Page 14 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – Friday, March 8, 2019 Snow Day! While children were at play, adults cleared their sidewalks during the snow day in Everett on Monday. The late snowstorm covered the city in several inches of fresh snow. Gordon Davidson cleared the snow around Stewart’s on Jefferson Avenue. Jim Kirby cleared the snow outside of his home on Englewood Avenue. Brian Guerrera helped a neighbor shovel steps during the snow day on Monday. Gabriela Castro and Laila Matignago climbed a snow mountain in their backyard on Monday. Sofia Magalhaes raised her hands while playing in the snow on Monday. City plows circulated through the community to keep the streets clear. Lucas Martignago played in his backyard during the snow day on Monday. Hunter Medairos fell back in the snow to create a snow angel during his day off from school. Carla Medairos used her snowblower to clear the sidewalk outside of her home. Lucas Martignago, Laila Martignago and Gabriela Castro enjoyed playing in the piles of snow in their backyard. Arthur and Bella Miranda climbed a snow pile with a face in their neighborhood. (Advocate photos by Katy Rogers)

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