A Guide to Finding Books in the Children’s Room Lincoln Public Library Lincoln, Rhode Island

Key to Spine Labels Picture Books: jE followed by first three letters of author’s last name jE Seus Early Readers: jER followed by first three letters of author’s last name jER Adl Fiction Chapter Books & Graphic Novels: jFIC followed by first three letters of author’s last name jFIC Rio Biographies: jBio and the last name of the person the book is about jBio King Nonfiction: j followed by Dewey Decimal classification number and first three letters of the author’s last name or title j031.02 Rip

Using the Online Catalog: Step 1: Go to the Lincoln Public Library website (lincolnlibrary.com) and click on the catalog tab. Step 2: Click on the drop-down menu to search by title, author, keyword, subject, or series.

Step 3: Select the Lincoln Public Library, another location, or the entire Ocean State Libraries collection from the location dropdown menu. Step 4: Click the submit button then select a title from the list. Step 5: If you wish to place a hold, click the request button.

Dewey Decimal System for Kids 000099 100-199 200299 General Works Philosophy and Psychology Religion and Mythology 300399 Social Science How do people communicate and get along? 400499 Language What language do you speak? Lots of information in one book or set of books. What and how do we think? Who is the creator? Encyclopedias, general reference works, computers, codes, and oddities Optical illusions, brain research, question and answer books. Bible stories, religions of the world, Greek myths. Communication, education, law, sociology, transportation, etiquette, folklore and fairy tales. Grammar books, sign language, dictionaries, and picture books in many languages. Experiments, mathematics, 500599 Natural Science What is in this world around us? astronomy, chemistry, physics, geology, biology, and dinosaurs. Books on specific animals are also found here. Anatomy, medicine, 600699 Applied Science How do we make nature work for us? airplanes, space travel, cookbooks and domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, and horses. 700799 800899 900999 Arts and Recreation Literature Geography & History What do you do for fun and creativity? We act and read poetry. Where do you live? Art, artists, how-to-draw books, crafts, origami, music, joke and riddle books, and sports Poetry, plays and classic literature. History, geography and travel, atlases, explorers, and multiple biographies* 920

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