THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – Friday, February 1, 2019 Page 15 Everett Kiwanis Club I Geography Bee for Everett 7th and 8th graders n partnership with the Everett Kiwanis Club, the Everett Public Schools presented the District Geography Bee on Friday morning at the Whittier School. Each year thousands of schools across the United States participate in the National Geography Bee with materials provided by the National Geographic Society. The contest is designed to encourage teachers to include geography in the classroom, to spark students’ interest and to increase public awareness about geography. This year, select 7th and 8th grade students competed in the competition from schools across Everett. The top winners in 7th and 8th grade received trophies. (Advocate Photos by Katy Rogers) PAGE ONE CONTESTANTS AND SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHERS — Standing, from left: Darren Cerullo, Kristen DeCourcy, William Cheever, Stacy Poste-Schiavo, Pedro Araugo, Christopher Portillo, Caio Henrique Araujo, Edwin Sorto Roales, Marena MacLaughlin, Maureen Morelli, Jennifer Manfra Levitt, Lisa Yendriga-Norberg, and Ben Francavilla. Seated, from left: Joshua Alsaindor, Allison Pacas, Victoria Macao, Johnny Pham, Alex Miranda, and Ralph Pierre. Christopher Portillo of the Parlin School took part in the Geography Bee on Friday morning. Edwin Sorto Rosales from the Keverian School was one of the finalists in the Whittier School Geography Bee on Friday. Johnny Pham from the Lafayette School was the winner for 8th grade. Maureen Morelli tallied the scores throughout the competition. Victoria Macao of the Whittier School was the winner of the 7th grade competition, and Johnny Pham of the Lafayette School won the 8th grade division. Victoria Macao of the Whittier School competed in the Geography Bee on Friday, ultimately winning the competition for her grade. Whittier School History Teacher Lisa Norberg conducted the competition, quizzing the students on geography. Ashley Palencia and Katelynn Portillo cheered on Christopher Portillo from the crowd. The Whittier School hosted a Geography Bee on Friday morning with 7th and 8th grade students from across Everett. Students lined the stage to compete in the Geography Bee on Friday morning. Allison Pacas of the Keverian School competed in the citywide Geography Bee at the Whittier School. Whittier School students gathered in the auditorium to listen in on the Geography Bee. Keverian School 8th Grader Ralph Pierre took to the stage in the Geography Bee.

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