THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – Friday, May 10, 2019 Page 9 KAYAK | FROM PAGE 7 hidden gem in the City of Everett. Working with our local and state partners, we are opening up access to the river, creating recreational opportunities and encouraging development along the river. I have envisioned a fully restored and open waterfront with a canoe launch, a boathouse, walking trails, a fi shing pier and easy access to the beauty of nature for all of our residents.” After many starts and stops, that vision is fi nally becoming a reality. Over the past year, major improvements to the waterfront have taken place. River Green Park is nearing completion with walking areas along the Malden River, playing fields, a basketball court and a street hockey rink being constructed directly behind the park. A Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR) connector pedestrian path is being built from Gateway Park to Encore Boston Harbor, and Encore’s Harbor Walk is comMother’s Day Specials WINE & CHAMPAGNES HOT BUY! Yellowtail Wine Select Varieties Bella Sera Wine Select Varieties, 1.5 Liter 1099 Korbel Sparkling Wine or Ruffi no Prosecco 750 ml. 1099 Woodbridge Wine Select Varieties Mezzacorona Wine Select Varieties, 1.5 Liter 1299 plete. This opens up almost two miles of waterfront for the enjoyment of Everett residents. This past weekend, the DeMaria administration celebrated the kickoff of the design of a new canoe and kayak launch on the Malden River at River Green Park. This new launch will be located at a Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) easement and will allow boaters to easily access the water. MWRA has given permission to the City of Everett to construct the launch on their property, and the state provided a $75,000 earmark from State Representative Joseph McGonagle, at the request of Mayor DeMaria. The City has hired Weston & Sampson to design and permit the launch. “Thank you to Mayor DeBarefoot Wine Select Varieties, 3 Liter Box 1799 NEW! Corbett Canyon Wine Select Varieties Frontera Wine Select Varieties, 1.5 Liter 699 Da Vinci Wine Select Varieties, 750 ml. Barefoot Wine Select Varieties, 1.5 Liter 999 BEER Liberty Creek Wine Select Varieties, 1.5 Liter 599 Arbor Mist Wine Select Varieties, 750 ml. 399 Maria, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, the Mystic River Watershed Association and everyone who helped get this project off the ground,” said Rep. McGonagle. “I’m honored to have advocated for this project and can’t wait to see it come to fruition very soon.” The city government fi rst became aware of the potential boat launch site when MWRA began reconstructing their water and sewer connection. With the help of MWRA, the city government spoke with MWRA Executive Director Fred Laskey. He sent out a team of engineers to assess the situation and agreed it is feasible to inStella Artois Beer Heineken or Corona Beer 24 Pack, 12 oz. Bottles or Cans 2699 Harpoon IPA or Blue Moon Ale 12 Pack, 12 oz. Bottles or Cans 1499 SPIRITS 12 Pack, 11.2 oz. Bottles or Cans Lagunitas IPA 12 Pack, 12 oz. Bottles 1399 Budweiser or Bud Light Beer 24 Pack, 12 oz. Bottles or Cans 1899 stall a launch at the site. “This is a very positive development and we are very excited to be a part of it,” said Laskey. “The work of advocates like Mayor DeMaria, Representative McGonagle and the Mystic River Watershed Association is demonstrating the real potential for public access on Bacardi Rum Select Varieties, 1.75 Liter Dewar's Scotch 750 ml. 2099 405 Broadway Everett, MA Chi-Chi's Mixers Select Varieties, 1.75 Liter 899 PRICES EFFECTIVE MAY 10 THRU MAY 16, 2019 Absolut Vodka Select Varieties, 750 ml. Svedka Vodka Select Varieties, 1.75 Liter 1999 Jameson's Irish Whiskey or Jim Beam Bourbon Black, 750 ml. 2599 EVERETT STORE ONLY Ph: (617) 387-0005 Store Hrs: Mon.-Sat. 8:00am-10:00pm Sunday Liquor Hours: 10:00am-6:00pm the Malden River.” “On behalf of our organization, I can say that our association is grateful to Mayor DeMaria, Representative McGonagle and the MWRA, and the mayor continues to make the Malden River a priority of his,” said MWRA Executive Director Patrick Herron. “It is clear that he shares the same goals of the Mystic River Watershed Association – to move past a history when the Malden River was reserved for industry – and return it to a resource for the local residents.” Now is both a critical time for the river and for Everett. The DeMaria administration has continued to work with private property owners, nonprofi t organizations, state agencies and municipal partners to make this riverway an asset for the entire community.

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