“Arrangements for the care, guidance and support for students are outstanding. Students praise unreservedly the care and support provided by the school and its staff. Vulnerable students are cared for well, including those that are looked after by the local authority, and the school works with outside agencies to ensure that these students receive the support that they need to make good progress.” Ofsted

Welcome to ‘The King’s CE (A) School’ which we are proud to share that OFSTED found to be a ‘Good’ school with ‘Outstanding’ features. I hope you find prospectus to be both useful and informative. Our motto ‘Learning with truth and love’ epitomises the values towards which the governing body, staff and student communities continue to strive. Students are consistently inspired and encouraged to become everything that God has created them to be, through a wide ranging and inclusive curriculum and a wealth of vibrant enrichment opportunities. We work hard to create a vibrant, mutually supportive climate learning in which everyone can thrive. Staff lead by example and are passionate encouraging, about inspiring, challenging and stretching every individual in their care to ensure that they achieve at the highest levels. Whilst we do our utmost to maximise the attainment of every student, we also place great emphasis on individual character development and personal growth. for We are an inclusive school and have on roll students of all abilities and social backgrounds. We have an extensive inclusion team and we cater for students with a diverse range of learning and physical needs. Our aim is for students to leave The King’s CE (A) School equipped outstanding results, life experiences with changing and responsible, caring citizens ready to impact the world in which they live. Emily Verow Executive Headteacher our Welcome to our school

Students play an active role in the religious life of the school, saying daily prayers, taking part in worship, attending special services at St Thomas’ Church and other liturgical/spiritual events. There is an obvious nurturing ethos within school. Both staff and students show mutual admiration and respect for each other and this results in a very positive atmosphere around the whole school. Visitors frequently share that the school is calm, orderly and welcoming. There is a relentless focus to improve the experience learners have of all subjects due to the drive by leaders and staff to deliver the very best they can for their students, which includes our very own demanding “King’s Standards” for classroom practitioners. Extra-curricular opportunities exist for all students, with an extensive timetable available at lunchtime, after school and at weekends. The school is proud to hold the Silver School Games Award, the Silver Music Award and is a recognised centre for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Students are taught by teachers who are experts in their field; we are proud to count two National Teaching Leaders, three Specialist Leaders in Education and several GCSE examiners amongst the teaching body. The King’s ¦ Excellence

“All classes showed that students are alert and attentive. Classrooms and corridors are calm and well ordered. Pupils are polite to visitors and staff and respond positively to instruction.” Local Authority Report, September 2017

All students follow a broad and balanced curriculum, which will enhance their prospects for success and provide them with opportunities to progress to the next stage of their learning. Our curriculum prepares students for lifelong learning and for the opportunities, responsibilities and challenges of life in the 21st century. Each one of our students is expected to do their best and all achievements are recognised in a positive way through the extensive arrangements for monitoring individual progress. Teachers respond flexibly to the needs of the students because of their capacity to assess how well the students understand the lesson, using a blend of innovative and traditional teaching methods. Students follow a three year Key Stage 3 whereby they experience a very broad range of subjects. Students then have two years to complete a wide range of GCSE (or equivalent) courses. We are proud to share that the class of 2017 achieved some of best results in Staffordshire! Each child is assessed in all subjects every half-term. This ensures that they develop excellent revision techniques. It also allows us to recognise achievements and provide support where necessary. Success for all students

“Students feel very safe in school. They are confident that incidents of bullying are dealt with promptly and they appreciate the priority afforded by the school to their well being.” Ofsted

THE KING’S CHURCH OF ENGLAND SCHOOL First Avenue, Kidsgrove, Staffordshire, ST7 1DP 01782 783281 www.thekings.staffs.sch.uk enquiries@thekings.staffs.sch.uk

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