Page 6 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – Friday, April 12, 2019 Malden River cleared for public boating F or nearly 150 years, the Malden River served as the industrial sewer for oil refineries, coal processing, tanneries and chemical production. Despite the history of contamination, no reliable public information existed about health risks posed by recreation on the river. A team from the Friends of the Malden River, the City of Everett, and the Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) secured funding and project partners to complete an independent and comprehensive health risk assessment for the river. The results show health risks for cancer are negligible over a lifetime of recreational boating on the Malden River. “In the absence of a rigorous health risk analysis, ‘stay away from the water’ has been the logical and appropriate precautionary advice given to the public in prior years. This report represents a breakthrough for the recreational use of the river,” said Kathy Vandiver of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Environmental Health Sciences (MIT EHS music teacher Charley Poole to retire in June CEHS), a volunteer at the Friends of the Malden River. Overview of the work This health risk study was completed by Gradient Corporation, MIT CEHS and the MyRWA. For the purposes of this study, sediment samples from the Malden River were collected during the summer of 2017 and analyzed for contaminants in certified laboratories. The sediment samples were collected from nine locations: seven from potential public boat launch locations and two from existing boathouse launches. These were the Malden High School and Tufts University sites. Water samples were also collected from multiple locations along the river. Health risk methods With the concentrations of Charley Poole, the Band/Percussion Director at Everett High School (EHS), stands with two of his former students, Courtney Constantine and Michelle Berberich, prior to the Percussion Pageantry event at EHS on April 7. In June, Poole is retiring after 20 years in the district. He has led both the Marching Band and Percussion Ensemble to numerous victories in local, state and regional competitions. He also played a vital role in helping the district’s music department earn national recognition. Poole is a member of the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame, the Drum Corps International Hall of Fame and the Massachusetts Drum Corps Halls of Fame. 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Airfare + Hotels Included • Bowling • Two Skating Floors • Arcade • Two Snack Bars contaminants at these locations in hand, analysts calculated the health risks faced by boaters who might come in contact with the water and sediments. To do this, the analysts considered a wide range of boaters, children, casual paddlers, and frequent competitive boaters. Importantly, they assumed that all boaters would frequently be exposed to maximal amounts of sediment and water. For example, the analysts assumed that boaters would capsize every time they went out; they would wade through sediments up to their knees every time they launched; and they would swallow water and sediments on every trip as well. This kind of risk study is called a “conservative” study, because it incorporates maximal risk factors into the calculations, thus generating a wide margin of safety. Results favorable for boating Even while assuming maximal exposures, all boaters’ health risks met all state and federal standards for acceptable environmental health risks. The highest health risk over a lifetime of exposure to Malden River water and sediments in this study was calculated to be about 1 in 10 -5 (one chance in 100,000). This worst-case scenario falls well below a level set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that would usually require the cleanup of contaminated site (1 in 10 -4, or 1 in 10,000). Furthermore, boaters will probably not ever experience the worstcase risk level because they will not be wading through the sediments or capsizing on every outing. Launching from a dock – which is how boaters will likely use the water – will reduce the real risks even further. “With this important information in hand – we now must turn to expanding access to the river through parks, paths and boat launches – priorities outlined in our community-driven Malden River Vision Plan,” said MyRWA Executive Director Patrick Herron. “The great news is that there are awesome municipal and community partners that are committed to making a difference.” BOATING | SEE PAGE 7 Friday, April 12 at 8 PM The Musical Styling of... VINYL GROOVE Saturday, April 13 at 8 PM DJ LOGIK Dance to all the Hits of Yesterday and Today! MONDAY'S SHUCK! $1.00 Oysters Book Your Special Events With Us! Call 781-629-3798 SUNDAY BRUNCH BUFFET Only $19.95 / 11am-2pm Featuring Al Whitney Jazz Band BOOK YOUR NEXT FUNCTION WITH US * GIFT CARDS AMPLE FREE www.marinaatthewharf.com 543 North Shore Rd. Revere 781-629-3798 PARKING AMAZING WATER VIEWS

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