THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – Friday, February 1, 2019 Page 5 City Councilors updated on multifamily home inspection program By Christopher Roberson C ode Enforcement Director Frank Nuzzo and Assistant City Solicitor Keith Slattery recently met with the City Council’s Committee of the Whole to discuss the progress of a program that was launched last fall to simplify multifamily home inspections. Although program participation is mandatory, Slattery said, residents have been cooperative. “It has been 100 percent voluntary so far,” he said during the Jan. 28 meeting, adding that residents are notified with a letter stating what will be inspected. Slattery said there are approximately 1,700 multifamily homes in Everett and that 10 inspections are conducted each week. He said items such as the width of a stairway and the height of a railing are grandfathered into the program. Although no exceptions are made for fire-rated doors, Slattery said, even those violations have been few and far between. “We only found two or three violations of fire doors,” he said. Slattery said it could take “several months” to resolve a more serious infraction. “We’re trying to work with people,” he said, adding that typically, two inspectors will be assigned to visit a property. However, Councilor-at-Large Michael Marchese spoke about an incident where “15-20” inspectors went into a home on Hancock Street. In response, Nuzzo said an inspection would never be conducted in that manner and he believed that Marchese’s comment was directed at him. ”I’m sitting here trying to answer questions; please stop saying that,” said Nuzzo. “We’ve been attacked that we barge into properties.” During a follow-up interview, Ward 1 Councilor Fred Capone said each multifamily home will be inspected for safety violations once every five years. He also said the city has established a fund to help property owners rectify violations. In-law apartments Councilor-at-Large Wayne Matewsky spoke about a program in Somerville that allows senior citizens to remain in their homes by having someone else living in a lower-level in-law apartment. “I’m in favor of that program,” he said, adding that he wanted to know the EHS Students of the Month city’s position regarding in-law apartments. Slattery said such arrangements are not only acceptable, Fully Licensed & Insured Emergency Service Available 24/7 SPECIALIZING IN KITCHEN & BATHROOM REMODELING * Heating * Cooling * Electric * Tile All Estimates Done By Owner * Drain Cleaning 781-FIX-PIPE (349-7473) • crnplumbing@gmail.com 8 Norwood St. Everett (617) 387-9810 www.eight10barandgrille.com Kitchen Hours: Mon-Thurs: 12-10pm Fri-Sat: 12-11pm Sunday: 1pm-10pm Join us for the SUPER BOWL FREE Cheese Nachos during the game! Grilled Rib Eye Steak! Only $22.00 includes Two Sides Every Friday The School Committee recognized Everett High School’s December Students of the Month at its most recent meeting. Standing, from left to right, are Sandy Norvius (AP French), Duck Choute (Math), Assistant Superintendent Kevin Shaw and Marclyves Alexis (Health). Seated, from left to right, are Tacha Vixama (Science), Rosario Alas Otero (Art), Estefany Lemus (Music) and Keara Farrell (English). (Courtesy Photo) FRESH HADDOCK DINNER Only $18.00 includes two sides but they have become quite common. “There are basement apartments all over the city,” he said. GO PATS!

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