Page 20 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – Friday, March 8, 2019 Clean-Outs! 1. What three computer companies were started in a garage? 2. On March 8, 1950, what socalled “hippie” van started production? 3. What TV show had the theme song starting “Here we come, walkin’ down the street …”? 4. The Red River flows through Hanoi, Viet Nam, and also starts in the panhandle of what U.S. state? 5. Hot Springs, Arkansas, is thought to be the birthplace of what baseball custom? 6. What author of “War and Peace” and “Anna Karenina” said, “Spring is the time of plans and projects”? 7. On March 10, 1955, a U.S. patent was issued for “Dispensing Valves for Gas Pressure Containers” for what dessert item? 8. Who was Sancho Panza’s sidekick? 9. What novel written by a Concord author features the four March sisters? 10. On March 11, 1811, in Nottingham, England, Luddite riots began due to poverty and fear of what? 11. Who is the Greek goddess of spring? (Hint: starts with a P.) 12. Why is Mocha Java coffee called that? 13. On March 12, 1951, what newspaper comic strip debuted featuring a toddler? 14. Which U.S. state produces the most maple syrup? 15. What Mexican dish was named after someone’s nickname? 16. What two similar team sports have been reinstated for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? 17. On March 13, 1877, a U.S. patent for what winter headgear was issued to a teenager from Farmington, Maine? 18. What was Barbie’s first outfit? 19. Which N.E. state banned Happy Hour pricing? 20. On March 14, 1932, what founder of the Eastman-Kodak Company died? ANSWERS 379 Broadway Evere� 617-381-9090 All occasions fl orist Wedding ~ Sympathy Tributes Plants ~ Dish Gardens Customized Design Work GIFT BASKETS Fruit Baskets www.Evere� Florist.net We take and dispose from cellars, attics, garages, yards, etc. We also do demolition. Best Prices Call: 781-593-5308 781-321-2499 We buy STAMPS & COINS 781-324-2770 ~ LEGAL NOTICE ~ CITY OF EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS BOARD OF APPEALS PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE To Whom It May Concern: This notice is to inform you that a public hearing will be held on Monday, March 18, 2019 at 7:00 P.M., Everett City Hall, 3rd Floor, George Keverian Room. All interested parties may attend and opinoins will be heard regarding the following petition. Whereas a petition has been presented by: Paul Gertrude 96 School Street Everett, MA 02149 RE: 96 School Street, Everett, MA 02149 To said Board of Appeals, asking for a Special Permit of the Building Zone Ordinance of the City, as applied: Applicant seeks a building permit for the construction of a shed dormer where a gable dormer currently exists at the third floor level to accomodate a new full bath. The existing structure is located within the Dwelling District and is nonconforming with respect to side yard setback. The proposed shed dormer will increase the nonconforming nature of the structure. Relief must be requested in the form of a special permit according to the City of Everett Zoning Ordinances, APPENDIX A Section 3 (3) requiring a finding by the board that such extension, alteration or change of use shall not be substantially more detrimental to the neighborhood than the existing nonconforming use or structure. BOARD OF APPEALS FOR THE CITY OF EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS Joseph DeSisto, III - Chairman Kimberly Rauseo - Clerk Board of Appeals March 1 & March 8, 2019 1. Apple, HP and Microsoft 2. The VW Bus 3. The Monkees 4. Texas 5. Spring Training (started in 1886 by the Chicago White Stockings) 6. Leo Tolstoy 7. Artificial whipped cream 8. Don Quixote 9. Louisa May Alcott (“Little Women”) 10. Machines taking over jobs 11. Persephone 12. Mocha is the name of a coffee-trading port in Yemen, and Java is an Indonesian island’s name. 13. “Dennis the Menace” 14. Vermont 15. Nachos (for Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya) 16. Baseball and softball 17. Earmuffs 18. A black-and-white striped swimsuit 19. Massachusetts 20. George Eastman

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