Page 8 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRiDAy, ApRil 22, 2022 Encore sets new monthly record of $64.8M Encore Boston Harbor reported a revenue of $64.8 million for March, a massive increase of $10.1 million over the prior month. (Photo Courtesy of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission) By Christopher Roberson F or the sixth time since opening in June 2019, Encore Boston Harbor has reached a new high for monthly revenue, reporting $64.8 million in March. The prior revenue record, set in October 2021, was $62.7 million. Within the new fi gure, $29.6 million came from table games, and the remaining $35.1 million came from the slot machines. The new total also represents a massive increase of $10.1 million over the prior month. In addition, the state received $16.2 million in taxes from Encore in March. Last month’s revenue is also $15.2 million higher than the figure that was reported in March 2021. As for the competition, MGM Weigh Better U Weighing Goals and Success By Sam Amado W LIKE US ON FACEBOOK ADVOCATE NEWSPAPER FACEBOOK.COM/ADVOCATE.NEWS.MA hile it is relatively cold out as of this writing (the evening of April 19), there have been enough warm days that it’s impossible not to recognize the changing of the seasons, and the passage of time, since January. It is spring, a time for new beginnings. How did we start the year? What were our goals? Which goals have we achieved? What goals are we still working on? Have we lost focus on, revised, or simply abandoned, any goals? With fi tness, and generally in life, the most important goals and priorities are often the most diffi cult. Since January, I have made progress towards, and lost some ground from, my own fitness goals. (The birth of my second son and a recent illness in the family were distractions that, rightly, took priority over my own fi tness goals.) The setbacks are simply more reason to keep moving, and working, towards my goals. I want to be healthier to set a good example for my sons, and so I can be there for them in the future. (Selfi sh or not, one of the best reasons to be healthier is that it means more time to enjoy life with the people we care about.) While trying to lose weight, and shrink my belt size, I have been trying to build and grow the Weigh Better U fi tness studio. It has not been easy starting a business in the wake of Springfi eld reported a revenue of $24.2 million in March while Plainridge Park Casino brought in $12.9 million. Thus far, the casino has brought in $173.4 million this year for a monthly average of $57.8 million. Encore generated $633.7 million in 2021 for a monthly average of $52.8 million. Since opening, the casino has brought in a grand total of $1.4 billion. Sam Amado a global pandemic and economic turmoil. But, as stated above, the most important goals and priorities are rarely easy. I hope that everybody reading this article is happy where they are. And, if not, I want to encourage them to keep trying. If you have any questions, feel free to send them to me at: samamado@weighbetteru.com I look forward to hearing from, and helping, you.

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