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they done ground it all to molasses... ain’t no more cane on the brazos… wo, woah… woh.. hmm, hmm-hmm, hmm, hmm… shoulda been on count yourself rom river in ninety-five... lucky justa be alive… wo, woah, woah, woh… wo, woh, wo... Chas! shut up! yes pete? yes pete…

an’ besides, what happened along the rom river valley in ninetyfive … …weren’t nuthin’ compared to the situation in collier rio back in seventy-two! in them …an’ the days buffalo bill amos and the swains gang was runnin’ riot in the town… violence was lookin’ ta spread out across the whole of essex county! Them was desperate times chas. desperate times that called fer desperate measures! an’ that’s why the townsfolk looked fer help from me … …pete garrett!

but your name’s not garrett pete… …it’s neighbour! …a nom de plume! it’s a nom de plume chas… all us top lawmen had nom de plumes back in them days. what..? noms de plume. nothin’ pete.

trouble with you Chas is you’ve got no vision. it’s people like me, men with vision who drove this territory forward - men of destiny some would say. yes pete. yes pete, yes pete! Is that all you can ever say chas? no pete. me I wasn’t content to live out my life on the caboose of the train Chas - I wasn’t like other men… i’m gonna tell you a story chas, a story about what actually happened around here back in seventy-two. but I was there pete. …I was a leader of men! I know you was chas, but i’m gonna tell ya what really happened… …like I said, them was desperate times…

Collier Rio, back in seventy-two… Collier Rio, back in seventy-two… Run for your lives! The Swains gang’s a comin’!

Woo-Hoo! Collier Rio here we come.. …last one in the saloon buys the drinks! You comin’ to the saloon EL? Nope - not me Ro. I’m gettin’ me a shave an’ a haircut… …ta purty muhself up fer the lucky ladies in this here town.

It don’t look like yore gonna find too many ladies in collier rio today el... nor anyo come to plac desert maybe they didn’t know we was comin’ el? yeah... ...or maybe they did…

the place is like a ghost town… yeah - there’s no-one around nowhere… well maybe the bar will be empty too an’ we won’t have ta pay fer our drinks! let’s Jess get over to the saloon! after the day’s ridin’ we had I could drink the place dry! well i’ll see you boys later… …like I said, i’m gettin’ muhself a haircut an’ shave... …jest in case.

it’s EL SWAINS! …it looks a know what this is mister? helluva lot like a free haircut to me. yep!.. you got it, an’ just be sure to be real careful with that there razor… …an’ i’ll try to be right careful with my itchy trigger finger! To be continued…

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