THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2021 Page 7 La Comunidad Inc. recognized by City Council for exceptional community service A ntonio Amaya and the staff at La Comunidad, Inc. were honored by the City Council for all they do to help residents during this COVID-19 pandemic. The organization assists countless individuals and families with financial resources for the necessities of life, such as heat relief, rent and utility charges. In addition, they help coordinate food assistance and COVID travel. In addition, La Comunidad, Inc. partnered with the City of Everett during the 2020 U.S. Census, and constantly increases civic engagement by citizenship training, adult education and registering individuals to vote. Ward 1 Councillor Fred Capone and Ward 2 Councillor Stephanie Martins were on hand to present the City Council Citation to the dedicated group. Pictured from left to right: Katia Gutiérrez, Allie Rojas, Janet Combita, Pedro Zubieta, La Comunidad, Inc. Executive Director Antonio Amaya, Ward 1 Councillor Fred Capone, Ward 2 Councillor Stephanie Martins, Janette Pulgar and Vanesa Reyes. BearMoose Brewing Co. and Ryder in Revere partner to create “Ryde The Waves” beer On sale soon. On the menu at exclusive locations. On tap all the time for Ryder residents. R EVERE – Last Thursday, Redgate’s new Ryder project along historic Revere Beach and the BearMoose Brewing Company of Everett announced they have partnered to create the signature “Ryde The Waves” beer. A pale ale – “Ryde The Waves” was formulated with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Strata hops by BearMoose owner and brewidents, and we also love partnering with small businesses in the communities we interact with,” said Redgate Principal Damian Szary. “This opportunity we had with BearMoose Brewing Company was the perfect partnership: supporting a terrific local business and creating a new amenity concept that we think our residents will love.” serve “Ryde The Waves” at both of those restaurants as well as at a new dining concept he has created exclusively for Ryder. BEARMOOSE | SEE PAGE 9 WE CAN HELP PAY YOUR HEATING BILLS! You may qualify for    Program and be eligible for as much as  towards your heating costs (oil, gas, or electric).     er Andrew Gilman. It will be available for sale at select retail locations starting in March and on the beer menu at Michael Aldi’s “Dryft” and “Fine Line Taproom,” as well as at his newest dining concept coming soon at Ryder. Additionally, Ryder residents over 21 will be able to enjoy their signature “Ryde The Waves” beer on tap in Ryder’s common amenity spaces – the latest Redgate innovation in creating the most dynamic urban living experiences in the apartment rental market. “We are always looking for ways to create a more exciting and unique lifestyle for our resBearMoose Brewing Company is located at 1934 Revere Beach Pkwy. in Everett. The signature “Ryde The Waves” beer will have its own custom label and be sold in four-packs at select retail locations. “It was a pretty interesting and fun idea to brew a signature beer that’s branded for the local Ryder community in Revere,” said Gilman, who established BearMoose Brewing Company in 2019. “I’m also excited about using the Strata hop as it is fairly new. It came out in 2018 and this is the first time I’ve used it.” Aldi, who created Dryft and Fine Line for the Redgate project at 500 Ocean Ave., will Household of 1 = $39,105 Household of 2 = $51,137 Household of 3 = $63,169 Household of 4 = $75,201 Cold days are coming. ABCD’s got you covered. APPLY TODAY! Last day to apply is April 30, 2021 Residents of     178 Tremont Street, Boston, MA — 617.357.6012 Residents of         18 Dartmouth Street, Malden, MA — 781.322.6284

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