check out our NEW website! www.messingerinsurance.com 617-387-2200 Friday, May 17, 2024 Teammates remember former Everett, BC great Steve Anzalone By Joe McConnell L ast month, the Everett High School (EHS) football community mourned the passing of Steve Anzalone, Class of 1973, after finding out the news that the versatile 6-foot, 2-inch defensive lineman and linebacker, who was also a tight end on offense, had passed away on April 2. He was 70. Frank Nuzzo, the former longtime Everett Alderman and code enforcement offiSteve Anzalone ANZALONE | SEE PAGE 14 Everett community gathers to place U.S. Flags at veterans’ graves at Glenwood Cemetery Second fl ag placing set for May 20 at Woodlawn Cemetery Mayor Carlo DeMaria alongside members of the U.S. Army from the Malden Army Recruiting Center. Special to Th e Advocate O n Tuesday, May 14, the City of Everett held the traditional placing of U.S. fl ags at the graves of veterans at FLAGS | SEE PAGE 5

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